“Mimi” Is Love, Especially Write-In Candidate’s Initials

Her initials happen to be the same as write-in candidate Marilyn Moore, but MaryAnn “Mimi” McLaine declares she’s running for mayor because “twenty years of managing a service station in the Brooklawn section of Bridgeport, you get to know your customers and neighbors …”

Republican Town Chair Mike Garrett, no fan of MaryAnn and husband Joe, a former city sheriff, contends her write-in campaign is a put-up job by establishment Democrats to cancel out any MM write-in votes intended for Moore.

MaryAnn “Mimi” McLaine

When it comes to write-in candidates, the intent of the voter is considered when the ballots are counted by elections officials. Writing in the initials MM on the line would suffice with one candidate of those initials. Now with two candidates of the same initials if an elector fills in the write-in bubble and jots MM the vote would be presumably cancelled for that office.

Statement from “Mimi.”

“On Monday, October 21, 2019 I formally submitted paper-work to begin a write-in campaign for the Office of Mayor for the City of Bridgeport. For years, family and friends have known me as Mimi McLaine. I think it’s important why people know why I am running a write-in candidacy for mayor. I want there to be no confusion as to why I’m running. I have a recognizable name in the City of Bridgeport.

“For years, I co-owned and managed a small business in Bridgeport on the corner of Capitol and Wood Avenue. Excellent customer service is a major component of being a great mayor. Twenty years of managing a service station in the Brooklawn section of Bridgeport, you get to know your customers and neighbors, some of those are your local elected officials. I believe that’s why I was motivated to announce my write-in candidacy. I could not sit on the sidelines and not allow the voters another viable choice on the ballot.”

“Finally, yes my initials happen to be the same as another write-in candidate. Voters need clarity on who the true write-in candidate for mayor is. Fortunately, there will be no more doubt in the minds of voters that a write-in vote for MM is a vote for Mimi … Mimi McLaine. On Tuesday, November 5th vote for Mimi McLaine for more choices on the 2019 ballot.



  1. “Excellent customer service is a major component of being a great mayor” is the first comment of governance import that I have heard uttered by Mimi McLaine the latest candidate, of the specific write in category.
    And her entry indicates that “excellent customer service” is currently missing at the mayor’s office in Bridgeport? Lennie did MIMI provide any info on her positions going forward? Why is that important for some write in candidates and not for others, in fairness?
    Perhaps when it comes down to it, this is the simplest campaign of all. It is a character campaign.
    1. Folks have had a chance to know and consider what they knew or felt about Ganim’s civic corruption crimes from his first term.
    2. Folk have had a chance to consider whether such a person deserved a “second chance” as that phrase has powerful and multiple meanings in a community where poor minority families are only too aware, of how easily the “first chance” of the young available in the suburbs is not the same for youth in the City as revealed from Public Safety results, school offerings and other employment opportunities offered.
    3. Folks have looked for signs that Ganim has changed his governance style, or his focus and caring on City improvements, or his concern about property tax increase with consequent property value decrease while he is back in office.
    4. Perhaps they are seeking MOORE? Someone who will strive to provide all citizens a fair and equal chance to thrive? And MOORE than someone with similar initials AND a sense that all is not right in the mayor’s office.
    How desperate is the incumbent campaign candidate who never really attempted to work for, speak with, listen to and plan to deliver a higher level of governance in 2015 when he last ran or since to see such a Halloween prank become present in a serious quadrennial election? Trick or treat? Time will tell.

  2. The only “Mimi ” is from La Boheme. This is just another one of Joe McClaine’s pranks Btw,I have absolutely no affinity with McGarrett and the Bpt RTC. McGarrett is screwed up as well. I think Mary Filo should take charge of the BPT Republican Town Committee.

    1. Thanks Frank but, I prefer Bridgeport politics as a spectator sport these days. I do wish the best in this election for you and all residents that would like a better Bridgeport. Vote Frank, you and your vote matter!!

  3. As the local Political Drama takes a downturn and continues to fizzle… Dumb-Da-Dumb-Dumb… David Letterman used to have a segment on his Late Night Show called, “Stupid People Tricks”. While this probably wouldn’t have qualified for the show, (because it is so foolish and ignorant and not at all amusing) this stupid people stunt should be relegated to the distant area of the “Political Circus”, down wind from the “porta-potties”, because it stinks to high heaven.


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