Meanwhile, The Republicans Went At It Too

From Chris Keating, Hartford Courant:

With five candidates on the stage, Republicans clashed Thursday night among themselves and more often blasted a politician who is not on the ballot this year–Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

When Malloy was shown on a large screen in a pre-debate promotion, the partisan crowd booed. As part of the introductions, a commercial for each candidate played on the screen–and those for business executives David Stemerman and Bob Stefanowski both featured unflattering depictions of Malloy.

By contrast, the candidates all gave President Donald Trump an “A” when asked about his performance so far in the White House.

All candidates also said they would create jobs, balance the budget and turn the state around–with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst saying they would improve the state in the same way they improved their communities.

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  1. Bob Stefanowski, Steve Obsitnik, Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst and David Stemerman the Republican candidates for governor all gave President Donald Trump an “A’’ when asked about his performance so far in the White House. Connecticut voters, it can’t get any clearer than the direction and the mindset of the Republicans where 45 has made it impossible for Connecticut taxpayers to write off their property tax and their State incomes taxes off of their federal taxes. “Great performance,” for real?

  2. Wait a minute, stop the press, here’s a Republican who sounds more like a Democrat with some good points.

    Legalize marijuana, keep abortion legal, preserve arbitration with unions, and offer voters alternatives to white males in power, said …
    … a Republican candidate for state office.
    And don’t forget cities. And nonwhite votes.
    Sometimes you may even have to raise taxes.

    The Republican delivering that message is Erin Stewart, who’s challenging the party-endorsed candidate for lieutenant governor in an Aug. 14 primary.


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