Meanwhile, Joe Flies Off To Lebanon

From Brian Lockhart CT Post:

For the second time in six months–with a city budget to finalize and just days after announcing he will explore a bid for governor–Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim is in the Middle East.

The trip was not made public by the mayor’s office. Hearst Connecticut Media learned about it after making several inquiries Monday about the mayor’s absence from the City Council meeting, which he normally runs.

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  1. Bridgeport residents can see what is most important to Ganim2 and it does not appear to be anywhere he can be seen to advocate for truly important City issues.
    1)Look at his list of activities out of town, please.
    2) See if you can tie any of those visits to results that he presents as Bridgeport priorities
    3) Go search for his list of Bridgeport priorities (other than running for Governor with public funding?)
    4) Having fun with the research?
    5) Perhaps the vacancies which continue because of lack of Mayoral timely appointments month after month for a second year, is because of his lack of attention? Or is it purposeful so that he can accomplish his secret purposes without fingerprints? Time will tell.

  2. The “NO-SHOW” Mayor continues his behavior. Ganim refuses to interact with community groups. Ganim only goes to controlled PR events. Ganim appears,makes his statement,and then disappears with his Bridgeport Police Detective Chauffeur/Bodyguard/mobile crowd control.


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