Meanwhile, Ganim Claims Lamont ‘Waffling’ On Supporting Casino For City

MGM Bridgeport rendering
Rendering of MGM Bridgeport.

Is Ned Lamont waffling on a waterfront gaming destination for Bridgeport? Mayor Joe Ganim, his rival in the August 14 Democratic primary for governor, claims Lamont’s support is melting. The next governor sworn into office in January will inherit a host of issues including a major budget deficit and a legislative session that is expected to include another bill advanced on behalf of MGM calling for an open, competitive process for a commercial casino in the state’s largest city. MGM would build it on the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area. Those who prefer playing casino games online may visit 벳엔드 주소 .

The proposal is sticky because it collides with the gaming monopoly controlled by Connecticut’s two tribal nations that operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

As Ganim and Lamont sharpen their positions and charges in the final weeks of the campaign they will call into question their fidelity on issues. Ganim is clearly the largest cheerleader among the gubernatorial candidatesfor MGM’s proposal that calls for 7,000 combined construction and permanent jobs. Lamont’s on record of possibly exploring a gaming development in Bridgeport but has not publicly embraced it.

Ganim, during a segment on radio station WICC on Thursday said Lamont is “waffling” on supporting the waterfront proposal.

“Ned Lamont’s support for a Bridgeport casino is as solid as melting ice cream,” says Ganim in a prepared statement. “He’s been straddling this issue for months, trying to have it both ways. Lamont’s lack of support for the building of a casino-entertainment complex which will create over 7,000 jobs, generate hundreds of millions in revenue, and jump start economic opportunity for the Bridgeport-New Haven region should concern every resident.”

MGM’s proposal also calls for a training facility to be placed in New Haven.

“Unlike Mayor Harp who understands the tremendous benefits of a casino for the region, Ned Lamont’s lack of support for the casino shows how out of touch he is with the needs of the people of Bridgeport and New Haven region,” Ganim adds in the statement.



  1. Richard and Chris, our Senators, should get the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Federal recognition. grant them Pleasure Peach as their reservation to build a real resort casino. Have MGM partner up with the Golden Hill to development it. The pact stays. New pact with all three tribes remember me.

  2. Wait a minute, Ganim said, “Unlike Mayor Harp who understands the tremendous benefits of a casino for the region,” well Joe, why is New Haven mayor, Toni Harp supporting Ned Lamont and not you?

    1. Toni Harp displayed irrational enthusiasm for the endorsed candidate. Ganim has strong support in New Haven, which might get recognized as the epicenter of Ganim’s appeal and the source of Harp’s regret.

  3. *** A casino in Bpt. is old news that always comes up during elections but always ends up going no-where. Weather in the past, present, or near future, its a dead horse that’s been beat over & over again to no avail. Lets talk real State issues not B/S. ***

  4. Agreed MOJO there does not seem to be a plan B for Steel Point, it’s a casino or nothing. Gaming isn’t the answer the dog track is gone so is Jai Alai I do not know how the OTB has lasted this long. There needs to be something that creates jobs with wages you can live on and not just get by on.

    1. Living wage employees precede living wage jobs.
      As long as the governments keeps spending money, employees must accept constant change and continuous improvement.
      Success is very special and very difficult and represents another reason I want a productivity index on this blog.

  5. Connecticut is missing the boat when it comes to legalized sports betting which sounds like a fantastic casino substitute.
    Very little prevents a “sports betting casino” (plan B) from rising at Steel Point. Its existence could eventually bolster an MGM casino!
    But what never happens can’t get be measured or managed. I see the QR. What does OPED do?

  6. Mayor Joe Ganim is going around the state saying what a good job he did with the City’s budget but he doesn’t say how that happen and didn’t have anything to do with Ganim. Here’s what Ganim won’t tell you. This is what save Bridgeport.

    Bridgeport’s financial review board:

    The Bridgeport legislation contains explicit requirements for city government officials in areas such as budget preparation and fund transfers
    When the legislature first addressed the Bridgeport emergency in 1988, the city had a projected cumulative deficit of $60 million, including an anticipated $20 million shortfall for the current fiscal year, 1987-88. Bridgeport’s financial review board voted itself out of existence in September 1995.

    Next came the Dr. Jacob Ukeles Report which became the City’s Master Plan.

    Phil Smith // Jul 9, 2016 at 7:08 pm
    It was Dr. Jacob Ukeles who was based in New York. Most of them were very good.
    Phil Smith // Jul 9, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    The report recommended significant reforms in the city’s financial management (including the creation of OPM) and its approach to the city budget. Much of the 1988 Charter Revision was devoted to implementing those recommendations. Sadly, after Bucci left office the city slipped back into its old ways of doing business.
    Phil Smith // Jul 10, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    As someone said a long time ago, those who ignore history’s lessons are bound to relive them. There are many people like that in Bridgeport and, apparently, in this administration.

  7. P.T. Barnum would find a way to make Bridgeport a mecca for local, national and global sports betting. By foot, email or telephone betters would find a circus (that’s what they want) in Bridgeport. Employment would increase, too.
    P.T. Barnum would use sports betting to IMPORT money into Bridgeport in a way that would grab media attention (and more money).
    P.T. Barnum would understand that betters want a cool “experience” beyond the betting-and that’s just what he’d give them. And that’s why they’d come back.
    It’s all about repeatable experiences.

  8. P.T. Barnum would blow a kiss to New Jersey.
    Because The Park City wants to thank the Garden State because it was their actions that made sports betting legal.


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