Mayor And Sonya Help Build For Habitat

Bill and Sonya Finch
Mayor Bill Finch and wife, Sonya, help build a new home during the kickoff of Habitat for Humanity's National Women Build Week.

From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Bill Finch and his wife, Sonya along with Mary Himes and Cynthia Blumenthal raised their hammers on Tuesday morning to celebrate Habitat for Humanity’s National Women Build Week, May 5-13.

The event is a nationwide initiative of Habitat’s Women Build program. Now in its fifth year, National Women Build Week challenges women to devote at least one day to creating simple, affordable housing in their local communities.

Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County (Habitat CFC) has built eight Women Build homes.

The Mayor was also joined by volunteers from General Electric’s corporate women’s network who helped build the new home, located on Whittier Street.



    1. Those shirts were given by Habitat for the Women Build Homes program. What would you have worn if you were community-minded enough to have been there working?

      1. Community-minded enough? Like helping Ken Dalling and Jacky Durrell build the Fairfield Gazebo, or Sherman School playground project, or the Fairfield Affordable Housing Task Force? Maybe it was when I was working hard for Habitat all those years, living in Fairfield and being shot at on the Brooks St project. Oh! Godiva, I’ve done more for Bridgeport and Fairfield than you have days on this earth. You’re just another blowhard on OIB, Godiva.
        So everyone, Middle Fingers Up for Godiva!!!


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