Marilyn Wants Moore–Now What?

Moore, Ganim
From 2016, Marilyn Moore with Joe Ganim at lectern.

State Senator Marilyn Moore’s in the race for mayor. Unclear, at this point, if she’s targeting a September primary against Mayor Joe Ganim or eyeing a direct November general election as a petitioning candidate, or perhaps the candidate of Connecticut Working Families Party where she’s popular. So far she’s saying she will be a candidate in November without specificity about September.

Playing coy about intentions is a risky strategy, particularly in the area of fundraising, as well as her platform of transparency.

Part of this could be supporters tugging her arms in opposite directions, those who say the best way to take out Ganim is the primary process, others who argue bypass the primary for a general election bid. There’s also a third approach, challenge Ganim in September with a backup plan for November, if she falls short in a primary, but that decision must come before the primary and confidence fundraising strength will continue after the money is drained.

Not since the days of Socialist Mayor Jasper McLevy, 1933-57, has a third party or petitioning candidate won a Bridgeport general election for mayor. In 2015, Mary-Jane Foster received roughly 6,000 votes as a petitioning candidate to Ganim’s 11,000 on the Democratic line. In 1983, former Mayor John Mandanici netted about 10,000 votes running on the Taxpayer Party line in a losing effort.

Moore has the next couple of months to showcase her fundraising strength in the first quarter filing period required in early April. It’s a key target to 1. fatten up her candidate committee with money and 2. provide encouragement to potential donors who’ve taken a wait-and-see attitude. In campaigns strength builds strength.

The early money is always the easiest money to raise via friends, family, direct contacts, people who feel left out and anti-Ganim activists. If the early money is weak, it’s financial sayonara barring a dramatic campaign event. If this scrap-metal cash business in Public Facilities starts and ends with department employees, it will have marginal impact on Ganim’s reelection. If it goes beyond, that is a different story.

Political activist Jeanine Oburchay who has a background in finance has signed on as Moore’s treasurer. Oburchay lives in Black Rock, a place where Moore can toil for significant fundraising given Ganim’s weakness in Bridgeport’s most affluent neighborhood. Black Rock is located in the 22nd State Senatorial that Moore represents which includes the western and northern portions of the city. The other two thirds of Bridgeport is represented by Dennis Bradley in the 23rd State Senate district where Ganim is stronger.

Under state law for a mayoral campaign, a candidate committee can accept a $1,000 maximum personal contribution. Some engaged activists who want to write a check or are directed to a fundraising portal will ask: Is this for a primary or general election?

It may not matter to Moore supporters who are wildly excited about her candidacy. It will matter to donors who feel their investment in the candidate is better suited for a primary run.

Going to school on recent history, a fundraising target for Moore is about $250,000 for a primary. Ganim has already raised close to $200,000 and he will likely more than double that for a primary challenge. This type of race, however, is not what Ganim raises, it’s about what Moore raises. Will she raise enough to be competitive?

A key component of that is a tight fundraising ship with a clear declaration to potential donors where you’re sailing and how to get there.



  1. I am glad that State Senator declared earlier than later. What difference are the various routes as long as we reach the desired end;Marilyn Moore as the next Mayor of Bridgeport. Four years ago I initially voted for Bill Finch. it was due to my own analysis. It was not due to the the daily barrage of Finch mailers in my mailbox. Bill Finch raised a lot of money too and he lost. Money doe help but it is not a 100% guarantee of anything. IMHO, a large scale volunteer organization that will talk to as many BPT voters on a face to face basis will carry the day. Stuffing mailboxes with impersonal mailers(a benefit of a lot of money) may actually turn off some voters. Voters will get sick and tired of the endless mailers. MM has a good base on the Western side of Bridgeport(Black rock up to the North End). There is time to build connections on the Eastern Side of BPT. Money may be less of a factor in this race than is being analyzed.

      1. Money=expensive wines=expensive rugs. Nice reminders of jail time. Plain cold slices of Mario’s Pizza are a bigger threat than Joe’s money. Mario…START DELIVERING.

  2. Ganims eyes were on Governor, we know that.
    But with his eyes only in Bridgeport what can he do?
    Maybe the next mayor can ask John Fabrizi how he got Deniro, Pacino & Seagal here to do movies. That was great exposure and the streets were buzzing while businesses were getting extra traffic.

  3. Moore ..people..moore volunteers..moore people knocking on doors..moore people smiling and talking to the people of Bridgeport.. moore honesty..moore dedication.. moore BRIDGEPORTERS

  4. Anything that would change the political stranglehold that the existing DTC has on Bridgeport would be a blessing. How to get that thought to the voters is another story. No easy task and then of course there will be the recurring problem with absentee ballots etc!!
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the current FBI probe made its way all the way to Brooklawn & Suburban!

  5. During her recent announcement Marilyn Moore promised to fight for Bridgeport. Simply put, Marilyn Moore is not in fighting shape! She’d need a gym, boxing gloves and a determined trainer to gain fighting shape and give herself a puncher’s chance.
    However, her new hairdo and nice clothes qualify her to COOPERATE on Bridgeport’s behalf. I hope she does that.

  6. State Senator Marilyn Moore…. Please demand the immediate firing of Ricci,Tiago and the two other Public works employees involved in this. There is also the question Of Ken Flatto’s dubious oversight of this mess. Flatto is supposed to be Finance Director but he does not know what is going on.

    1. Marilyn Moore needs to make a big splash RIGHT NOW. The Ricci/Tiago/Flatto mess requires a demand for accountability. So far,no BPT political figures have asked for accountability in this mess.

      1. State Senator Marilyn Moore and announced candidate to become the next Mayor of Bridgeport should put out a press release saying the If she was mayor,she would fire all those involved in this scam. The fact that MM has not responded to this scrap metal mess shows some “issues” within the nascent Moore campaign. Maybe MM advisors don’t have the political killer instinct. If not,MM will lose.

        1. MM should be out there slamming this Public works mess. Ricci,Tiago,other small fry. Ken Flatto tried to minimize this mess but Flatto has gone AWOL. Where is Marilyn Moore???? MM should be saying that this type of mess would be unacceptable if she was mayor and Ricci,Tiago,the two small fries and even Flatto would be FIRED. But we just hear crickets from MM.


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