Dennis Bradley Makes House Call With Face The State

State Senator Dennis Bradley will be a featured guest on Face the State with Dennis House this Sunday at 8:30AM on Channel 3 WFSB.

Bradley will be talking about the Lamont administration, tolls, marijuana and a casino for Bridgeport.

Bradley, an elected member of the Board of Education, tells OIB he has not decided yet if he will fill out his school board term that ends this year.



  1. Bradley, an elected member of the Board of Education, tells OIB he has not decided yet if he will fill out his school board term that ends this year Really, C’mon Man, hopefully Bradley’s mentors will ask him to step down from the Bridgeport Board Of Education but maybe they won’t because they won’t have control of his replacement like they way they have control over Bradley.

      1. Frank here are the four people that Dennis Bradley acknowledge, Lydia Martinez, Ralph Ford, Ernie Newton and Joe Ganim, as his mentors when he spoke at the Senate chambers last week.

  2. I visited the City Clerk’s office yesterday morning to see if Dennis Bradley had submitted a resignation letter.
    I was greeted by Anthony Paoletto who stated that no such letter has been submitted.

    Dennis Bradley has not attended a single school board meeting since December 10, 2018.

    He has missed two regular, numerous special and numerous committee meetings since elected in November.

  3. Maria, Dennis Bradley record of attending meetings of the BBOE are abysmal and not a surprise to any knowledgeable person. He has been an obstructionist during his tenure on the BBOE and no one should be surprised if he continues to do what he has always done with respect to the BBOE and the children of Bridgeport, NOTHING. He’s waiting for Mayor Ganim and Mario to give him direction on this matter and won’t move until they tell him what to do.

      1. When is “soon”? Just about everyone that contributes to this ‘blog, well, almost everyone, is fed up with the corruption and back room dealing that is endemic to Bridgeport politics. Bradley looks to me as if he is in someone’s back pocket. Must be nice being elected to the Board Of Education and not showing up. Way to may the city a better place for our youth. Way to improve the quality of education, Mr. Bradley. Now get the fuck out of here.

  4. I don’t know Dennis Bradley but I would like to know what has he done since he has been on the Bridgeport Board Of Education besides being the founder and leader of BOE boycott against Maria Pereira o step down from the BOE and the fact that Bradley is a Democrat. What has Dennis Bradley done?

  5. So Donald Trump approved a temporary spending bill that will fund the government for three weeks. Whoopy fucking doo. He’s still not going to get the border wall. That is a vanity achievement anyway. All the rednecks in Texas and Arizona and New Mexico know a wall is not going to keep anyone out. El Chapo proved that. The drugs don’t come across the border, the drugs go UNDER the border.

  6. I have spent about 200 hours reviewing four separate campaign filings from the 2018 election.
    I just finished a complete review of the Re-elect Stallworth 2018 filings. The violations are massive.

    His first filing right after the August 14, 2018 Primary shows he overspent the Citizen Election Program (CEP) Grant amount by over $10,000. A major violation. His most recent filing on January 10, 2019 shows his campaign has a deficit of $15,437.65. Every State Rep. who participates in the CEP has a total of about $33,000 to spend in a primary. Stallworth spent over $44,000. It appears the SEEC gave nothing to Stallworth for the General, however that didn’t stop him from spending another $5,000 without funds in his account. How can one write checks for $15,000 you don’t have? The SEEC has to demand copies of the bank statements.

    Here are some interesting highlights:

    Campaign Treasurer Luwannia Johnson- Martin paid herself $3,000 for the Primary, and then paid herself another $4,200 for the General. That is absolutely unheard of. She alone represented 9% of the total CEP Grant. If you include the total of $44,000, her salary totaled 16% of the total. $7,200 to act as Treasurer of a State Rep. campaign is high-way robbery.

    Wanda Geter was paid $2,760 in Stallworth’s filings and another $1,492 in Bradley’s campaign. I haven’t finished reviewing Rosario’s and Ganim’s filings. How does a FT city employee find so much extra time to earn all this extra income? Even if Wanda was paid $20.00 an hour, it would total 213 hours of canvassing after work and on weekends. It does not appear plausible.

    Kevin Monks, retired city employee and 138th DTC member was paid $2,870.00.

    Ty Bird, 138th DTC member was paid $1,000.

    Lydia Martinez was paid $500.00 as a canvasser. Does anyone believe that Lydia Martinez was canvassing door-to-door in Stallworth’s District? Incredibly suspicious.

    What is especially interesting and seldom seen is having campaign workers working on multiple campaigns simultaneously. This is quite suspicious.

    The following campaign workers were compensated from both campaigns:

    Stallworth Bradley

    George Jordan $2,980 $552
    Betty Chappell $ 580 $972 (Plead guilty to AB Fraud in Stratford LY)
    Latonya Whitley $ 400 $1,210
    Wanda Geter $ 2,760 $1,492
    Rosilind Mallory $ 150 $600

    This SEEC complaint I have been working on has been exhausting. The amount of violations are significant in quantity many are major violations. The first two campaign complaints I have finished total 22 pages not including supporting exhibits.

    Two down. Two to go.

          1. Maria, that was really a compliment. Maria remember Stephanie Thompson is not real, she only comes out to attack Judge Lopez and to troll black issues.

    1. Hi to my friends, I never doubted for a minute that time would show and prove that Maria has immense substance and tenacity when it comes time to pull the curtain back on political shenanigans practiced by too many present elected officials. Her patience and intelligence to put the time and effort into research exceed all but Judge Lopez. There’s no “instant gratification” when an official complaint is filed, but if someone, i.e. Lopez, Pereira, doesn’t have the ability, willingness and selflessness to do so, there would be no gratification. Maria took a lot of hard knocks and criticism because she is outspoken, could slay a dragon with her verbal skills, and sometimes jumped the gun, but in the end, she’s still standing and doing the laborious work involved to reveal what most would never know if not for her. The greatest satisfaction in any political venue is independence: the lack of fear, be it a title, office or City job. There are just a few who fall into that description of independence, and you can all count Maria in as one of a few.


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