Malloy In Pol Pod, Says He’s Prepared To Lead, State Should Be City Partner, Plus: Jacobs Nears Settlement

Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, a leading contender for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, steps into the Pol Pod, and he’s not bashful about what he’d do as governor including weighing in on Governor Jodi Rell’s proposed  juvenile detention center for girls on the Upper East Side. It doesn’t belong in Bridgeport, he says.

Malloy, who technically is in the exploratory candidacy stage, says he expects to make a formal gubernatorial announcement in early March. He doesn’t waste any time drawing a sharp contrast between his chief executive skills and the “rich guys” who want to buy an office. One of those guys is Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont who shocked the country in 2006 defeating Joe Lieberman in a U.S. Senate primary only to lose to Joe, who ran as an independent, in the general election. Ned is back on the prowl with the governor’s seat in his sights.

In our interview Malloy makes his case for who’s best prepared to lead the state. As a four-term chief executive of Stamford, he attracted new business, balanced budgets, stabilized taxes and provided strong services. What other candidates for governor in the current field have done that? Being governor is not a job for beginners, he reasons.

When I asked what development model Bridgeport should follow he said Bridgeport must follow its own model because pieces are in place that can position the city to attract developers. Bridgeport, he said, needs a partner in state government to help make the city business-friendly; for instance offering a four-year program at Housatonic Community College, lowering utility bills, adding a new rail station on the East Side and fully funding payments in lieu of taxes for tax-exempt properties such as Jodi’s jail. Regarding the detention center Malloy says Bridgeport has done more than its share in addressing regional social issues and offers alternative suggestions so Bridgeport is not the host city.

He also talks openly about his childhood learning challenges and the nun who cracked his knuckles. Ouch! Grab a cup of Joe and listen. Malloy is a cool interview.{running time: 17:27}

Jacobs And City Near Settlement

Former Personnel Director Ralph Jacobs, fired by the Civil Service Commission in 2009, is on the verge of a financial settlement with the city that would avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle. The proposed settlement, details not yet released, is headed to the City Council. Jacobs was terminated for something called “breach of city loyalty” when he recommended to the lawyer of a city employee challenging a layoff to seek mediation. The issue goes much deeper than the cited termination. Jacobs and Mayor Bill Finch didn’t get along. The commission, at the mayor’s recommendation, replaced Jacobs with David Dunn, a supporter of the mayor.



7:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers, City Hall – 45 Lyon Terrace

Bridgeport, Connecticut



33-09 Communication from City Attorney re Proposed Severance Agreement with Ralph Jacobs, referred to Contracts Committee

News release from Senator Ed Gomes


Beginning this week, stimulus funds provide for money back on purchases

Bridgeport – State Senator Edwin Gomes (D-Bridgeport) today said that Bridgeport and Stratford residents looking to invest in new household appliances should try to choose an Energy Star-qualified model and take advantage a new rebate being offered through the federal stimulus program.

Connecticut has been awarded $3.4 million in stimulus dollars and will be one of the first states in the country to offer a consumer rebate on Energy Star refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, air conditioners and central air systems. The program runs until April 30, 2010, and will be extended if funds are available.

“This is a chance for people who need a new appliance or are thinking about an upgrade to save some money in the process,” said Senator Gomes, who co-chairs the General Assembly’s Housing Committee. “Not only can you get this rebate by choosing an Energy Star washer or refrigerator or air conditioner, you’ll also save on your electric bills over the life of the appliance. I hope Connecticut families will take advantage of this rebate program.”

The program—similar to this summer’s popular “Cash for Clunkers” automobile rebate program—offers each Connecticut residence one rebate per qualified appliance other than room air conditioners and up to three rebates for room air conditioners.

Rebates apply to the following Energy Star-qualified appliances:

•$100 for clothes washers,

•$50 for refrigerators,

•$50 for freezers,

•$50 for room air conditioners, and

•$500 for central air condition units.

Information on appliance rebate forms can be found at the state Office of Policy and Management’s Web site at Rebate forms will also be available in retail stores after February 1, 2010. To have a form mailed to you, call 1-877-WISE-USE (947-3873)

Hey, Sly Named His Kid After Me

Leo Salcedo
Leo Salcedo

Well, OIB friend Sly Salcedo didn’t exactly name his newborn son Leo after me, but congrats to Sly and wife Timi. Time for sleep deprivation and changing diapers. I wonder how good Sly is with that?

News release from Mayor Finch

City Tax Office Hours Extended

The City Tax Collector’s Office will open at 8 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 29 and Monday, Feb. 1 to accommodate tax payments.

The office also will be open Saturday, Jan. 30 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Taxpayers can pay current bills in person by using cash, personal check, cashier’s check or money order; back tax payments must be made in person by using cash or money order. Credit card payments only can be made online on the City’s web site

Taxpayers may check their back taxes online, or by visiting the Tax Collector’s office on the first floor of City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace. A staffer from the Assessor’s Office will be available to check tax bills.

Taxpayers should bring a copy of their current tax bill or driver’s license when paying their bill.

Tax Collector’s Office is located at 45 Lyon Terrace, Room 121, Bridgeport.

Support the arena

Arena at Harbor Yard to Commemorate its Millennial Event

Arena at Harbor Yard’s Millennial Event

1,000th Event Celebration

Free hot dogs for the first 1,000 fans and everyone in attendance at Saturday’s game will be eligible to win prizes including a two night getaway in the Berkshires at Vacation Village Resort; a 12 seat Executive Suite for the stage production of Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family” at the Arena on March 18th; a $75 gift certificate to Roberto’s Restaurant and four tickets to the Arena’s Carrie Underwood concert on March 16th; a $75 gift certificate to Joseph’s Steakhouse and four tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters “Magical Memories World Tour” at the Arena on February 27th; a $75 gift certificate to Tiago’s Restaurant & Bar and four tickets to the Arena’s Monster Jam monster truck show on March 13th; a $75 gift certificate to Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s and four tickets to Smucker’s Stars on Ice at the Arena on April 20th; a $25 gift certificate to Rita’s Ices and Carvel Ice Cream; and a basketball signed by Coach Cooley and the Stags.

A special halftime presentation – The honorable Mayor of Bridgeport, Bill Finch, will present to Arena at Harbor Yard a special proclamation announcing January 30, 2010 as “Arena at Harbor Yard Day” in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Where: Arena at Harbor Yard Bridgeport, CT

When: Saturday, January 30, 2010

MAAC Men’s Basketball – Fairfield Stags vs. Rider

Doors will open at 3:00pm. Tip-off is scheduled for 4:00pm.

Tickets: Tickets available at the Arena Click It or Ticket Box Office,, Ticketmaster charge by phone 1-800-745-3000 and All Ticketmaster locations.

From Governor Rell

As Arctic Air Descends, Governor Rell Directs Coordinated Effort to Help People Find Shelter

Encourages Residents to Call the 2-1-1 Infoline

As Connecticut experiences very cold arctic air today and through the weekend, Governor M. Jodi Rell has directed the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) to coordinate a statewide effort with police departments, fire departments and local emergency managers to ensure shelter space is found for those who need it. (A January 29 memo from DEMHS to regional and local officials concerning the Severe Cold Weather Alert is attached.)

“The coldest air of the season thus far will be over our state during the next 36 hours,” Governor Rell said. “Those who need help or shelter can call our 2-1-1 Infoline. Local shelters can also contact 2-1-1 for referral information when they stretch capacity limits. Infoline provides an incredibly important service to the people of Connecticut and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the help that is available. All of us can do our part too by checking on our elderly neighbors and reminding family and friends to make sure their loved ones are staying warm.”

Latest forecasts shows highs today ranging from teens in the northwest and northeast hills to near 20 degrees along the coast. Wind chills for the entire state will be around 0 degrees today.

Very low temperatures are forecast tonight, from near 0 degrees in the hills, single digits in central Connecticut and near 10 degrees along the coast with wind chills ranging from minus-20 degrees in the hills to minus-five degrees along the coast.

Highs on Saturday range from upper teens in the hills to 25 degrees near the coast with wind chills ranging from 0 degree in the hills to near 15 degrees at the coast. Saturday night, the forecast shows very low temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero degree.

Cold Weather Safety Tips:

· Wear several layers of not too tight or too bulky clothing. Always wear a hat and gloves.

· Consume hot and easily digestible food and beverages with higher calories, like hot milk, soup, noodles and rice.

· Remain indoors or in places with sunlight. Continue with usual daily activities, but do more exercise to generate heat, improve blood circulation and maintain flexibility of joints.

· Exercise care and concern for the elderly. If you happen to know of a single elder living alone or with chronic illnesses, give him/her a call or pay a visit.

Heating Safety Tips:

· Do not burn anything larger than candles inside your home without providing good ventilation to the outside.

· Any type of heater (except electric) should be vented.

· Do not use a gas or electric oven or surface units for heating a room.

· Do not burn outdoor barbecue materials such as charcoal briquettes inside— even in a fireplace.

· Do not use bottled gas in natural gas appliances unless appliances have been converted for that use

· Use battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors



  1. Lennie have you been suckered in by Malloy’s charm? He is a true politician and lawyer, telling you what you want to hear. Problem is he tells everybody what they want to hear in order to benefit himself. So the girls’ center doesn’t belong in B’port? Tell me where Dan. Name a town. No because he’ll alienate voters. C’mon!

    He takes credit for booming business in Stamford. In the ’70s the city decided to totally remake downtown. In the late ’80s UBS was brought in thanks to Rowland and Malloy’s predecessor. Other companies followed, not because of Malloy, but because of economic deals.

    He balanced budgets by robbing the pension fund to buy out long-term employees who knew his tactics. He mortgaged the city’s long-term capital debt to pay for quick fixes and make himself salable for a higher position.

    Study the man’s words, research his political history. If you want a politician go with Dan, if you want leadership, keep looking. BTW, didn’t the new young guy in the BOE work for him in Stamford? What deal was made to support Malloy for Gov in return for hiring another inexperienced guy?

    1. Inde, I appreciate your skepticism, but keep looking for whom? What guber candidate announced or otherwise do you suggest? The fact that Malloy says Jodi’s jail doesn’t belong in Bridgeport is the boldest statement a candidate has made regarding the issue. There are social service providers and existing state facilities, outside of the city, that can deal with this issue. And he makes a point, one million dollars a bed for this facility? I asked him about Ben Barnes, the new BOE hire who worked for Malloy. He likes him. Time will tell regarding Malloy’s positions. There’s a long campaign ahead.

  2. “I have been preparing my entire adult life for this office” geez, Dan get a life. {Perhaps a few basketball games with your son would have been in order. Why is it that candidates think it wise and noble to quit elected positions to become more desirable in a bigger election, i.e.: Jim in Milford and Dan in Stamford? Jim might be selling Chevys again soon and why not Dan for Lieutenant Governor under the front-runner Ned.
    When Obama came up with all kinds of undocumented contributions and outspending both Hillary and McCain 2 to 1 I don’t recall the Dems crying foul. Dan is taking issue with Ned, the deep pocket BANKER and will only refer to him as trying to buy the office. Personal money may be better than corporate money in this new climate.
    I like Ned and there is absolutely no reason to believe that he is or will be influenced by special interests. Maybe he will be genuine and actually work hard to make a positive difference in our state. We need and deserve a Governor that can make the difficult decisions that confront our small powerful state.
    My only hope is that the Reps have a nasty and contentious primary as it looks like the Dems are in for. Shays wants to come home to be with his people? The Bush man Foley in Stamford is bored and wants to represent, at least he is Irish, how bad could he be? We lost McKinney to divorce and family drunken behavior. It would be great if Roland took a peek, sure would pave the way for Joe in Bridgeport. Lets hope we can get one more Rep in the race to truly expose the issues and have has much fighting as possible.

  3. Since I am not 100% sure as to what is Dan’s take and what is Leonard’s take on Dan’s take, I will cut him a little slack, however let’s begin with if being governor is not a job for beginners then for sure running for governor is not a job for beginners obviously. Dan has his experience in that field. He got thumped in his primary efforts four years ago even with the support of many of the party leaders at a convention that he proved he was not afraid to stoop to the lowest levels possible to get the endorsement. And who was a key thug in pressuring delegates into supporting Dan, none other than the unsuccessful campaign manager of a two-time congressional loser Dianne Farrell, Adam Wood.
    Also at the convention Dennis Murphy was begging conventioneers to support big Dan for no other reason than “I want to be a commissioner in Hartford.”
    Hopefully if Dan has learned any lessons from his last run it was be more selective with whom you chose to associate.
    Now it appears that Dan has become a wee more adroit in avoiding answers. His response that Bridgeport must follow its own model is about as vague and commitment-free as possible. And as soon as he gets into specifics he shows that running a city does not provide him with all of what he needs to know about state government. His suggestion that Bridgeport needs a partner in Hartford to enable fully funding payments in lieu of taxes for tax-exempt properties such as Jodi’s jail shows how little he knows. The one classification of state-owned property that receives 100% PILOT reimbursement is jails. But I guess Dan didn’t know this because there are no state jails or prisons in Stamford.
    Now maybe Dan can come up with a list of 75 alternative locations outside of Bridgeport where he would like to see this facility located. And I won’t hold him to the state’s restrictive requirements. Come on Dan. Try one.
    For Dan to suggest the HCC should offer a four-year degree again shows how little he know about the state. As part of its charter, Housatonic can only offer a two-year program. And thank you Dan for weighing in on the East Side train station. Did Nancy and Sal DiNardo whisper that little campaign proposal in your ear? Don’t worry Dan. You don’t actually need to build it. Just commit to having the state acquire the property as a proposed site at a nice profit margin to Uncle Sal and no one will really care if it never gets built. The state is bailing out Fairfield in its failed RR project. All that the DiNardos are asking for is the same.
    And is Dan committing to fully funding statewide PILOT’s to their statutory requirements? Does he know what that bill will come to? Or is he committing to supporting this for only Connecticut’s distressed cities at the cost of losing support to the other 160+ cities and towns? Or is he suggesting that every major city must try to cut its own little deals with their “partner” in Hartford knowing that it would never happen?
    Dan didn’t run for mayor again because he knew he would lose and he may now be campaigning on vague promises out of fear of losing.

  4. Next Tuesday on the weekly “Bridgeport Now” TV show:

    Park city or Jail City?
    – Countdown: Gov Rell and her jail plans vs. people of Bridgeport. Head of Derail-the-Jail group on to discuss.

    – Ganim retrospective in pictures: Former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim just got out of jail and is back in town! See pics from back in the day from professional photojournalist who was there.

    – Shays for governor? We will be exploring an alleged pyramid scheme his real estate brother in Stamford has reportedly been involved in. His truck used to be parked at the Black Rock house.

    – National news: Our editorial board is not happy with the re-appointment of Republican Fed Chairman nor with Congressman Himes voting against an audit of the FED. We don’t understand why Obama and Dems are so eager to appoint Republicans, especially ones who failed. We will be watching Himes’ voting more closely.

    1. I will guess approximately 18 months pay (somewhere in the $150K – $165K range) along with free full medical benefits if they’re needed i.e. does not find work, does consulting work that does not have bennies) some language concerning non-reimbursed relocation expenses and legal fees.

  5. Ran into Ed Gomes today. He said the legislative delegation is “all over” the girlie jail issue. One concern he voiced was that it will cost approximately $15,000,000.00 to build. The juvenile detention facility on Water Street is underutilized, housing something less than half the inmates it was designed to hold. Anthony Musto said the Virginia Avenue site itself does not meet at least two of DCF’s requirements. “The facility clearly does not comply with the zoning and master plan in that neighborhood,” he said, referring to a requirement that the location “be consistent with local and regional plans and local zoning.”

    Sounds like the delegates are doing their homework, eh? Two gold stars, more to follow …

  6. I was disappointed the Water Street facility wasn’t presented as an option earlier this week. Yes it is underutilized and the site can accommodate expansion to handle the girls. I bet the problem is turf. The Judicial Department runs the Water Street facility. The Girls’ facility is to be run by DCF. Having DCF and Judicial work together would take a strong directive by the Governor’s office and the Court Administrator. Why the state would want to take precious bond commission bonding and construct a separate facility with redundant classrooms, gym, cafeteria and supportive offices is beyond common sense. The operating costs for two separate facilities will also be expensive. I was really hoping that in this case someone would see a practical solution rather than ramming something down Bridgeport’s throat that would be an undue burden on the state and the city. I know there aren’t very many Republican votes in Bridgeport but if Lt. Gov Fedele wants a shot at filling Governor Rell’s shoes, this decision cannot wind up with a new facility on Virginia Avenue.

  7. One more thing. Grin, I know you love conspiracy theories and it seems you look at things as if the glass is half empty but the proposed East Side (Barnum Avenue/Seaview Avenue) Train Station came out of an East Side Charette that was held by the neighborhood stakeholders as they developed their Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Plan. It was a neighborhood initiative. That was back in 2006 or 2007. Then Stamford got huge funding by the U.S. DOT in 2007 for a ‘Transit Way’ in their South End – multi-millions for a road they labeled ‘transit’ and is now under construction. In my opinion, Seaview Avenue between I-95 and Route 1 is an important north/south relief to Route 8. The possibility of shutdown of Route 8 and I-95 due to truck/car altercation is very possible so having another north/south route is important. Fixing that flooded viaduct is also important and if you look at Stamford they have secured the funding to fix three of their viaducts. So before I left the City, we put the two concepts together. Turn Seaview Avenue into a ‘Transit Way’ with a second train station at the corner of Barnum and Seaview with a huge parking garage that would always have empty spaces. Combining the two would fit the congestion mitigation priorities of the U.S. DOT. I am glad the Finch Administration has made this a priority of its 2020 sustainability initiatives. That is a very good thing. Now I know DiNardo owes millions in taxes on the Remgrit property. It is also a very contaminated site that Dupont is slowly remediating to commercial standards. The remediation is very very expensive. But there is a railroad turntable with track on that property that can easily be reconnected to the main line so the 28-acre site makes sense for a partial transit development. If truth be told, I wanted that site to retrofit the new K-Cars rather than having them done out of state. That concept went nowhere so we lost that jobs opportunity. So here is the question–Do you stop planning for what is important for the city’s future because the land is in the hands of what some consider a ‘bad actor’ ? Or does the city do a special RFP to sell the tax liens to a developer that will commit to the revitalization of that site just like Redding did with the tax liens for their ‘Georgetown’ Plan. There are ways to accomplish both the tax lien problem and line up the funding to do something really significant at Barnum and Seaview. I think the city should learn from the Redding experience and initiate a special tax lien sale to get someone that has access to capital to handle that site. Think of it as the American Fabrics site on Connecticut Avenue only at a much larger scale.

    I think the fact that Dan Malloy has done his homework on what is important to Bridgeport is a very good thing. He is very smart, has managed Stamford successfully for 14 years and knows the urban issues. An urban agenda is important at the State level. The last Governor to have an Urban Agenda that really included Bridgeport was Weicker. Roland’s urban agenda was Hartford and Waterbury. Bridgeport did get a little help for the downtown under Rowland but not nearly what he did for Hartford and Waterbury.

    1. The charette’s a charade.
      I’ve seen how they work or don’t work.
      City employees or consultants spoonfeed these ideas to the NRZs and then convince them that they thought it up all by themselves.
      Here is Dan Malloy’s Urban Agenda. Locate your city as close as you can to New York and then reap big benefits when businesses and people look to get out.

  8. Nancy–How about an Urban Agenda that brings jobs to Bridgeport? Zurich Re paid 11 million dollars not to come to Bridgeport under Rowland. How’s that Inter-Modal thing working out? We should have said to GE, keep your $25 million and use it to develop a building for one of their divisions. Jobs create housing. What is the projected absorption rate for Kuchma, Lofts on Lafayette and 333 State? Have you driven around the city and seen all the “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs permeating the city?

  9. From the Connecticut Post, a freshman Board of Education member (Maria Periera) plans to file a complaint with the state Freedom of Information Commission because she has been blocked from recording executive sessions of the panel. “They are having illegal conversations on a regular basis … that’s disturbing to me,” said Periera.
    City Attorney Mark T. Anastasi told the board at its regular business meeting this week that it should not allow its executive sessions to be recorded, even though the issue is not specifically addressed in state statutes.
    Thomas Hennick, a public information officer for the Freedom of Information Commission, apparently agrees.
    “If a board member tape records, it renders moot the executive session because the tape becomes a public record,” Hennick said. While a board member could argue the taping could be considered personal notes, Hennick said those notes — written or recorded — become part of the public record and are subject to disclosure.
    Man, I wish I had thought of that. Maria is right. It happens all the time. And to Mark and Tom Hennick I would simply say if the legislature passed a bad bill, oh so many years ago, then fix it. Do not tell this woman that she cannot record what it going on if the law does not expressly prohibit it. Furthermore, I have made notes during every executive session that I have been a party to. Although the city may at times request back handouts that they use in executive session, I have never had a city official request meeting minute notes back from me. And if they did, I would refuse to turn them over.
    Mark simply doesn’t want his remarks made in session to be used against him.
    Hip, hip hooray for Maria. She is breaking new ground in tearing down the city’s curtains that aim to block transparency.

    1. So here you are, blogging and not returning calls! I agree with Maria Pereira, Board of Education meetings must be videotaped. Make sure to keep two cameras on Pat Crossin to keep records of the BOE money spent.

  10. “Bridgeport – State Senator Edwin Gomes (D-Bridgeport) today said that Bridgeport and Stratford residents looking to invest in new household appliances should try to choose an Energy Star-qualified model and take advantage a new rebate being offered through the federal stimulus program.”

    Anyone buying new appliances can go to Republican State Senate candidate David Pia’s stores:

    Associated Appliances
    933 Hope Street
    Stamford, CT
    477 Main Street (Route 25)
    Monroe, CT
    Ask for the Joel 4% Off …

    1. That baby is the latest edition of an Earth-shaking, foot-stomping, world-changing tradition. I see a lot of Fightin’ Filipino in young Leo. He already knows how to take a great pic and shows wisdom beyond his years, er, I mean, days, (gulp).

      In an unrelated story, Nancy Hadley owns the voice of logic & wisdom concerning the girl’s juvie jail. Her ideas deserve attention.

      President Obama showed extreme leadership at The Republican retreat and I think set the stage for breakthrough deliberations. Politics is all about who-gets-what from the public purse.

  11. Is anyone else surprised at how quickly they settled with Ralph Jacobs? This tells me several things:

    That the City had no real cause for firing Ralph. They were looking for an excuse, any excuse, to get rid of him. That the disloyal charge was bogus and would never have held up in court and Mark Anastasi knew it from day #1.

    That they did not want the case to drag on and hit the papers next year closer to the election. They’d rather pay Ralph off and make it all go away. A year and a half from now Ralph will be a distant memory (they hope).

    That it was worth the money they will have to pay to Ralph and Bucci to get their guy, David Dunn, in Civil Service. Now they have the next year or so to create jobs and pay off the political debts. Makes Mario happy; makes the district leaders happy and secures support for 2011.

    If you look at the people who’ve been hired since Ralph left, it is obvious what is happening in City Hall. I bet the new hires and the lawsuit settlement would easily surpass the $2m+ deficit we are carrying.

    1. donj first off you could not have watched the whole question & answer session. Second if they are a bunch of idiots why are we still waiting for a decent health care bill when Obama has the majority in both houses?

  12. Another department head who would not kiss the ring GONE; I can’t wait to see what the buyout figure and benefits are going to be. The council vote should be 19 for the settlement and 1 against.
    We all know the council will do as it’s told. Are there any ideas out there on WHO IS NEXT TO GET THE AXE?
    What is amazing is that the city employees on the council do not realize the assault that is taking place on Civil Service.

  13. All of the bloggers can be sure of this. Since the Jacobs settlement must come before the council I will find out:
    1) What is the total cost to the taxpayers in this settlement and that would include salary, benefits, etc?
    2) What is the total that the city paid for legal expenses. That would include any money paid to Bucci and any money paid by the city in preparation of the termination as well as any other outside legal fees in defending the city after the termination?
    3) Where did the funds come from?
    4) How does this compare to the termination of Andy Abate and Joe Riccio?

  14. Gee T.C., I dunno. You make the City Council out to be like those little penguins in the Batman movie. Picturing the mayor as THE Penguin, however, conjures an interesting image of the mayor gobbling up so many city employees like fish food. Ummm, holy mackerel …

    1. Dude,
      CT Post, Greenwich Citizen, Danbury New Times, Stamford Advocate, etc. THEY ARE ALL ONE NEWSPAPER.
      They recycle the news and you are now recycling the recycling. Both of these stories are written by Keila Torres.

  15. Open your eyes Local Eyes!
    This is a story from September 1st. Five months ago.
    Old news from someone who brags about the bennies of the internet.
    This is 2010 dude. Time is passing you by.

    1. well, um, uh, er …

      It’s hard to convince people you’re a highly evolved human being when you make a bonehead move like that.
      My apologies, I was wrong and I’m sorry–fortunately, nobody got hurt.

  16. Well Monday night we are going to find out how much Finch and company are going to spend to get rid of Mr. Jacobs. My guess is $225,000 with benefits for a period of time.
    He has gotten his stooge on civil service Ms. Guedes to do his bidding. The rest of the civil service commission follows along like puppets.
    Don’t anyone be fooled, this is an outright assault on civil service and the rule of one.
    They saw fit to hire Dave Dunn to run civil service and make the rule changes that will benefit the politicians and the politically connected. He has been a management person for years.
    Question for Ms. Guedes, what was so important about the appointment of Winterbottom that it could not wait until you read his resume and checked his qualifications? You hired him without an idea of what you were hiring.
    Isn’t it great how an out-of-towner gets to chair an important commission, make changes that will hurt the citizens of Bridgeport and then go home to Trumbull every night? Question, why are there no cars parked at your alleged business address late at night? Could it be true that you live in Trumbull?
    My take on Monday’s vote by the council 18 for; 2 against.

    1. Where was Ms. Guedes when the new positions were created in civil service and filled with political cronies? Did she neglect to see those resumes too? Where was Willie McBride? Guess he kept his mouth shut because his son was getting a job at the airport. Another sell-out. It’s just one big incestuous mess.


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