Listen To Lisa Wexler’s Exit Interview With Ex-Chief Garcia–Doesn’t Rule Out Run For Public Office

WICC’s midday host Lisa Wexler on Thursday interviewed retired Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia one day after she put in her papers.

Garcia was circumspect in her responses ranging from the police chief selection, time on the job during challenging times and her future plans.

After being on call for most of her career, she explained she will go on vacation and ponder what the future holds.

Garcia had been appointed assistant chief then acting chief more than two years ago by Mayor Joe Ganim following the test-cheating scandal involving Armando Perez. Ganim’s appointment made her the first Latina in history to lead the department.

Following a national search, Ganim selected Roderick Porter chief among two other finalists Garcia and Captain Lonnie Blackwell. Upon hearing the news Garcia announced she would retire. She did not attend Porter’s swearing-in ceremony Thursday night.

In Wexler’s interview Garcia did not rule out a run for public office, a product of anti-Ganim operatives urging her to get involved.

One of the criticisms City Hall had of Garcia was her reluctance to leverage media platforms to engage the public. In this exit interview she comes across thoughtfully warm, something that would have certainly benefited her application as permanent chief by raising her community profile.

Listen to interview here.



  1. Leave it to Lisa Wexler to get the best out of her talk show guests.
    Was it journalistic inclusion or was Lennie impressed enough to repeat another reporter’s interview with such a Bridgeport-centric figure?

  2. Well well well now that Rebeca has retired, she seems not to want to go away quietly. This radio interview shows how sour Garcia is. Sour Grapes, baby sour grapes 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤡 🤡.

    Lenny, you hit the nail right on the head with your last title, “Garcia Whines the sour Grapes of Politics” today’s interview proves that.

    There was no peaceful transition of power from one Chief to another.

    Very sad.

    Best of luck to you Chief Porter. Rebeca, enjoy the rocking chair and the world tour you are going on.

    1. Peaceful power of transition from police chief to the police chief. Please!

      What did that even mean? 🙂

      Considering you bashed Porter, I find your malice, spiteful, contemptuous derisive attack on Garcia on OIB, to be personal in nature.

      There could be many factors to your sour grapes towards her. Looking back at your posts regarding, it is obvious you hold some type of misogynist hatred for her.
      Let’s explore a few.

      A, your inherent gayness, Alverez, not to be confused with the baseball player Yordan Alvarez. Think about it, and let that sink in, people. 🙂

      B, your baseball cap size ie penis

      C, a damsel broke your heart.

      D, you soaked too many corks yourself, in the closet, while in your search cork a bottle of Brunello. 🙂

      Maybe a combination of, butt reassured, you may not see though and it is
      pretty obvious you have some of your own sour grapes toward a Latina Bella, Garcia.:)

      Being a betting man, I would bet you are/were a cop. So this phase you should be familiar with. You have been served. 😂

      P.S be careful soaking those corks under water for too long. 🤣


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