Let The Games Begin, Plus: Saluting The Mayor’s Dad

Okay, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hoochie Coo, with so many candidates having received official notification on Wednesday that they qualified for public financing, it’s now a fast blast of spending until Bridgeport’s Tsunami Tuesday Aug. 12.

My media friends from around the state call me in amazement about the city’s plethora of primaries, but this is the Park City where politicking is a sporting event.

Sly Salcedo, the Fightin’ Filipino, will do battle with City Council member Ezequiel Santiago and the genial Chico Rivera for control of the 130th State Assembly District that covers the South End, and portions of the East Side and West Side. Hey, maybe Eze and Chico will split the Latin vote and Sly wins with the city’s approaching Filipino vote. I understand the ship is poised from Manila.

Sly, a retired Navy officer, fought the government’s war on drugs, and says it’s a huge waste of money on all levels. See his website for details.

State Rep. Rapid Robert Keeley’s feeling pretty good today, following announcement by Governor Rell that the dough he’s been pushing for a firehouse in the West End, will be on the gov’s bonding agenda in August. Just where the money will be spent, however, is not clear. Will it go for repairs or something new? To paraphrase Keeley, “It’s the power of incumbency, baby!”

Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, is trying to retire the incumbent in what is shaping up as a Democratic doozy. Grogins, trumpeting her tax-cutting record on the City Council and legislative support of a property tax cap, is working her butt off to dethrone the longest serving legislator in the city’s history. Grogins says that’s too long, what has Keeley delivered? Keeley says a lot.

I understand Bridgeport Kid, OIB’s favorite guitar slinger, is penning a song for the primary battle. Will it be Bob Keeley Blues? Or Blonde Banshee Blues?

Marilyn Moore, legislative aide to State Sen. Ed Gomes, is battling endorsed Democrat Anthony Musto. The winner faces Republican State Sen. Rob Russo. The district covers Trumbull, and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe.

Other primaries include City Councilman Carlos Silva versus State Rep. Chris Caruso and Lydia Martinez against State Rep. Andres Ayala. Stayed tuned to OIB for campaign updates.

Saluting The Mayor’s Dad

Mayor Bill Finch’s dad William Finch Sr. is a prince of a guy and at 6:30 tonight the mayor presented his father medals commemorating service in World War II as part of a ceremony to raise donations for construction of a memorial planned for McLevy Hall downtown.

The elder Finch served both at D-Day in Normandy and in the Battle of Okinawa. It’s always a treat to chat with him. Dr. Linda Spoonster Schwartz, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs, attended the event at Beardsley Park across from the mayor’s home.  See Mayor Finch press release below:

Mayor Bill Finch today made an impassioned plea for private donations to complete Bridgeport’s World War II Memorial, using his own father to highlight the experiences of the soldiers, sailors and Marines who fought in that horrific war.

“My Dad was a U.S. Navy sailor in World War II. Yes, he was just one among the many, but his experiences clearly demonstrate the hardships and horrific conditions that these brave men and women lived through,” said Mayor Finch. “They didn’t complain. They did their duty and kept our country free. This is why we need to remember them. This is why we need the World War II Memorial currently under construction at McLevy Hall in downtown Bridgeport .”

The mayor’s father, William Finch Sr., served in both major theaters of war – the European Theater and the Pacific Theater. In both cases he was aboard ships that sank – the first on D-Day, June 6, 1944, in Normandy , and the second at the Battle of Okinawa.

To commemorate his father’s service, Mayor Finch today conducted a family ceremony in Beardsley Park , across the street from the mayor’s home. He presented his father with the American Campaign Medal, the European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Media, and the World War II Victory Medal.
The World War II Memorial is slated for completion by the end of this year. Anyone wishing to donate should send a check, payable to the Bridgeport
Veterans Memorial Commission, to Ed Mastrone, Office of Veterans Affairs, Room 180, 752 East Main St., Bridgeport, CT 06608 . For questions about the program, interested persons should call Lisa Iodice at 203-576-3964.

News release from Congressman Christopher Shays

Shays Discusses Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays, the lead Republican co-sponsor of H.R. 1246, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, attended a hearing held by the Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel to examine the flawed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

H.R. 1246 would repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and replace it with legislation specifically prohibiting the military from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

“In a particularly powerful address, Republican Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT), who is a co-sponsor of repeal legislation in the House, took on Donnelly’s assertion that the hearing itself was a ‘waste of time.’ Shays, clearly moved and clearly passionate in his respect for lesbian and gay troops, told Donnelly that, ‘When I look at the graves at Arlington Cemetery , I know that some of those soldiers must have been gay. That is why we are here today . . . that is why we are having this hearing’.” (Huffington Post, 7/23/08)



  1. Whereas I appreciate the bonding for the West Side firehouse, I see no reason to relocate it to Fairfield Avenue. Its present location is perfect for emergency responses. Ocean Terrace is a very wide boulevard with sparse traffic, whereas Fairfield Avenue is heavily travelled and would require severe traffic disruption in directing firetrucks and other emergency equipment out of the fire house onto the “Avenue”. Why create traffic problems by putting it on Fairfield Avenue? – Hopefully, the money can be used to repair the current facility.

  2. GOOD LUCK SLY!!!! My son lives in your district and we are getting the word out to vote for you. Although it will be tough to beat the chosen one there is a chance that many residents want someone not connected to this admin.

  3. Grogins Tax cutting ways while on the council? She is kidding right. Wasn’t she a council member when Ganim was mayor?
    While she was the president of the BOE she certainly did not show any spending cut tendencies. She was part and leader of that board that spent money like drunken sailors. Under her leadership the dropout rate skyrocketed and nothing was done.
    This is not to say that Keeley is the savior of Bridgeport. He certainly could have done more to bring funds into Bridgeport. This last-minute infusion of monies is something that should have been going on at a regular basis.
    All in All losing 24 years seniority could be a serious blow to Bridgeport. Maybe with a different opponent this would make sense. Replacing a flack with seniority with a flack with no seniority and no track record makes no sense.

  4. To Bill Finch SR. Thank you for your service in WW2. My dad also landed at Normandy and was wounded. He never spoke much about it but having studied that battle you guys had guts and paid for every inch of that landing with blood. Again Thank You.

  5. Con as usual is right. Why take a highly desirable piece of taxable propert off the tax rolls on Fairfield Ave.
    Keeley delivers again coupled with his Home Invasion legislation to keep us safe. Keeley’s a keeper!
    Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Finch for and all those who have served and continue to serve our country.

  6. I’m composing a new piece of music. The working title is “Requiem For A Glue Factory Candidate.” It features a sad melody in a minor key. I’m writing that to be played by an out-of-tune saxophone.

    Now where would this firehouse be put on Fairfield Avenue? There ain’t no available space?

  7. BTW,
    I got a piece of campaign propaganda from the Keeley camp the other day. Several big figures are listed under the heading “WHAT BOB KEELEY CARES ABOUT,” $1,000,000.00 for the Brooklawn Gateway Project and a comparable figure for the Black Rock Gateway Project. (The latter was a waste of public money: all the beautification was ruined by the electric company tearing up the road to install the Middletown-to-Norwalk power line. The money would’ve been better utilized if it was piled up and set ablaze for a community marshmallow roast.) $500,000.00 for improvements to Ellsworth Field was also listed. That money hasn’t even been released. It got hung up because the residents living near the field objected to the high-powered lights the funds would’ve purchased. The gateway projects were the result of efforts by Lee Samowitz, and here is ol’ Bob “I can talk on my cellphone whenever the fuck I want to” Keeley trying to take credit by implication. (I’ll bet he asked Joe Celli to write the copy.)

  8. Sly Salcedo

    Congratulations on qualifying for election funding. From what I hear, you have an excellent chance at winning this primary. But, you won’t unless you get people out to vote for you. May I suggest that you obtain the “soft sheets” for the last primary in your district. Find out who votes and ask them to vote for you. Then find out who DOESN’T vote and get them to support your candidacy. In my experience whenever I asked someone why they didn’t get out and vote, I was typically told (1) I don’t know who the candidates are, (2) I don’t know what they stand for and (3) I didn’t know we had a primary.

    Communication is vital. Caruso lost his primary, probably both times, because he and nobody in his campaign knew enough to let the voters know why he wanted to be mayor.

    Except for your well done web site, I don’t know a lot about your stand on issues and your plans to improve conditions in your district. May I suggest that you use that money wisely and carefully write you position statements so that all of your potential constituents are incented to actually go to the polls and vote for you.

    We need you in the house. Russo is a breath of fresh air, doing some really good things despite many obstacles placed in his way by machinists. If you succeed, we will have two thoroughly well qualified people representing us.

    Then watch the Keeleys et al fall by the wayside in deference to people who actually have our best interest in mind.

    Do you hear me…Bruce.

  9. Thr Oracle of Omaha Steaks issues a warning on Arab money flowing into American bistros. Olive Garden soon to be changed to Allah Garden and say g’d-bye mate to OutBack Steak House as it is converted into OutBack Sheik House. Uncle Joe’s to changed to Uncle Tanouse’s and IHOP to IHOF (International House of Falafels) featuring their signature dish of “Yasser That’s My Bebe!”.
    It’s dedicated to a Mid East Peace featuring pieces of falafel balls mixed in with Hummus not Hamas.

    Market opens down on dismal housing news. Long term pick n’ plays are Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI) and Hudson City Bank (HCBK). Go Long!

  10. I predict that Warren will eat himself into a stupor. I also predict that, eventually, he will either shit or bust open.

    What’s the difference between Bob Keeley and a bag of shit?

    The bag.

  11. Okay The Bridgeport Kid!
    It’s time for me to take the Kid gloves off. You broke the truce!

    First of all you don’t know your ass from you elbow.
    The million dollars being discussed is new money being infused to further improve Black Rock Gateway. Yes, Lee did bring in the original dollars. Ask Taco Loco about the proposal for improved Gateway. Furthermore, you should learn to curb your mouth like Grogins should learn to curb her dog. Grogins went into the neighborhood like a Miss Guided Missile with a fear mongering campaign against Little League. Call Phil Blagys and the good people who have been working on the Black Rock NRZ about the plans for Ellsworth and how the funds are in place. Maybe you could ask Sue Brannelly to comfirm as she attended some of the planning sessions. Your “Gossip Girl” Grogins was like she normally is, except around election time, nowhere to be found.

    Finally! Finch and Grogins are playing hide and go seek trying to avoid each other like the plague. Grogins knows that Finch is the Kiss of Death for her campaign. Finch knows that Grogins is the Kiss of The Spider Woman and can’t win.

    Hey Kid bring it on you punk ass.

  12. Hey Kid

    I’m a little constipated today and you seem to be suffering from diarrhea.
    May I push your stool in for you? Then again you are such a big asshole you probably need an extral large BUTT PLUG!!!

  13. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    What does it take to silence an asshole like you, a silver bullet? Or should we call the priest at Saint Ann’s and demand an exorcism?

    No one pays any attention to you, Up Yours Bridgeport. No one cares about your opinion. So take the gloves off. Bring it on. You’re just another con man trying to pimp off the taxpayers’ money. IPA will not get a dime for your crappy art center, not even toward moving expenses. Start planning that tag sale now.

  14. Kid

    I’m going to turn your punk ass out on the corner of Fairfield and Brewster. Taking away the funds from your Mac Danny CockRoach.

    Mr. Finch is a real HERO and you are a real ZERO!!!

  15. It’s time to take off the gloves

    Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

    This bout should be interesting; the kid is quick and has some good jabs.

    Joey “Ups” on the other handle, while trying to maintain his form, has sparred with lesser opponents so his record is a bit suspect. Plus he’s over the weight limit from feeding at the grant trough. The only thing Joey may have going in his favor is that he has to protect his paycheck at all costs.

    I think the Kid will outlast Joey “Ups” early barrages and take him in the later rounds.

    Back to you Vince

  16. Hey Pat?

    They could be a great undercard for the Thrilla n’ Vanilla.
    Let’s not forget the Fightin’ Filipino in his Thrilla n’ Manila.
    Maybe we could get Milli Vanilli to sing lip synch the Anthem!!

  17. This back and forth between Up On Bridgeport and The Bridgeport Kid sounds a whole hell of a lot like Bob Keeley Vs. Danny Roach.

    When deciding who to choose in the Keeley and Grogins State Rep battle I guess we have to pick between the pile of shit with the least flies.

    Let’s start counting.

  18. Bill Hicks

    I’ve never heard of you but you appear to be intelligent based upon your analogy of Keeley v Grogins.

    Unless you’re Anna’s goomba, you are exempt from Philistine of the Week through labor day.

  19. Trust me I have never met Anna. I am just a fan of the blog and it’s mindless banter so I decided to join the fun. What Bridgeport needs is an Enema. They need to flush out all of the crap that has clung to to it for decades. I hope that Keeley and Grogins lose. Black Rock is better off with NO representation in Hartford. They would be better off.

  20. Bob “I was only going, like, two miles an hour” Keeley is trying to take credit for someone else’s legislative work. The money for the ball field has NOT been released. That is a matter of public record. The gateway project came about through the efforts of Lee Samowitz, well before Keeley bluffed his way into the chairmanship of the bonding committee (but not before he secured a plum no-show job at DSSD).

    You need to curb your attitude, Up Yours Bridgeport. Everyone is entitled to their first amendment rights, not just blowhards like you.

  21. Kid I think you need some lanolin for the hand job you are trying to present here. I gave credit to Samowitz. The 500k Ellsworth money is sitting in the bonding bank. It can’t be allocated until the plans are drawn up by the City and the PARKS Dept. There will have to be a coastal area management hearing and final plan approval for mechanicals. There you go again talking out of your ass. I think you better go change your underwear. They must be soiled.

    You should talk about something you really know about. Simsbury!!

  22. You ought to see a doctor, Joe. You seem to have a superiority complex. All of the fancy suits can’t hide what you are: a con man and a thief. All of the fancy cologne can’t hide the stink of garlic and arrogance.

  23. Gossip of The Rialto!

    Grogins to star in re-make of Lordess of The Flies.
    Keeley to take lead in The Fly Paper Caper.

    Harry is stickin’ with Keeley and pickin’ Grogins to fly away in this film noire contest.

  24. “The 500k Ellsworth money is sitting in the bonding bank.” Thank you for confirming what I already said. Y’know, Joe, occasionally you do something right. Now when are you going to give up this Quixotic battle to “save the art center”? The city has more practical uses for the building your “nonprofit” organization is currently occupying.

  25. Kid

    Do you prefer your men to wear English Leather or Hai Karate! You are very wound up today. Maybe a trip to Tokyo will relieve your stress. Oh yeah, that was another one of Grogins big initiatives that got rubbed the wrong way. Sayanora Sucker!

  26. Kid Dulcinea
    To Dream the Impossible Dream!. You’re full of so much wind today maybe you should go tilt at windmills or put your finger in the dyke like the good Liitle Douche Boy that you are.

  27. Great Job with the Similes and Metaphors. We should have a group of Kids from PT read these so that they can use them in their next rap battles.

  28. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    It is always the response of the pointless to resort to puerile, sophomoric personal attacks. You’re a fraud, and you’re a con man. You have absolutely nothing to contribute to the betterment of the city. You only take, like the bloodsucking leech that you are.

  29. I posted late again on yesterdays topic, so I thought I would re-post it here. Its a bit off topic, but seeing there is so much mud slinging going on, I didn’t think anyone would mind.

    Do you know why the Unions give the City such a hard time. Because the Unions HAVE TO defend their members. Do you know how Unions get their members?


    Labor laws are in place to protect workers from abuses in the work place (like it or not). The problem in Good Ole Bpt is that the City hires undesirables and political lackeys, and then the Union is stuck defending them.

    Now, why don’t Unions turn their backs on lazy, unmotivated employees? They can’t. It’s the law. The Unions would open themselves up to litigation.

    Thank your City and the system that hires bad employees. Don’t blame the Unions for defending them.

  30. Call the WPCA!

    There is a lot of solid waste by product being spewn here today.

    You are spot on with your analysis on Sly’s challenge. Hope you and others can assist in the good fight.
    Thanks and thanks to Ashford and Simpson for Sly’s campaign song. “Solid As Barack!”

  31. Keeley is a crook siphoning funds from the state, same as you. He’s as guilty as sin. How much of a kickback was he going to get for the $2,500,000.00 he and Hennessy and Caruso proposed for IPA? I doubt that he would’ve been happy to get free tickets to the non-events held regularly at the art center. Who cares about a washed-up caberet act, or that hilariously atonal noise that you make?

  32. Kid
    I like the atonal noise. That was a good one. I think it’s time for you to take a time-out, a little ritalin and a nap.
    Have a good siesta. I’m off to get a refill on my psychopharmacologies.

    Have a nice day.

  33. Make sure to refill the thorazine. You seem to be running low.

    what ever became of that individual that had an epileptic seizure at the Ashford and Simpson concert last year, the guy you referred to as “just another drunk”? Seems to me he was working for you, eh? Refer to all your employes in such a disdainful manner, Joe?

  34. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    I get the joke when I listen to Captain Beefheart. I don’t when listening to your “music,” because there is no joke. You’re the only one that thinks of it as art. The rest of know garbage when we hear it.

  35. I just came back from a great Triple Treat Luncheon at the Holiday Inn in downtown Bridgeport. It’s a great deal. I see they are preparing for Sweet Port thanks to Bob Keeley.

    I just got a mail piece from Grogins. Nice pictures. KInd of like Keeley’s old yearbook pictures.

    The Headline reads:

    “Look to where a candidate comes from, to know where she will lead you…

    This is where…Auden Grogins comes from?


  36. HereWeGo: Too bad that here in bport it is the opposite. The unions protect the connected but don’t represent the unconnected in the same way. This is the problem. The politically connected should stay UNAFFILIATED! Union jobs are being politically appointed which is DEAD WRONG!

  37. It happened again: I’ve been validated by the marketplace. That’s right, TOTAL STRANGERS agreed with me. Early is good and late is bad (wink).

  38. If he’s lucky, State Rep. Robert Keeley will procure $1.1 million for a Bridgeport firehouse. But this is 2008 — that won’t even buy a roof for something built that long ago, nevermind a new firehouse.

    What some people call seniority, I call senility. What some people call incumbency, I call incompetency. Put another way, if Connecticut were a restaurant, he’d be the busboy.

  39. Pat
    Kid gets a few points taken off for hitting below the belt. Close contest. It’s the main match that counts. I have Keeley in a TKO!

    Anybody for some side bets?

    Wondering is right. This undercard is getting boring. Both pugilist camps are putting in a lot of roadwork.
    Let’s let the Unions have a Battle Royale. Talk about a bang fest. Caruso and Silva have a real Belly-Bumper going on in that other part of town. Maybe Wondering has the inside skinny on that race. Did Zeke from Cabin Creek qualify?

  40. I just answered my own question. All Bridgeport primary candidates have qualified for public financing. The Park City is going to have a lot of green to spread around.
    Hope it is clean and green.

  41. marlys–In the spirit of giving away free money the SEEC has decided to give Tony DePrimo $30k in gas money for his Harley.

    I guess that’s $15k for his wife and $15k for the mistress.

  42. I was at the transfer station and I found Tony’s girlfriend’s Diary. It’s pretty juicy.

    January 21, 2007
    Tony bought me a yacht made of solid gold. We make love inside a Lamborghini then discard it like a used condom.

    June 3, 2007
    We take my yacht “The Why Don’t I Question Where My Boyfriend Gets His Money” out on the sea. We make love on top of a sea turtle then discard it like a used condom.

    June 5, 2007
    The sun fucking BURNS. Tony confuses me for a lobster woman then attempts to seduce me. I now have doubts about our relationship.

    August 12, 2007
    Tony buys me a diamond ring the size of a Buick. But not before stopping by a church and running out with the collection plate. He’s so romantic.

    November 23, 2007
    Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Tony and I vacationed on the moon. I met presumptive presidential candidate John McCain today. He tells me his secret recipe for barbecue, but I don’t know where to find unicorn hearts and the bottled tears of children.

    December 25, 2007
    Tony manned a vast hunting expedition to track down the real Santa Claus. He brings me a blanket made of his beard, carcass and coat. Love is made. Expensive items discarded like condoms.

    February 15, 2008
    Approached by FBI agent today. Asked me if Tony knows the pope. I tell the agent, “No, but he likes to dress like him.” He laughs then pulls out duct tape and a wire tap. It itches.

  43. This is the sage advice that yahooy gives Sly Salcedo.
    “obtain the “soft sheets” for the last primary in your district. Find out who votes and ask them to vote for you. Then find out who DOESN’T vote and get them to support your candidacy.”
    So get the people who vote to vote for you and then get the people who don’t vote to vote for you. That just about covers everyone. I guess we are not going to worry about the dead votes if we get 100% of those who are alive.
    And, oh by the way, you’ve got less than three weeks to do this. Yahooy must have been one of Hillary’s campaign advisors.

  44. To the Bridgeport Kid:
    FBI Agents Gary Jensen and Chris Halpin would be interested to see any real evidence that you have on these allegations about Keeley. Otherwise, why don’t you go back to sleep and dream up some more lies.
    You can contact them at:
    203-333-3512 for after-hour emergencies, contact FBI New Haven 203-777-6311
    FBI, 1000 Lafayette Blvd., Suite 306, Bridgeport, CT 06604
    They are a couple of nice guys. Feel free to use my name.

    PS Sorry Len.

  45. www .ct.gov/seec/lib/seec

    At the July 23rd Commission meeting twenty-seven public grants from the Citizens’ Election Fund were awarded. The following candidates received grants at yesterday’s meeting: Raymond Kalinowski, Tom Christiano, Ezequiel Santiago, Clifton Thompson, Kathy Hale, Carlos Silva, Henry Genga, Terry Backer, Lydia Martinez, Carmen Sierra, Russell Morin, Sylvester Salcedo, Edwin Vargas, Thomas Harrison, Anthony Musto, Marilyn Giuliano, José Rivera, Ralph Capenera, Kevin Witkos, Karen Houghtaling, Christopher Caruso, John Fonfara, Moira Wertheimer, Duane Perkins, Marilyn Moore, Gary Winfield and Hector Robles. At today’s Commission meeting grants were awarded to Marie Kirkley-Bey and Charles Blango.

  46. Maybe we should contact those two FBI agents and clue them into our man Tony. The city may not be interested in pursuing this but I bet the FBI is. They love Bpt corruption. Tony threatened to bring others down with him. Love to know who the others are.

  47. I met Marilyn Moore a few days ago. I liked her a lot. She is a true advocate for working families and her work with the Witness Project is impressive.

    Wonder why Bridgeport DTC endorsed Musto, a white male from Trumbull over an African-Am women from Bpt. Was this a Mario-Nancy DiNardo deal? I never met Musto but I would think we’d support one of our own. Don’t you think???

  48. When is the violence going to stop in bpt? Former Bassick quarterback lost his life. Since Finch became mayor it seems like violence has gotten out of hand. If we call this Blog only in Bridgeport we should cover all of Bridgeport not just Black Rock. It’s pissing me off now.

  49. Bill Hicks – just got in after a long day and read your posting about the diary…LMAO!!! That just cracked me up – you should write comedy. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it! Warren – you’re killing me with all your talk about food, it’s your fault I went and ate that pie, you should get a job as a taste tester. Just food for thought dude!

  50. Hey Bridgeport Kid

    When you go to see Halpin and Jensen, tell Chris and Gary that Ed Adams, the retired lead agent on Operation Hard Ball, sends his best. They won’t throw you a curve on Keeley.

    I can see through my waterford crystal ball that Auden is having a campaign meeting tonight at Casa de Harold.

    The meeting must have just broken up as Danny Roach has driven off. I broke him up with a “Why Me?” shout from my window pain in the glass.

    I agree with you on the violence issue. Perhaps if the Police Department were not spending 4 million dollars a year in overtime costs, we could better manage our public safety human resources. Get rid of the horses and Segways. I want police officers on the streets not watching manhole covers and talking on their cell phones. We need more people to be pissed off in the city. It’s not just a Black Rock thing it’s a Bridgeport thing. If you cover it we’ll talk about it. You’re a good guy and we need more donj’s in Bridgeport.

  51. Sly I have two great candidates to run your campaign.

    #1. Tony DePrimo. You have to fight fire with Fire. When you are going against crooks you need crooks on your side. The only drawback is that his working hours might be from 8:30-8:33. That’s how long it takes to fill out a full day’s time sheet.

    #2. Hector Diaz. This gives him a great opportunity to get acquanted with the district again before he runs again in a couple of years. Sometimes you have to give the devil his due. Tony D will at least show up to fill out a time sheet. Hector would be running your campaign from Brazil.

  52. Sylvester-

    1) Work the ABs that are already out as they hit (there are many),

    2) Have your mail ready to start hitting people’s mailboxes next week, by hook or by crook, and

    3) At least eight hours of voter contact a day. 2 1/2 weeks. No complaints — make it happen.

    You’ve got a real shot, but you’ve got a lot of work to do.

  53. Sylvester good luck you are what the people need in that district. I was driving around your district and I saw that your opponent has already got yard signs up…Did you guys see that big Chris Shays sign at that dental place on Fairfield Ave?

  54. Bob Walsh supports Keeley’s candidacy.

    I never would have guessed.

    Just think how well off the city would be if both of them weren’t involved. No more obstructionist and no more opportunist.

  55. Everyone bashes the Blonde Banshe…she has been a loyal democrat throughout. She comes from Westport? When was the last year she lived there? Did anyone ever question where she lived in HER district ? Unlike her opponent???? Not likely. She has a solid occupation…doesn’t need to milk anyone. You go girl! TK I’ll take you up on your bet.

  56. Pia- Auden’s neighbors would like to see her and Dog relocate out of the district sooner rather than later. Preferably somewhere where bombs are tested.

  57. Auden Grogins has been offered the cover of the 55th Anniversary of Playboy. And she’s actually considering doing it! I don’t know why I just used an exclamation mark. Oh, that’s right; I plan on jabbing it in my eye.

    Hugh Hefner just heard this news and put down his pipe in disgust: “I never! The day Playboy runs photographs of trannies is the day Hugh Hefner succumbs to senility. I’ll see to this.” He immediately buzzes his secretary: “Get Marilyn Monroe on the line. Also, I’ve pooped again and want to watch cartoons.”

  58. City employees, like Tony DePrimo, are screwing all of the City’s taxpayers, if the allegations are correct. Not acceptable! Especially the month that taxes are due. Hicks clean up your language. TK you’re on. Where do I find this so-called doorman?

    TK do you have insomnia too?

  59. To all OIB contributors and readers:

    Many thanks for your support and advice over the last several weeks. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating at this juncture of the campaign, that as a first time candidate in Bridgeport, I’ve learned a lot from everyone on this website. In fact, OIB is my primary source for political advice and counsel, local political history and current news updates about Bridgeport. How could any local politician or would-be politician live without OIB??? Gotta get the juicy stuff!!!

    I understand there’s a lot of ribbing along the way, to all from all, which I take for the most part in good fun, and that comes with the territory.

    There’s a lot of work to be done in the next 19 days and I’m trying my best to get around the district and make my presentation to the voters to be their next State Rep. We’re about to make final decisions and plans to get out, to reach out to voters and to get them to vote now that we have the funding to run a competitive race.

    Basically, how does one spend $30,000.00 in 19 days to win the 130th???!!! Answer: with good advice from the experienced assembled minds on OIB. Keep the ideas coming…but faster, please…the hours are ticking by…

    On a side note, earlier this evening, I managed to visit briefly the Finch family on Crown Street, with Mayor Bill Finch and Sonya’s warm welcome to their home, to celebrate his dad’s (Seaman Gunner’s Mate William Finch, Sr., US Navy) medal awards ceremony with AG Richard Blumenthal and CT Veterans Commissioner Linda Schwartz as guest speakers and presenters.

    It was an honor and a great thrill for a young shipmate to salute, in person, a member of the Greatest Generation.

    Bravo Zulu, Seaman Finch! (That means “Well Done” in U.S. Navy-talk, or you can use nautical signal flags: BZ.)

    Please, don’t forget to participate and contribute to the fundraiser for the Bridgeport WWII memorial…, call Ed Mastrone at 576-7978.

  60. Mr. Walsh,
    One of Robert Kennedy’s (and Robert Blakey’s) great contributions to federal law enforcement was to change the case-by-case approach to one of going after the individual, tearing his or her life apart and sifting through the items that fell out of his pockets. This is Bridgeport, Mr. Walsh. Chances are much better than 50% that if the FBI started looking into Keeley’s laundry basket they’d find something incriminating.

    Go shave your head.

  61. PoliticaL Addict asked:

    I never met Musto but I would think we’d support one of our own. Don’t you think???

    No, Addict. If that was the case, the DTC would have not picked Mario from Monroe as Bridgeport DTC Chairman.

  62. This afternoon I had a conversation with a Vietnam Veteran who expressed his disgust with Bill Finch’s selfish act of Honoring only his own dad.

    After reading the article, I agree that it was indeed a selfish act. The press release above mentions Mastrone and Iodice as contacts, yet the Mayor could not find other war heroes to give medals to. Finch could have assigned Mastrone and Iodice to find and invite more veterans of wars to the event. I mean he has two people with phone numbers working on the project.

    It’s a damn shame that the City can pay over 2 million for a dog pound and another 2 million for repair to the same facility and we have to beg for public support for a Veterans memorial for the men who fought for the freedom of man and dog kind. Wait a minute! I thought that Finch didn’t know who his parents were. Have I been away that long that I missed the news of the mayor finding his biological parents? No, It can’t be possible. If he could not find other veterans to give medals to or the funding for the memorial, his chances of finding his biological parents are slim to none.

  63. Make no mistake about it FINCH HATES COPS!!! Ever since he got drunk with his son at a local bar and tried to assault one! – He lost and is forever still holding a grudge!!!


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