Conspiracy Is Part Of The Fun, Plus: Reno Rocks

I love vote cutting. That’s when supporters of the endorsed line conspire to help a friend on another line.

There’s something of a plot going on between candidates on different lines. Some supporters of State Rep. Robert Keeley, who received the Democratic Party endorsement when Town Chairman Mario Testa broke a tie among delegate voters, are also supporting state senate candidate Marilyn Moore, who’s running on the same line as Keeley’s opponent Auden Grogins.

Mario wants Keeley to win. He also wants Trumbull Town Treasurer Anthony Musto, the party endorsed candidate for state senate, to win. Those respective state senate and state rep districts share several common precincts. But how do you coordinate a vote for endorsed candidates when they’re being cut?

So, I’m wondering, if Keeley supporters are playing footsies with Moore operatives, are Grogins and Musto far behind?

I’ve been poking around on this. Right now all I’m getting is a wink and a smile.

And you thought I cared about issues.

Big Day

I’m speechless (well, almost). OIB enjoyed 2,300 pageviews yesterday, easily the highest number in its young history, surpassing the day in March when Mario Testa reclaimed the Democratic town chairmanship after a five-year layoff.

I’m hoping Anna and Yahooy keep their love affair going, and the Bridgeport Kid and Up On Bridgeport continue dukes up. As someone wrote to me recently, I visited a blog the other day and a fight broke out. He was talking about OIB.

Politics in Bridgeport is something of a contact sport so OIB follows suit, albeit verbally.

Reno Rocks

Any time a radio station cans its highest-profile personality it’s with major trepidation. After all, it’s a ratings game. More listeners, more money. (Sorta what I do. You guys bail out on me and I’m toast.) Last December, the indomitable John LaBarca (boat, in Italian) was beached, after a series of run-ins with management, for Tony Reno, a genial voice with big shoes to fill. LaBarca’s Italian House Party on Sunday was a major profit center for WICC, as well as his Monday through Friday morning gig.

The ratings are in, and according to Arbitron, the market analyst that tracks radio listeners, Reno’s spring numbers are better than LaBarca’s final quarter at WICC, in the all-important 25-54 demographic. (That’s scary, in five years I’m in the senior bracket.) I’m happy for Reno. The last thing he wanted was to get off to a slow start in a business with loud footsteps.

In LaBarca’s final ratings book, his morning time slot trailed WPLR, WEZN (Star 99) and the powerhouse number one WEBE. Reno’s slot came in second behind WEBE, followed by WEZN and WPLR. Take note: WICC is the lone AM station among FM dominance. As AM goes, WICC is a national anomaly, still with morning drive-time juice. WICC’s news, information, traffic and weather thing is still a fit around here, throw in local talk and it’s something to sell. AM, in general, was ready for the obit page until a guy named Rush Limbaugh came along and, well, talk radio is the staple of AM programming.

WEBE, sister station of WICC, owned by Atlanta-based Cumulus Media, was the brainchild of Vince Cremona, former general manager of both stations. He had an idea: let’s put our FM transmitter atop the UI smokestack. Presto: big reach throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties.

Finch Salutes Dad

Finch Salutes Dad

Mayor Bill Finch chats with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, center, and his father William Finch Sr., a World War II veteran, in front of the mayor’s home on Crown Street during a ceremony to raise funds for a World War II Memorial at McLevy Green. The World War II Memorial is slated for completion by the end of this year. Anyone wishing to donate should send a check, payable to the Bridgeport Veterans Memorial Commission, to:

Ed Mastrone, Office of Veterans Affairs
752 East Main St. Room 180
Bridgeport, CT 06608

For questions about the program call Lisa Iodice at 203-576-3964.



  1. If you have the patience to flip through, the donor lists for the campaigns will tell you a lot. Nothing winks as loud as a hundred dollar check and a signed affidavit!

  2. Marlys- There are footsies being played all over the place. There are all types of footsies being played in the South End. My operatives tell me that some folks are working for Sly, Chico and Santiago. The lines are definelty blurred on the East Side where you have influential party folks helping out Ayala and Ayala Uncle working for Martinez.
    The Big Daddy of them all is the Keeley and Grogins race. You don’t know who is with who. I know Musto very well and I think he is a bigger snob and racist than Russo.

  3. I have sent Sly an e-mail at his website address with my advice about how to spend his $. Since he is such a loyal reader I just wanted to make sure he sees it.

  4. Hector Diaz is still bleeding from the cutting he got from Roach and Mulligan back in the day. I think that’s why he pretended to be a State Rep and disappeared during the TC vote.

  5. Well I ‘m dazed and confused. My nose is the color and shape of turnip and I have a cauliflower ear. I’m becoming a vegetarian.

    The Bridgeport Kid has beaten me into submission. I could a been a contender. I’m on my way down to the new Bus Terminal on Water Street to purchase my one-way ticket to Palookaville.

    Wait a minute. I can’t disappoint my team of Anne Howe, Knobby Walsh, Max, and Humphrey Pennyworth.

    He Kid! Bring it on and get ready for a bare knuckle sandwich today with a side order of pickles for your puss.
    I’m going to send you back where you came from on Fairfield Avenue. Knobby Walsh is my corner man and he’s in Keeley’s corner too. We’re going to be spending the next 2 1/2 weeks in Black Rock. Black Rock Little League loves my Bob. Your main squeeze with her working against Little League is a real Bush Leaguer. Pickin’ on those poor kids. Could those kids in the Honky Tonk Woman’s lit piece get any whiter? Those kids were so white they looked like they had been dipped in Orbit’s gum!


  6. Up on Bridgeport–If signs vote then Keeley should be the Vee Pee Nominee for President. Who does Keeley have in his lit piece? Ted Meekins?

  7. Wild Bill
    I love your stuff. I think Keeley is going to have Cecil and Beanie on his piece. Forest Gump and Barack may also appear as drop-ins. Ted wasn’t available, he doesn’t cross -over from the East End, nor was Larry Townsend.

    Keeley, The White Shadow, has The Boys in The Hood over at P.T. ready to roll Grogins peeps. Talk about a re-make of West Side Story. Tonight. Somewhere, The Jets versus The Sharks, One Hand, One Heart(my theme song), I Feel Pretty(Auden’s fave), Somewhere(Keeley’s fave) and Gee Officer Krupke. Don’t forget Keeley will have a bunch of Marias working for him over at the Twin Towers.

  8. Light day on the street scheduled today. I’m stuffed and had my fill from yesterday. I’m going to take The Kids advice and go get a colonic cleansing treatment today.

    Bottoms Up!
    Or as The Kid would say.
    “Up Yours Bridgeport!”

    Rumor on the street of wet dreams is that Grogins is into Water Sports. Keeley wears Water Wings so he doesn’t sink.

  9. Not to harp on Black Rock issues here, but with all the supposed improvements to Ellsworth Field, I hear no talk about the parking dilemma.

    I’m not trying to be a buzz kill here, but when the Park is in full swing, driving by is like trying to get OIB posts in between The Kid and Up Yours (or Anna and Yahooy)!

    I’m afraid that sooner or later, something bad is going to happen down there, and a child is going to get hurt.

    Keeley or Grogins have an answer?

  10. To the city of Bridgeport officals
    Sell or rent the Black Rock non Arts Center, we need the income.
    Bridgeport Kid you are right on.
    I think something is wrong in the head of “Up on Bridgeport,” I’ll write what I think it is later, you all can speculate till then.

  11. There is municipal parking on the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Jetland Street. There is more municipal parking behind the (city-owned) former Black Rock Bank & Trust building at 2838 Fairifeld Avenue. The parking lot entrances are located on Wilson and Brewster Streets. The city has had some problems with the latter parking lot: representatives from the “nonprofit” organization occupying the building would remove the “municipal parking” signs from the Brewster Street entrance and order people not to park there, claiming it was a private lot. They also closed and locked the gate on the Wilson Street side. The problems have been addressed, however. Now there is plenty of free MUNICIPAL parking behind 2838 Fairfield Avenue.

  12. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    If you want a real fight I’ll knock your teeth out, and be laughing all the way. Talk all the trash you want, Keeley is going to be out the door. If you go out campaigning for him I’ll be following you with a video camera, documenting every violation of you “nonprofit” organization’s 501 tax-exempt status.

    BTW, I could’ve responded in kind to your slight on my Dutch heritage yesterday, but didn’t want to stoop to your level. Needless to say, that was insulting and in extremely poor taste. I expected a bit more, even from an asshole like you.

  13. HereWeGo

    You are right about parking at Ellsworth Field. Keeley and members of the Black Rock Little League including Sars Ford, neighborhood leader Phil Blagys and others from the Community Council, Black Rock Homeowners worked in concert and were very succesful in implementing the no-parking policy on the field side of the street. It really did help this year as I am always afraid some kid is going to dart out into traffic. At one of the Black Rock NRZ info meetings this was heavily discussed by the neighborhood. Some of the solutions presented were maybe a curb cut to allow diagonal parking and dedicated parking down in back of Bywater adjoining the field. Not sure about that working. The situation on Brewster Street was better but not that strictly enforced. Positioning of the fields make it more important for Ellsworth to have a clear space.
    Another solution that was brought up by Keeley and the others were to see about field development over at Longfellow or P.T. Barnum field space. This makes great sense as it spreads out the volume of play. Black Rock Little League has done a terrific job over the years developing T-Ball and girls softball programs. They, in a way, have become the victims of their own success. Spreading out the fields to other areas would take a huge amount of pressure off a highly dense area of traffic. In April, John from Black Rock, also addressed this issue giving Kudos to Police Commissioners Danny Roach and Terry Brown who voted in favor of the parking ban when the Police Department for some strange reason didn’t want to enforce. The Cove Condo association was also instrumental in getting this enforcement. Although it is far from perfect it is much better and hopefully long-term solutions will be found. Unfortunately, besides drumming up a bunch of fear about Little League, Auden Grogins was way out in left field.

    Black Rockin is right about Up on Bridgeport’s head case.
    Sometimes you have to speculate in order to accumulate.


  14. No surprise that a gas-off artist like Bob Walsh is supporting Bob “I’ll talk on my cellphone any damned time I want to” Keeley. Assholes like those two usually flock together. Up Yours Bridgeport has thrown his carpetbag into the Keeley wagon; my guess is that he is expecting something in return, most likely pictures of dead presidents.

    Keeley has been in office too long. Politics corrupts people, distorts their judgement. The longer an individual remains in office the more likely that the thought processes will become impaired. Look at Joe “Hamlet On The Potomac” Leiberman. He can’t decide if he’s a Democrat or a Republican. All those campign donations from different groups can cloud a person’s judgement.

  15. Hey Little Dutch Boy!
    Go grab an Amstel and Paint The World over at Chris Shays house. Maybe he can stiff you too. You can always lean on me. I’ll Be There. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough To Keep Me From YOU!

  16. Tom – Thanks for the run-down. I was wondering if it was feasible for the City to get a hold of the lot that is “landlocked” between Ellsworth, Brewster and Bartram. This is a pure guess, because I do not know if anything is going on with the property, other than some local resistance against the developer. I am not a fan of any more taxable properties coming off of the rolls, but it was something a few of us were discussing.

    Probably the best solution would be to spread the league out as you mentioned. It is nice that they have become so successful in the area.

    Thanks again.

  17. You’re getting way out of line, Mr. Celli. I could make some hay about your Sicilian heritage and the fact that a vile criminal organization came from that island, but I don’t want to insult the other law-abiding, respectable Sicilian-Americans that may be reading this blog.

  18. BTW, Up Yours Bridgeport,
    I’ll be back in Black Rock in about an hour. What say we meet in front of the occupied building at 2838 Fairfield Avenue. I want to teach you a lesson in sensitivity to people’s ethnic backgrounds.

  19. Hey treat with Kid gloves. I’ll meet you there. It’s a meatless Friday and I’ll have you sleeping with the fishes.
    I’ll frame and matte your ass in front of that building and put it up for permanent display. I’ll be the guy drinking the Heineken in homage to your heritage.

  20. I always did like Grolsch with its ceramic cork. Do you like your pickled herring with sour cream. I’ll see you in a few for a toast. Otherwise if I miss you I’ll leave it at the Frame Shop.

  21. Up on Bridgeport – loved the Joe Palooka references! Pogo and L’il Abner were both done by Bridgeport connected cartoonists – let’s give them some props too!

  22. The Bridgeport Kid?
    I couldn’t find you at that address. I left you a 6-pack of Grolsch at Marty’s Pizza. Go see Homer. He has it in the walk-in cooler. See! Us Keeley people really aren’t that bad. Sorry, I can’t join you for the Herring. Enjoys the hops and herring.

    Al Capp and Walt Kelly were very talented. Props to you too for remembering.

  23. HereWeGo

    Sorry for being so late in getting back to you. I had to run out and get The Kid some libations.

    Regarding the parking situation I am aware and I know that Keeley has been involved in some discussions with the neighbors in finding a use for that property. The Historical Commission did knock down the developer in their request to demolish the existing house thus trying to shoe-horn extra units on that parcel. Another potential but don’t know realistic would have been for the Park Dept to purchase the rear parcel of land next to Ellsworth Field and carve out that piece for seasonal parking and a pocket park. I’m not sure of the economics of the deal. Keeping that house would help keep some ot the tax revenue. That house used to be owned by the legendary Doc Broadhurst. It is for sale again but not sure if there is a done deal. Hope this helps. Tom

  24. Lennie another day of this Black Rock Bullshit. I said it way back when the art center was an idea; putting an art center in Black Rock is like putting cologne on a pig. Today we have the same two guys playing the I’m tougher than you game. Grow up!!!
    I hate to tell all of you elitists from Black Rock you are still part of Bridgeport whether you like it or not.

  25. I like the weather in Black Rock. Thanks.

    In all seriousness. I read the article in the Post in regards to the concern on the East Side of a need for more of a Police presence. From what I can tell, the PD is working at it, but just like Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury, they are only as good as the neighborhood allows them to be. That is not a dig on anyone, but community policing works when the community gets involved.

    What are your views, I’d like to know.

  26. Here we go; So I had a spelling error thanks for picking it up. Community policing works if the PD wants it to work. In my area we had 5 armed robberies of local businesses in a 2-month span. We complained and for a while we had increased coverage then the coverage disappeared.The car in our area is the swing or cover car for the lower eastside thus no coverage for us.
    Quality of life complaints forget it. We all call on a regular basis about speeders and dirt bikes. Well they are still speeding and the dirt bikes are still here. As far as I am concerned there are too many special units in the PD. Horse patrol ( waste of manpower) Segway patrol, ATV Patrol, Bicyle Patrol. Detective Division (what is the solve rate) pretty low at best. How many police officers are riding desks or doing paperwork and filing.

  27. Wondering – I’m not the enemy here, I’d rather discuss issues and stay above the name calling. I just don’t like being called “elitist”, especially since you do not know me, or where I live. But hey, no big deal.

    I feel for your needs out there. As far as I know, the PD uses priority dispatching, so if they think a dirtbike call is not nearly as important as another call, then the complaint may not get addressed for some time. By then, the rider is gone. I was in a hit and run car accident not that long ago, and I waited over 30 minutes for a PD response. The answer? Shift change.

    I’m no fan of all of the different PD units we have either. I think it is wasteful, but I’m no PD expert, I’m hoping that it’s all part of some master plan, but I am not convinced.

    The only thing I can tell you is to keep calling, keep complaining, get your pols involved.

  28. Wondering
    You’re right about those to stinkers clogging our brains.
    I wonder if they have smell check?

    Nice picture of Bill and his Dad.

    BTW-If you want to send a check to cover Bill’s legal case from the Caruso court challenge send it over to Crown Street.

    I know I suffer from Irish Alzheimer’s. That’s where you forget everything but the grudges!

    However, if Bill accumulated a 30k debt to Attorney John Bohannon (great guy and great attorney), then can somebody explain it to me how Finch was crowing how this court case cost the city close to 500K? Sounds like another $600.00 tax scam to me.

  29. I need smell check and spell check. My spelling lately has been whorendous. Should have been “those two stinkers”
    not “to stinkers” or “too stinkers”.

  30. Tom being Irish myself I understand the grudge thing. BTW my check for Finch is in the mail.
    Here we Go I know you’re not the enemy here didn’t mean to come across like you were. My bitch with the PD is as follows: If there are that many calls in the lower eastside then add a car don’t take protection away from an entire area of the city.

  31. TK,
    When we were going through the city attorney’s budget this year he claimed he spent $1 million dollars in outside attorney fees. I asked him to explain how the Caruso case ate up half of that. He refused to say another word.
    Lie, lies and damn lies.

  32. When is the Bob and Bob (Keeley/Walsh) show going to be back on WICC?

    That show was the most formidable and informative hour in American…nay world, media at the time.

  33. Some more Bill Hicks…

    “A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It’s like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant.”

  34. Hey Blab, the Keeley/Walsh show would need a lot of sponsors! See, it takes lots of money to pay two people to sit around on their behinds, pretend they work hard and pontificate about all of the things that can happen in front of friendly media…Heck, that sounds an aweful lot like what us tax payers are doing right now – we are already paying for the Keeley/Walsh show! Well, as all TV and radio shows must end at some point, it is time to put an end to this one starting with Keeley!

  35. Con–That is pretty damn funny in my opinion. I had a dream last night Auden Grogins and Bob Keeley had a three way with an IED in Iraq. Oh Happy day!

  36. Mr. Kelly,
    Thanks for the suds. That was a gentlemanly gesture on your part, a gesture that another, more obnoxious Keeley supporter wouldn’t have made.

    I appreciate, Mr. Tom, even if the weather is too warm for drinking. I’ll keep it in the fridge and cherish every drop.

  37. I hear Up Yours Bridgeport tried to join the Mafia back in his younger days. As part of his initiation they told him to blow up a car.

    He burned his lips on the exhaust pipe.

  38. Our country is at war. Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Gas prices are on the rise. All stuff I can pretty much learn to deal with. What I am having trouble coping with is finding out that Bob Stealy might run as an Independent if he loses in the primary. What an Ass Clown.

  39. I’d like the Keeley/Walsh dog-and-pony show to be a call-in affair. That way concerned citizens would be able to ask about the kickbacks and get the answer from the horses’ mouths. Actually, only one of those clowns is a horse. The other is a horse’s ass. Guess which is which?

  40. Up Yours Bridgeport is such a dumbass that he took his pregnant wife to a Chinese restaurant when she was in labor. He heard they had free delivery.

  41. Joe Celli tried to form his own Mafia family. He ended up with one “made” member: himself. He actually made himself an offer he couldn’t understand.

  42. Lots of chatter on who’s who, etc. Fact of the matter is, whether you think any of the present state legislators are worthy or not doesn’t make a difference. The difference in “some” cases is the clowns running against them are no better! Many are just unexperienced personal gain, nepotism backed candidates who don’t have a clue. Pick your political poison of choice for continued, “zero” representation. And expect a seasonal state lesgislation update flyer on all the work your state electors have been doing soon, right around election time! However, remember that there are a few that do make an effort to make Bpt. a better place, believe it or not; those need to stay for right now. The rest, we’ll see what’s on the entire agenda come Nov. ’08!


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