Less-experienced Teachers For Black Students In Public Schools

From Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, CT Mirror

Black students in Connecticut’s public schools are being taught by far more new, less-experienced teachers than their white peers.

In the 4th grade, 36 percent of black students are being taught by math teachers with less than five years in the classroom vs. 19 percent for white students. That gap was the largest in the nation for the last school year, the U.S. Department of Education’s research arm reported Tuesday.

Similar yawning gaps exist for black and white 8th graders. Hispanic students are also taught by less experienced teachers than their white peers, but the gap is slightly less than the national average.

See how other states compare here.

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  1. I’m sorry folks, no news here. What’s next, urban schools like Bridgeport have far fewer black teachers than white like the police and fire departments and other city government departments? Again, nothing new here.

    1. This has NOTHING to do with the color of the teacher, it has to do with the years of experience the math teachers have.

      If you don’t pay enough, you won’t keep the teachers in the district. Another reason for regional or state school districts with equal teacher pay and expenditures per student.

      Last year, I saw two new extremely qualified math teachers have success with their students in Bridgeport. One jumped to New Canaan and the other to Westport, each for $10K more per year than Bridgeport pays. The reason: Large students loans to pay off. BTW, both teachers were African American.

  2. How did they come up with the number of black students? By surname? Pictures? Data from schools or teachers? The fact that some one took it upon themselves to research this, if that person were to slap someone in the process would they be eligible for “hate law” prosecution?

    1. Hector, when a teacher or substitute takes attendance in Power School they can see the students’ pictures.
      Taking student pictures at the beginning of the year isn’t about selling mommy and daddy pictures, it’s a security measure so students can be identified easily.

      Also many demographics are a matter of record, most students/parents don’t check ‘refuse to answer’ when they get to the race question on forms.

  3. If you just graduated college with a teachers degree would you teach in this zoo or go somewhere peaceful and where being a teacher means something?


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