Lamont Receives Blowback From Houston For “Butt-Ugly” Crack

Maybe Governor Ned Lamont knows something about that part of the human anatomy that escapes others.

“Butt ugly” is how he assailed Houston’s Downtown after UConn won the national basketball championship.

The flatulent comment is receiving blowback from Houston officials.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont was in town with the Huskies and while he was thrilled the state’s closest thing to a professional sports team won, didn’t have very nice things to say about the host city. On Connecticut radio station WPLR, Lamont was asked what he did while he was in Houston.

“After winning the semifinal, you walk around downtown Houston, which is butt ugly, not much there,” he said before the radio hosts jumped in.

“You know that’s going to be tweeted and viral,” one of them said. “Get ready to hear from Houston!”

Google “Butt Ugly” and the first image you see is well … Ned Lamont.


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