Judge Rejects Motion To Dismiss Hennessy’s Primary Result Appeal

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

State Rep. Jack Hennessy’s challenge of the Democratic primary for the 127th House District, which resulted in a two-vote victory for Councilman Marcus Brown after two recounts, will be allowed to go forward, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Following a hearing, Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens denied a motion to dismiss the appeal brought by Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon.

Bohannon had argued that the specific appeal was filed beyond the 14-day state-mandated deadline.

While the judge said the question was a case of first impression, he nonetheless ruled that his interpretation of state statutes favored Hennessy’s appeal being heard.

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  1. This is Great news! The city’s motion to dismiss has been DENIED! The Hennessy campaign’s challenge of the primary results will be moving forward. There will be a hearing, on Friday, with witnesses attesting to Absentee Ballot fraud committed by the Brown Campaign (surprise, surprise) that are quite credible.

    We are quite confident that the evidence will show the need for a new election or outright declaring Jack the victor, due to the purposeful actions on the behalf of the Brown Campaign, and the incompetence of the city of Bridgeport election officials.

    This shows how vulnerable the Ganim/Testa/DTC machine is after all the below (and more), they still were unable to put this election decisively in the win column.

    1. They Redistricted Rep Hennessy out of thousands of Bridgeport voters and drew a torturous route that ends at the Brown home.

    2. getting massive donations and support from city employees (including the Democratic-Registrar of Voters Patricia Howard and Deputy Registrar Inez Ayala)
    3. As the evidence will show, once again cheating and breaking the law in regards to Absentee Ballots.

    The machine is in trouble and they know it. The time for action is now.
    Bridgeport has had ENOUGH!
    ENOUGH of the DTC and their corruption.
    ENOUGH of the ABSENTEE ballot cheating.
    ENOUGH of Mario Testa.
    ENOUGH of Joe Ganim
    Let’s Break the machine.

  2. When the Mayor of this city looses every machine vote in every polling station, then wins with 1500 AB vote’s, this Judge will see that democracy is dead in Bridgeport !

  3. In a tangentially related vein: Maybe we can just “sell” the 127th to New Canaan or Stamford and then we’ll have one less district to cause us primary grief. I think that (in the 2001 redistricting) we traded the 125th for 100,000 tons of garbage/recyclables and a couple of municipal jobs (for Mike Freimuth, e al.) down-county… Maybe we can just as good a deal for the 127th… It isn’t doing us any good, anyway… We probably have to wait until 2031 to seal the deal officially — but maybe they’ll send more garbage (any maybe even a little feeder-barge traffic!) in the meantime as a special bonus and sign of respect for the people of Bridgeport…


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