Jacobs’ Rich, Ned’s Bridgeport Pitch, And Dick’s Barack Ditch

The City Council approved a financial termination agreement Tuesday night hammered out by city lawyers and former Mayor Tom Bucci who represented ousted Civil Service Personnel Director Ralph Jacobs.

Jacobs will receive $155,000, $90k within 10 days, followed by another $65k next January. Bucci will receive $15,000 in legal fees and Jacobs gets another $8,000 for health benefits. So the total payout is roughly $180,000.

Jacobs and Mayor Bill Finch didn’t get along. The Civil Service Commission said see ya. Jacobs sued. They settled. David Dunn, a Finch supporter, replaced Jacobs as acting personnel director. The council decision was unanimous.

The council also unanimously passed a resolution opposing Governor Jodi Rell’s proposed juvenile detention center for girls on the Upper East Side. The resolution will be passed on to the State Bond Commission which must vote to approve the $20 million for the detention center.

You guys diggin’ on Ned Lamont trying to emerge as the de facto Bridgeport candidate for governor?

On his official candidacy day Ned’s speech, released via email, had him graduating from Harding, methinks he meant Harvard, and he wasn’t bashful talking about those Harding students he regaled as a volunteer teacher. Ned certainly spent some time at building-challenged Harding so if he’s elected the state’s chief executive might he show his real benevolence through a new high school? What say you Ned, a new building for Harding High School?

And what’s your take on Dick Blumenthal’s reticence to embrace a visit from Barack on his behalf? When asked if he wanted Barack to push his U.S. Senate candidacy he didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no. “An open question,” says Dick. Wow, that’s some endorsement for our president. Don’t ya just love pols threading needles? Barack campaigns for the Dem U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts, her election dies the gooey death, his poll numbers stumble, and all of a sudden Dick gets a little weak-kneed. Jesus, Dick couldn’t wait to be seen with Barack when the president was flying high. All of a sudden Dick is the independent voice, transcending party politics. I wonder if Barack will keep score when he has another federal bench appointment?

If I’m mayor Bill Finch I’d send up smoke signals urging, pleading, begging Barack to visit Bridgeport. (And can we throw in a $1,000 per head ticket event for hizzoner?)



  1. donj has endorsed Ned Lamont for Gov. Blummy better watch his words because he ticked off a lot of voters with that. Obama is very popular in CT. I sure know he pissed me off. I hate candidates that are phony like that and I am really thinking about giving Alpert a try. Not a fan of Sue B either right now. Alpert should get at the word of Blummy. Local Eyes I might give your candidate some consideration.

  2. donj: You seem to be all over the map with whom you support for elected office. In case you haven’t noticed Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan and stated it’s a war that needs to be fought and I agree. More schools in Bridgeport? We just built a number of new schools and that’s great, we will be building 2 new High Schools for the more gifted students. No mention of any programs to deal with a 68% dropout rate.
    Blumenthal is doing what he does best, tap-dancing around an issue. He does not want Obama to campaign for him because of the last 3 elections that were held and he campaigned for each Democrat who subsequently lost. Right now the Dems are in danger of losing the house and the senate in November and Blumenthal is tap-dancing his ass off.
    You say I always pick losing candidates so this should make you feel good, Alpert does not stand a chance of winning.

  3. I voted for Lamont for Senator because Lieberman is a snake. While Lamont might know a bit about job growth, he has no experience with transportation, education, environment and energy. Basically he has no experience in government management at all. Legislative positions are forgiving to the political neophyte, but not so in the executive branch, case on point, Finch. Malloy has all that experience and a good vision. (Granted he is a little down county on the outside but you shouldn’t discount his ability and qualifications because he can be abrupt). He would be good to Bridgeport much better than Lamont. Also Lamont wouldn’t win a general. He can’t get the support of the independents because he is so far left.

    Malloy came from humble beginnings, Lamont is silver spoon all the way. Which leads me to Shays another silver spooner. Shays is not a Bridgeport lover, he is political opportunist, like Suby. The minute he lost he said goodbye to Bridgeport without so much as a wave. He is another legislator who would make a mess of things as an executive. As much as I support Obama, he has had a big learning curve but I think he gets it now.

    Shays maybe could run for Mayor, he wouldn’t beat Himes, and Tom Foley will out-raise him 2 to 1. We all know Shays has serious money problems and his embezzlement scandal will haunt him. He can run for governor but he won’t get the party endorsement. The party is ready to move on to the new, Shays is the old and washed up.

  4. TC, you say “Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan and stated it’s a war that needs to be fought and I agree.” Can you tell me exactly what we are doing there?

  5. I need to know more about Shays vs. Himes, now that is good.

    Finch is so cooked. Antagonizing the black community with the termination of Evens is a fatal blow I don’t think will be easily forgotten by those voters. Not to mention the buy-out packages of every city employee he parts ways with, i.e.: Riccio & the port, Jacobs and now Evans will undoubtedly cost. What a great primary we will have next year.

    I like the comments and arguments in favor of Malloy; however I remain faithful to the strength of Ned.

    Dick is red-knuckling it ’til November. He can’t believe his good fortune. Dick is for Dick!

  6. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth:

    Ralph Jacobs got everything he asked for, didn’t even have to compromise. The City paid paid him out plus the cost of his health insurance for a year plus his full attorney’s fees. They even split the payment between two calendar years so that he wouldn’t get whacked so much with taxes. The City had no case and they knew it. Ralph got it all. Good for him.

    I too heard Dr. Evans has retained an attorney and that she has lots of documentation of Finch’s piss-poor job performance and how badly she was treated over the past two years. Frankly, I hope this one doesn’t settle too quickly. I’m looking forward to hearing every ugly detail. The closer to the 2011 election, the better.

  7. Finch made the following statement to the CT Post: “Diversity in hiring has always been a priority for my administration as evidenced by the appointments I have made since taking office.”

    Really? Let’s take a look at the decision makers in the Finch administration:

    Adam Wood, Chief of Staff – white
    Andy Nunn, CAO – white
    Alanna Kabel – Deputy CAO – white
    Mike Feeney – CFO – white
    Tom Sherwood – OPM Director – white
    Mark Anastasi – City Attorney – white
    David Dunn – Civil Service Director – white
    Charlie Carroll – Director of Parks and PF – white

    And last but not least,

    Mr. Quinn – new Health Director – white

    Have I made my point?

  8. Dr. Evans served at the pleasure of the Mayor. What she may have is a slander suit. He is entitled to appoint whomever he wants. What he cannot do is slander those who work hard in the service of the people.


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