Jack Hennessy Qualifies For Dem Primary Ballot Against Marcus Brown

It’s game on between incumbent State Rep. Jack Hennessy and City Councilman Marcus Brown who has been endorsed by party regulars in the predominantly North End 127 State House District.

Hennessy, the longest-serving member of Bridgeport’s legislative delegation, has qualified for the August 9th primary.

From the Hennessy campaign:

Jack Hennessy announced today that Democratic Registrar Patricia Howard notified him he qualified onto the ballot for the August 9th Primary within 24 hours of his petitions being submitted to the Registrar.

Hennessy is seeking re-election to the State House of Representatives for Bridgeport’s 127th Assembly District. “I would like to thank my constituents for their overwhelming support for my re-election. We gathered the required 282 signatures in just 8 days, demonstrating my campaign is powered by the people, not political powerbrokers.”

Hennessy and his team were able to engage hundreds of voters in a condensed timeframe to discuss the concerns and issues that matter to them while also allowing Hennessy an opportunity to share what he has accomplished to better their daily lives.

While speaking directly with his constituents, Hennessy heard time and time again “We have your back, Jack” which will serve as his inspiration as his re-election effort moves into the next phase.

“I look forward to going door-to-door over the next two months speaking directly with my constituents whom I value, respect and serve,” said Hennessy.



  1. Congratulations to the effort you organized to represent your longtime broad constituency.
    What to do if you are a “power broker”. Ignore your long time efforts to bring long term solutions to a water problem that causes damage and costs significantly to repair? Pay no attention to the respectful and professional appearance that you present on behalf of Bridgeport.
    So they sought a young champion, provided no real dragons to slay, and changed the district to make it work for him, it appears. Will they be able in June or July to replace the memories of you listening to the voters, with respect, and doing your best to advance the solutions in Hartford? Time will tell.

  2. Congratulations to Rep. Jack Hennessy on securing his ballot position.
    I’d call Marcus Brown a Carpetbagger, except the powers that be in the State Legislature gerrymandered this district to include Brown’s address so he didn’t have to pack his bags.

    One thing the public has learned is that Brown does not honor his word. His emails to Jack Hennessey said he would support his run for re-election and not oppose him this year. Just a lie from Brown, who cannot be trusted.
    Brown is just a Ganim Lackey, put out there to oppose anyone Joe doesn’t like. he has accomplished nothing on the City Council and as Chair of the Ordinance Committee has NEVER submitted an ordinance for consideration.
    BUT, he’d be happy to collect a government paycheck while having his marionette strings pulled by Joe.

    Glad to have Jack’s back and have contributed to his campaign. Looking forward tp seeing Brown lose his second consecutive state legislative primary, despite being the DTC endorsed candidate. Guess Mario’s grip on the Bridgeport Democrats is weakening.

    1. Marshall, you serve Hennessy best by telling us what has Jack done during his long career as a State Rep. Put up his voting record that shows he did not vote along party line. Some people say tha Hennessy hasn’t done JACK.

      1. Joel
        I like that the NRA gives Jack an F…too many guns in Bridgeport, another shooting last night and the CBIA only gives him a 29% rating. He doesn’t cave in to big business at the expense of workers..
        As for a legislator voting with his/her party, that should be expected most of the time. If the person did not agree with the party’s philosophy, goals and platform he/she would likely leave the party.

        Bridgeport needs all the state aid it can get (to be misused by Joe G and cronies). Hennessey’s seniority helps bring this money home. A newbie in the State House of Reps will have no juice and long term relationships to accomplish this task.

        1. Shootings in Bridgeport should be expected as much as partisanship voting in government. It’s a Fact that Hennessy didn’t and couldn’t do Jack for Bridgeport as far as education funding and covering an alleged Bridgeport $2.2 shortfall/deficit goes. He is not solely responsible as there was supposed to be a Bridgeport delegation. I think much more State ele Ted officials should have been challenged and many others did not deserve the party endorsement.

          1. It is it the State’s job to make up shortfalls in the Bridgeport budget because Joe spends as he wishes and avoids tax increases before running gif re-election. Senator Moore covered Bridgeport’s ass on this. Rep. Hennessy was recuperating from surgery at the time, better you clean up the mess mismanaging City Hall and the city money than complain the Joe G didn’t have a balanced budget and Bridgeport had to do last minute begging for funds.
            Wait, maybe Joe can give another $40,000 raise to the unlicensed Superintendent of Schools.

          2. The shortfall in Education spending is due to the City consistently underfunding their contributions. There is a minimum the city must meet; it hasn’t met the minimum in at least a decade.

  3. It is no secret that I have no use for Marcus Brown the DTC endorsed candidate for this State House of Representatives seat.

    Way Back on April 25th OIB ran a story: http://onlyinbridgeport.com/wordpress/brown-seeking-state-house-crown-reports-fundraising-success-in-contest-against-hennessy/
    in which Brown was boasting that he had raised all the funds needed to qualify for CEP funds for this race.

    I have already referenced Brown’s lies, such as emails telling Jack Hennessey that Brown would support Hennessey for reelection.

    NOW, 42 days after Brown’s Boast of fundraising success, a check with the State of Connecticut finds, Brown has never filed the paperwork or application for the public funding of his campaign.

    Why???? one may ask. It appears that Brown’s boast is just empty wind, like that his employer hopes to generate in the LI Sound.

    Unlike Dennis Bradley, Marcuys Brown has an experienced and competent campaign treasurer (currently handling three campaigns) who knows how to file this paperwork.

    Marcus Brown…FOS…No Joel, that;s Full of Stories….unforttunately they are fiction.


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