Brown, Seeking State House Crown, Reports Fundraising Success In Contest Against Hennessy

Marcus Brown.

City Councilman Marcus Brown, challenging veteran State House member Jack Hennessy in an August Democratic primary, says he’s reached the fundraising threshold to qualify for public funds under the state’s Citizens Election Program.

Staff from the State Elections Enforcement Commission will review his filing for qualifying contributions.

The clean elections program allows candidates to receive small personal donation amounts to qualify for a larger public grant, eschewing special-interest money.

Brown and Hennessy must raise roughly $6,000 from at least 150 Bridgeport donors to receive a public grant of about $30,000.

This is a quick fundraising turnaround considering Brown’s formal announcement was just one week ago.

“I am incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support from so many people across Bridgeport. When I announced a week ago, I had no idea this groundswell of support would come so fast,” stated Brown in a news release. “The people of Bridgeport want their government to work for them, and I am committed to working for my constituents every single day as the next State Representative for the 127th district.”

The Brown-Hennessy race is one of the highest-profile contests this local election cycle pitting a millennial upstart against the longest-serving legislator in Bridgeport’s delegation.

Some high-profile pols are engaged in both camps. Brown is the odds-on favorite for the endorsement, according to most party insiders, covering three town committee districts. Either way, a primary looms.

Former State Rep. Chris Caruso and City Councilwoman Maria Pereira are among those backing Hennessy. Caruso was a key sponsor of the Citizens Election Program when he served in the State House.

The State House district covers the bulk of the North End and piece of the West Side. The party endorsement will take place in two weeks.

The SEEC parcels out qualifying grants after respective district conventions.



  1. Brown may have only declared a week ago but this run has been in the works for months.
    #1 the disgusting gerrymandering of the district with a pencil thin slice leading to Brown’s house on Capitol Ave.
    #2 the backstabbing of Hennessey, the only member of Bridgeport’s State Delegation to support Brown in his failed attempt to be the Democratic nominee for D22 State Senate in 2020
    #3 being a complete pawn for Ganim/Testa.

    Brown learned the hard way in 2020 that the endorsement of the BDTC means shit in the primary when Senator Moore wiped his backside. There are plenty who will work for Hennesey to keep Brown out of Hartford. Why would anyone in their right mind want to give up the seniority of the longest serving member of the Bridgeport delegation and all that comes with it, for a freshman with no juice?

  2. Lennie, a suggestion for OIB? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Assuming that is accurate I could write one or several thousand words to outline, describe, and inform readers of what a :gerrymander’ means. But I cannot draw a picture of what the specific terms of the redistricting means in this case. Do you know someone with a pencil who can show the former district shape with location of Hennessy and Brown residences, and the new District lines? The before and after would firmly establish the power of folks behind the scenes with intentions not public at the time, to create an opportunity to carry on their power, or attempt to, anyway.
    Now if I had political district maps…….and a pencil…… time will tell.

    1. JML, if you go to this site
      and blow up the 127th map, there’s a carve out that runs between Park Ave and Brooklawn Avenue along the Fairfield border, including a hatchet-looking configuration running west of Madison Avenue along Capitol to Brooklawn, plus a sliver of Laurel Avenue, between Cleveland and Brooklawn. That’s essentially the new carve out. Included in the new district, in addition to Brown’s home on Capitol, is Bick Terrace, the street of former City Council President Lisa Parziale who is not exactly buds with Brown, adding a little subplot to the machinations.

      New district maps

  3. As for Marcus Brown he’s a lapdog for Mario Testa and Joe Ganim, his last move was to challenge State Senator Marilyn Moore, now he’s at it again. Mario and Joe now have two black men Marcus Brown and Rev. Herron Gaston who will do their dirty work.


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