It’s Official: Gen Now Votes Backing Gomes For Mayor

Gemeem Davis, Callie Heilmann at recent house event in Black Rock with John Gomes, right.

Leaders of the political action group Bridgeport Generation Now Votes are all in for Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes that at the very least can provide financial firepower for a campaign needing money as the January 23 primary redo against Mayor John Ganim closes in.

This is more about their disdain for Ganim than love for Gomes who they claim is not perfect but a choice to embrace their “year of change.”

Gen Now Votes leaders Gemeem Davis and Callie Heilmann have both attended Gomes events in the past week as well as blasting out their support for him on social media pages.

They were enthusiastic supporters of State Senator Marilyn Moore who came up signature short to qualify for last September’s primary ballot. Moore, herself, has not endorsed Gomes or Ganim and it looks like she will stay out of it. It seemed like former Finch administration official Lamond Daniels was a natural back up choice for them to embrace but that did not materialize.

Davis and Heilmann largely took a back seat in the general election working on behalf of other municipal candidates they endorsed. But in recent weeks Gomes has worked their support pretty good while also providing entreaties to Moore who hasn’t budged.

Callie Heilmann and her husband Niels who serves as treasurer of the organization, both made $250 donations to Gomes campaign treasury last month. They had poised more than $200,000 for Moore’s primary campaign that did not materialize.

By state law Gen Now Votes cannot coordinate expenditures with the Gomes campaign. That means they cannot strategize where and how to execute expenditures either for Gomes or against Ganim. They can, however, make unlimited independent expenditures on just about anything they want: mail, media, digital, social platforms, phone banking, canvassers, texts messages, robo calls – all the mechanics that drive turnout.

Gomes has also benefited from from independent expenditures from two other PACS.

So while this commitment is late with less than two weeks to January 23 there’s still time for Gen Now Votes to influence the outcome and weigh in once again if there’s another general election.






  1. In my opinion Bill Finch had the poorest judgement of any mayor that Bridgeporters had ever elected. Yet even Bill Finch had the good sense to get rid of John Gomes. Heaven help the city if Gomes and Gen Now ever gain control of city hall. The bright spot is Bridgeport voters are smart enough not to let that happen.

    1. Joe,
      Why do you attribute “smart enough” to Bridgeport voters? When nearly 60,000 citizens are eligible and registered to vote but bypass the ballot last November is that a sign of rational decision making? These folks have a voice. They have intelligence which may have been insulted for decades by DTC provided candidates and likely are frustrated and confounded by the “anti-rules” behavior of certain political activists and their likely sponsors. Isn’t that a moment to come out in force in the January Primary, in the February Mayoral election and in the March Democratic Town Committee election for nine spots in each district to nominate and endorse future candidates? Time will tell.

      1. In short, JML believes people who don’t vote are not smart.
        Why is Maria Pereira telling people not to vote?
        Maria Pereira votes but, she is so stupid she doesn’t know that asking people/telling people not to vote is a violation of Connecticut law.

        1. Joel,
          There are other potential reasons that explain, partially, why eligible and registered citizens do not cast a vote, reasons that are sufficient to them. Speaking of reasons that support behavior or action,\/inaction, what do you call folks who do not limit the number of useful digits available to them? Smart/ not smart?
          Frustrated, bored, confused, sick and tired they may be but all of us need to support the rights that we have as citizens, or we rick losing them and not being aware of the loss, don’t we? Time will tell.

    2. Perhaps your opinion is correct and a need for Heavenly intervention. Though Port voters don’t vote, JML has been questioning their faith in democracy for quite a while on OIB.

      This photo-op was inevitable for Gen Now. Gomes is the only person running against G2, in the election, considering their relentless assault on G2 since “Big Daddy’s Money” Gen Now, inception. So much for those charades of “nonpartisanship”

      Port politics is an inside game, especially in a primary. The AB game has been a major factor in Port’s election outcomes, for quite a while. 20, 000 shades of the ballot, Gen Now, with their race-baiting politics knows that.

      But to do Wanda, a co-conspirator, like that for a second bite of the apple/new primary. Show they don’t give to shits about the Port, its residents, and the tax base. Perhaps even Gomes. If they fail in the new primary, considering they throw Moore under the bus for a Gomes run what are the chances of another photo op of them and Gomes to run again?

      Perhaps, they thought Gomes was a more logical choice over Moore with Trump out of office, and a 20-year-old photo of Trump and G2 wasn’t enough. However, it ain’t stopping them from trying to sell that race-bating vote. Ironic

      How logical is it going to be to choose Gomes over Chris, who is going to run in the next election cycle, regardless? Unless? Place your bet people.

      I say ironic because their race-baiting game is still in full swing with that 20-year-old picture of G2 and Trump when a casino was the talk of the town. Big Daddy’s Money, Gen Now, tossed Black Moore overboard to collude with Gomes, leaving Black Daniels adrift.

      In My Opinion, They want it to go back to the Ricci/Mario days of “management” with their hands on the budget/side wagers. I don’t think any of them have any interest in the Port becoming an entertainment destination. Vision, with success comes political power, particularly in Hartford,

      Gen Now showed that they are not part of Port’s success with their racist letter about the Sound on Sound lineup. Perhaps even why Lamont is shy to show help/support the MLS.

      How’s this for shits and giggles or a morning chuckle/conspiracy, people? Not only did 20000 Shades of Ballots, conspire to collude in corruption to rig Port’s election. They shoot a video of their conspiracy, corruption, and the crime scene. When their conspired corrupted AB efforts failed. They gave up Wanda, for a second bite of the apple and released the tape of their co-conspirator committing their crime. On the charades, Wanda had G2’s back. IMO

      Jesus Port Politics/Disdain for G2.? Though, there might be more to the story, but what do I know, I’m just a nobody like Kelvin. Kelvin If this doesn’t materialize for your bet, Pivot to Chris, 🙂

      Place your bet, pick your house people/voters in this no-holds-barred corrupt new primary election.

      Kelvin, perhaps even jump ship for Chris if it does. Unless you have more faith in a Gomes election over Chris.

      “Try” to play nice people Bam I am out of here.

      I am departing with the prophet.

  2. John my comment was directed at those who vote. It is those who vote that are responsible for the outcome. Was my comment that difficult for you to figure out,or do you just have an uncontrollable need to tell people how to do things? With the brilliance that you possess why don’t you run for office so all of Bridgeport can see how things should be done. Oh I forgot you did run for office. How did that work out?

    1. I got your back on this one John not the way Port politics does it though. 🙂

      Joe, it was seemingly confusing, considering registered votes are voters, if they don’t come out to vote how smart they are, can be questioned. 🙂

      Also, Port’s AB games have been responsible for the outcome of Port’s election, particularly this one. BAM 🙂

      PS. Port politics is not ready for an Honest, Open, Transparent, and Accountable elected office such as John’s, 🙃

      The prophet/stadium. I am out of here Think about it.

    2. Joe,
      Perhaps you intended to direct your comment only to the limited votership (less than 20% who voted previously when provided an opportunity to decide the Ganim2/Gomes question) but you did not say that, did you? Have you eliminated such large numbers of eligible voters from consideration as actors with voices that need to be heard?

      As you observe my “brilliance” and “uncontrollable need to tell people how to do things” in your words, not mine, do you not believe in your mind, heart, and bones that all who have taken the actions to be eligible and register are responsible for our representations on the DTC, in the City Council and in other governance places? When you receive a card requesting you to serve JURY DUTY, do you show up or ignore this citizenship responsibility? How about receiving a draft notice historically? Respond, find a way of serving to satisfy the call and your context, go to Canada, or find friendly medical advice?

      So we learn from you that only “those who vote are responsible for the outcome”. WRONG, actually because the eligible majority may be voting DON’T CARE but we do not know that for sure. Do those folks need a narrative that holds them equally responsible for whatever “confusing mess” or outcome in which we find ourselves? I think folks may require different messages than from the status quo maintainers, that challenge them to do what is right in their eyes as they reflect on the status quo. Evidence of the effect of a challenging message might be an increase of DTC members voting in the January primary, the February election, and returning to vote in the March primary.

      Thank you for recalling my run for a City Council seat ten years ago. At the time Tyisha Toms and I joined a ticket that challenged the DTC endorsement and recorded 46% of the primary vote in our neighborhood. Neither of the folks who earned the endorsement has continued in public service it seems. And in the general election that year, for some reason that I do not understand, Republican Council Rep Rick Torres name was on the Council ballot and also listed as running for Mayor. He absorbed many independent voices from the District with votes for him for Council. Tyisha went on to continue her practice of law, serving Bridgeport for six years and then Norwalk for two years before returning to an invite from Ganim2 to head the City Attorney office in early February, 2024. And that is a great result for her and the City isn’t it? And I provide commentary at Public Speaking sessions and essays at other times on subjects of governance in the City. Are you diminishing what worked out from our running for Council and losing? We worked for the common good in our run and not for acheiving personsl goals as often appears to occur. Are you surprised that I answer your final question in this way? Is it out of character with what you think you know about me? Time will tell.

      1. To be fair,I got you back Joe L.

        NO! I didn’t eliminate 80% of eligible/registered voters. They eliminated themselves.
        I am disappointed that your “brilliance” wasn’t able to be perceived it without me having to tell you. BAM 🙂

        As for citizenship responsibility for jury duty? There are civil penalties for not showing up. But I do postpone it as long as I can If can find a way to doge outright based on my medical condition.

        Though the State is looking at ways to capitalize on such a “confusing mess’”

        You can always run again. Perhaps the 80% eligible majority of voters DO CARE but are waiting for a candidate who also does and would give up.

        1. P.S John

          I have learned much, in many ways in Port’s best ESL class. With regards to Port’s political game, it is a rigged inside game in which the votes participate, if they wish.

          You can perhaps say the same thing throughout the state, considering Lamont’s tenure and how that mess unfolded. Dan, having to drop out, couldn’t, run again because it was a sure loss for the D’s, opening the door for Ned run. Bob, AKA Walter, who was the worse R’ in the Republican field, beats out the top Republican, Mark, who ends up giving up his mayorship to work in Lamont’s administration as a tax commissioner. So Ned can best Walter again. SMH

          What say you Paramount, 20000 shades of ballots, If the Port election is rigged? Did you as your candidate why he joined the G2 team in 2015 help him get elected and stayed in his administration until he decided to run for mayor himself?

          More importantly, Teste the Movement, do you even give a shit?

        2. Voting, serving on peer juries, paying necessary, fair, and equitable taxes, performing military duties, responding to subpoenas, cleaning snow fall from your sidewalks in a timely manner, etc. are tied to citizen rights and the other side of that coin are citizen responsibilities.
          The fact that many rights when not observed in the US have consequences but failur to register or failure to vote, thus providing current information to fellow members of a community how you see potential leaders or potential efforts and actions at a given moment. That is valuable community input. A 20% response provides no such level of information or mandate. Should we have consequences? Time will tell.

  3. John, I am not surprised by your response, it is consistent with your style.
    Your comparison of exercising ones right to vote and one’s obligation to comply with a draft notice or a notice of jury duty is absurd.
    Many in Bridgeport registered to vote but at times choose not to. Maybe they want to exercise that right when there is a candidate that they believe in, not an option of the lesser of what they consider to be poor choices.
    You blame the DTC for not having quality candidates that entice people to come out and vote. Here is a news flash, the competition such as yourself is unable to produce a candidate that brings voters out in full force. When you ran for office you were unable to entice enough voters to come out and achieve a victory. The DTC did. Are you just another example of a poor choice?
    So analyze, criticize, write comments with ridiculous comparisons, but keep this in mind, the majority of voters found the DTC choices more desirable than they found you.
    I would like to suggest that you pull you head out of your ass and take a bite of reality, and may I further suggest that the void that you find by the removal of your head be filled with your red boots. I have nothing more to say. I will not respond, but I am certain that I will find your comments at the very least entertaining.

  4. I’m heading to my fallout shelter on 1/22/24 because critical (political) mass will be attained when Gen Now + the Gomes (core) Campaign are accelerated into each other in the field on 1/23/24. The resulting explosion-implosion will likely result in “political winter” in Bridgeport lasting for at least a generation… It’s frightening to even consider the political mutations that might result — such as a giant, monocle-wearing cyclops serving as the new chair of the Bridgeport DTC… Truly frightening(!)…


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