Insurgent Dishon Francis Challenges GOP Establishment

From Republican mayoral candidate Dishon Francis:

Dishon J. Francis, a Republican candidate running for the Office of Mayor in the city of Bridgeport, has released a statement regarding qualifying for the Republican mayoral primary.

“On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, my campaign submitted over 400 signatures to the Republican Registrar of Voters, double the amount needed to qualify for ballot access. Despite a two-day delay in receiving an accurate petition form; my name was “accidentally” misspelled by the Registrar on the first petition form, we were able to exceed the signature threshold by a comfortable margin. I am pleased to report that we will be on the ballot in the September 10, 2019 Primary. I would like to thank my campaign volunteers and other petitioning candidates for their help in reaching our goal.

“The only way we can bring real change to the City of Bridgeport is to challenge the status quo. Choice is an essential element in the political process. On September 10th, Republicans will have multiple options on the ballot.”

Francis concluded, “I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the hundreds of Bridgeport Republicans who opened their doors and were willing to hear our message and signed our petition forms. I extend this thank you to not only those who signed my petition but to all Republican candidates vying for ballot access in the September 10th Primary. Without you, we would be “watching from the sidelines.” We are grateful you were willing to give us a chance. Thank you.”



      1. Derek, unlikely that it was another livery company. I’ve never see such practice in livery business in CT. Much more likely a political action similar to others in Bridgeport; (1) tire slashing of the late City Council Candidate Danny Martinez on Election Day in 2007, (2) bricks through windows and liberal spray painting of my Lincoln just after incisive public comments about the CRRA in 2014, (3) the 2015 torching of then Republican Candidate for Mayor Rick Torres’ campaign bus while parked in a fenced in lot in Stratford !

    1. Frank, on Monday I presented a letter to Police Chief AJ Perez with information which could assist in resolving that. Haven’t yet received a response!


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