In This Corner … Don’t Mess With Bill!

Finch pointing
Hey, leave that guy alone!

Bill Finch

Tale Of The Tape

Age     55
Height  6'2"
Weight  180#
Reach   Democratic primary voters
Chest   Sunken
Bicep   Needs Spinach
Neck    Long
Thigh   Twiggy
Record  5-0 since 2000 (State Senate and mayor)

On Thursday, the mayor and his son Pete, 28, witnessed a man clobbering another downtown. They charged to his assistance. The man doing the pounding took off. Pete Finch explains:

“I felt bad for the guy getting beat up. He was getting punched and kicked and blood was coming out of his head. I’m glad the perp didn’t have a gun because my dad pulled up on the corner as if he was in an actual police car–minus the gun and badge. It was really cool how many of the citizens came together to help the victim, while some other citizens rode their bike and ran after the perp.

I was impressed the police got him as quickly and efficiently as they did. Having experienced something they experience all the time, I have more respect and admiration for police than I did before. Even though they are prepared and armed, if the guy had a gun yesterday, the story would’ve been different. Police help the community dealing with dangerous people and situations like this all the time and it’s serious stuff.”

Connecticut Post story here.

There are times Bill’s not afraid to mix it up, and on a few occasions caused me much trepidation like in 2000. Bill was a candidate for State Senate. I was his campaign manager. Sitting in campaign headquarters on Madison Avenue I watched as Bill drove his rag top into the parking lot. Horns sounded, followed by prehistoric noises. The future Sonya Finch (the campaign fundraiser a few years before she and Bill married) also took notice from the back entrance of the headquarters. “Lennie,” she said, “you better get over here.”

I poked my head out the door. There was Bill nose-to-nose in the parking lot with a young guy who was monstrous in size. Except it really wasn’t nose to nose. Bill’s about 6’2 and slight. This guy was about 6’6″ and built like a vault door. They were jabbering back and forth. Fingers in faces. Bill didn’t back down. Sonya and I are yelling, “Bill, c’mon, cool it.” Jesus, Bill, then a member of the City Council, was on the verge of being elected to the State Senate. I didn’t want the campaign to end like this.

“Hey kid, don’t pay attention to that silver-haired guy. He doesn’t know what he’s saying!”

After a while the guy was so bewildered at the sight of a guy twice his age yelling at him that he backed off. Sonya and I tried explaining to Bill that discretion is the better part of valor.

“Bill, what’s wrong with you?”

“He cut me off!”

“Good grief, he could have cut your head off with one punch.”

“What’s that got to do with it!”

The world, according to Bill.



    1. Hero–Mariah Carey (1993)

      There’s a hero
      If you look inside your heart
      You don’t have to be afraid
      Of what you are
      There’s an answer
      If you reach into your soul
      And the sorrow that you know
      Will melt away

      And then a hero comes along
      With the strength to carry on
      And you cast your fears aside
      And you know you can survive
      So when you feel like hope is gone
      Look inside you and be strong
      And you’ll finally see the truth
      That a hero lies in you

      It’s a long road
      When you face the world alone
      No one reaches out a hand
      For you to hold
      You can find love
      If you search within yourself
      And the emptiness you felt
      Will disappear

      And then a hero comes along
      With the strength to carry on
      And you cast your fears aside
      And you know you can survive
      So when you feel like hope is gone
      Look inside you and be strong
      And you’ll finally see the truth
      That a hero lies in you

      Lord knows
      Dreams are hard to follow
      But don’t let anyone
      Tear them away
      Hold on
      There will be tomorrow
      In time
      You’ll find the way

      INCH By INCH The City goes Willy

  1. In the words of Pete Finch, “I have more respect and admiration for police than I did before.” Pete has seen fights and blood before so his comment at this moment in his Dad’s life could be prophetic.

    Bill, listen to your son and your actuary, Fund Pension Plan A to long-term sufficiency. You owe it to the Public Safety employees who are in Plan A. They are a lot closer to your “silver-haired” description than to that of your son and the arriving cops. The public-safety retirees have “been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.” Give them and their widows peace of mind about pension funding. OK?

    1. And … let’s cut the police, fire and safety budgets and let the lowlifes roam free!!!
      Didn’t Bill and his son get arrested upstate for a bar brawl? I guess he’s used to the lack of police presence.

      1. Somebody help me with this one. How many cops are working per shift? How many are doing secretarial work that could be done by using non-police employees? We trained them as security professionals, not as typists and file clerks.

  2. Finch said, “Any objective person would look at this and think it’s the best for the pensioners and taxpayers. ‘You can’t build Rome in a day’ is the point.”
    But you can and have fiddled for 3-1/2 years while Bridgeport, like Rome, has burned with your budget gimmicks.

  3. This is just another example proving this jerk isn’t smart enough choosing his battles. Bravado will kill Bill. Finch’s arrogance is crippling this city and my grandchildren will be paying for his mismanagement. The saddest part of all of this is we have 2 or 3 qualified candidates who could replace this dolt. They will divide the opposition and Kaiser Bill will win this election. Our only hope for survival is having MJF & Gomes putting aside their own personal agendas & combining forces prior to the primary. It is delusional to think either candidate will defeat Finch. A horse race will go to the incumbent. We will be left with no other choice but a Republican alternative. I hope everyone understands this dangerous scenario.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. Divide and conquer is a military method that most often is successful.
      Be careful, however, you might get John Stafstrom or one of his minions to replace Mario and then you’ll have 2006 all over again (i.e. no substantial commercial or industrial development, only … what’s in it for me).

      1. CCH69,
        Glad you are having fun. I guess my lesson on the Pension Plan A was a bit too difficult for you to understand, so now you are alleging a trap? What a creative response! The only thing is when the authorities show up, you need to tell a credible story to be believed. Do you understand that? We are all waiting for your story about the trap.

        If you fail to put up in this instance, I suggest the only trap in evidence are the inaccurate or spacey comments emitted from your mouth on OIB.

        Perhaps the sugar in your cupcake recipe gives you highs and lows so it is easier to babble without facts? I am not the first or only person observing your comments over the past three weeks to see you as a NOBODY BUT FINCH FOR MAYOR poster. But you won’t say that, will you? Why not? Many of us would love to talk with Bill or one of his mouthpieces to get some answers on many of the questions that come up here. Got anything substantial to say now? About Pension A, Pensions B, retiree healthcare, “internal service funds,” etc.? We’re waiting …

    2. Antitesto // Jun 4, 2011 at 9:34 am
      To your posting

      You do a serious disservice to the “agenda” that led to the decision to totally restructure personal and professional life in order … on a very high risk level … to end the damage to the entire City of Bridgeport’s current and future status, by ending the tenure of those charged to serve and protect this City.
      If you don’t think a fair and righteous anger with the actions of the current Administration propelled some of the decision making by all four known challengers at this point, let me tell you it has. But to try to frame this as a personal agenda is patently unfair. We can see each day the issue development by the challengers, who are able to spotlight the hypocrisy and lies of the Administration.
      Why is this refreshing breath of political air for Bridgeport making you so negative?
      We’re not talking impossibility here …
      You know Bridgeport voters haven’t heard an honest message in a decade, and other challengers to Finch are delivering that message … Why is that a “personal” agenda?

  4. Finch would’ve handled it differently if he were face to face with the thug in question, I’ll bet. Wouldn’t want to lose any of those precious porcelain dental caps …


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