In Fundraising Push, Ganim Hauls $500K For Governor

His fundraising ability was underestimated during his 2015 mayoral comeback. His fundraising prowess has been once again questioned as he now runs for governor. But Mayor Joe Ganim reports that he has raised roughly $525,000 so far in his gubernatorial bid, an average of roughly $100,000 a month since his formal entry into the race. From whom he has raised it and where the campaign expenditures are being invested won’t be known until the campaign finance report is filed with the state elections office next week. The raw numbers show, however, when it comes to fundraising Ganim is a viable candidate.

If Ganim keeps up this fundraising pace he’ll have sufficient funds to compete with Democratic candidates who qualify for public financing for a presumed August primary for governor. Ganim, as a result of his public corruption conviction in 2003, cannot participate in Connecticut’s voluntary Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Gubernatorial candidates who meet the fundraising threshold will receive roughly $1.2 million in taxpayer dough for the primary.

Not all Democratic candidates in the primary will participate in the public financing arena. Wealthy Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont is self-funding his race.

Combined with funds raised in an exploratory committee, Ganim reports his campaign has raised about $525,000 with $333,000 campaign cash on hand. That means Ganim will show up at next month’s party convention for governor with likely more than $600,000 raised. The amount could make him more viable with delegates who will decide his ballot fortune. Ganim needs 15 percent delegate support to qualify for the primary ballot. If that fails, he plans to wage a petition drive that requires thousands of certified signatures.

Public financing candidates enjoy the advantage to campaign full time once they receive the public grant. Ganim must continue to raise funds as he campaigns around the state. Ganim can raise up to $3,500 per individual. If Ganim shatters the odds to become the Democratic standard bearer in November, he must continue to raise money while the Republican receives a public grant of roughly $6 million.

“Our fundraising has clearly surpassed expectations and shows the strong support our campaign is generating from Democrats who want a candidate who will build a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone–not just the few,” says Ganim in a prepared statement. “That begins by making our cities once again engines of economic growth. We are not going to tax or cut our way out of the state’s fiscal mess. To rebuild our state’s finances, we need to grow our economy and create good-paying jobs for everyone who wants to work. The people of Bridgeport have honored me by giving me a second chance–but too many Connecticut residents don’t even get a first chance to succeed. My campaign is about fighting for them, for those who feel their voices are not heard, and all who feel society have left them behind. My campaign is about reaching out to every neighborhood and town to build a better Connecticut that works for everyone.”



  1. Lots of cash offered by those who are looking for genuine good governance that might contribute to a “better Connecticut that works for everyone” as Ganim’s flacks pose it? Unlikely. There are 169 towns and cities in Connecticut and Joe has been to 200 of them or so he claimed last night.
    Folks, let’s review the details of revenues, expenditures and fiscal decisions of Ganim2’s term and see what CT can expect. What board, commission or person decided that Joe Ganim deserved a bridge to his former years served for the purpose of benefit-bridging? Where does that work for everyone? Was the quick passage of 2018 Bond Re-Funding a positive for the City or more kicking debt repayments down the road, at greater interest, at additional expense and with the sole goal of decreasing some obligation for repayments in 2018-19 in the operating budget? Any thoughts on this one? Let’s see the paperwork from the bond counsel. Time will tell.

    1. @JML
      Ganim may claim to have been fundraising in all the Connecticut towns, BUT he hasn’t spoken before all the DTCs.
      Virutally every candidate and exploratory candidate for statewide Democrat nomination has spoken to the Trumbull DTC. So many tried to appear before our meeting to elect delegates that we were forced to impose time limits on speeches/Q&A with an appointed timekeeper.
      Ganim waited until the day of our March meeting to request to speak to us, but we were fully booked.
      Our delegates have been chosen and the list submitted to the State Party. I assume Ganim will start calling us delegates as all the other candidates are doing.
      As a Bridgeport taxpaying family, it will take a lot of explaining why I should think Ganim could manage the state and turn the economy around.

  2. *** Theres alot of other canidates in this race which appeal much more to voters than Ganim does in lower fairfield county. When the election starts to get down to the wire of who are the top canidates, the mud will start to fly about Ganims past troubles, etc.. There have been many other past canidates with lots of money to spend that came up short in the goveneors election. This race will prove to be rather interesting with Trump’s past connection to CT. ***

    1. Ganim ain’t running to win, according to a loudmouthed city employee. He’s running for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport. I can see that. He may have enough delegates by the convention to acquire a few IOUs.

  3. *** Today, OIB should have something in its blog subject about the killing of MLK, 50yrs. ago in Mempis,TN. A day I remember very well since I was in the eight grade in Elias Howe School, getting ready to enter High School in the fall. The sorrow, fear, anger and feeling’s of what happens now in America was on everyones mine, young & old. JFK, MLK, other civil rights crusaders black & white that were killed in the south along with the T.V scenes of riots in Chicago, Wash. D.C, etc; the Vietnam War & protests, crime and civil un-rest. Lots happening in America at that time besize just the peace & love movement, sex, drugs & rock & roll! *** April 4,1968.***

  4. Many of the donations came from individuals that feel sorry for Joe that he went to prison for being a crook. Oh his poor family, sob-sob. Poor Joe, he had to eat mofungo made from instant ramen soups and a bag of potato chips. The horror. Poor Joe, couldn’t get reinstated to the bar because he didn’t want to admit to perjury, oh boo hoo hoo. Money will make it all better…


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