Honey, Have You Talked To Your Sister? Plus: Shays On Bailout And Himes Too

Just four and a half months until Yankee pitchers and catchers report to spring training. If you’re a Mets fan are you done puking up another choke season? Someone pass the bucket.

My World Series is now the November election. And, of course, rooting for any team to beat the Red Sox in the playoffs.

A guy like me has nothing better to do than talk to Bridgeport police officers. A mayor axing cops is worse than a parade of drug dealers sticking up their middle fingers past police headquarters.

In a twisted way, this national financial meltdown makes it easier for Mayor Bill Finch to execute ostracized decisions. We’re all in this mess together. What’s a mayor to do? If things don’t get better, if that moolah budgeted for developments such as Steelpointe doesn’t materialize, more city layoffs may be coming.

Does Chris Dodd, that big-shot Senate banking chief whose political campaigns have been greased by the greedy bastards that helped cause this mess, give a shit about the state’s largest city? Chris, can you throw in a few extra bucks for Bridgeport?

Thursday’s vice presidential debate should be a hoot. That’s the day the McCain campaign takes the ankle bracelet off the Snow Queen. Let’s see now, Sarah’s against stem cell research. Mac’s for it. She’s for drilling. He’s against it. Mac says don’t talk about taking out enemy interlopers in Pakistan. Sarah says, what, me worry? Bomb the place! And while we’re at it, let’s demonize Putin for daring to travel into Alaska’s air space.

I wonder if an Iditarod team will mush Sarah back to Alaska when the debate’s over.

Maybe the Dems should keep an extra dog sled for Joe Biden in case he unloads another out-dated beauty.

“Teddy Roosevelt didn’t need reminding about corporate greed. He’d have flown the first jet to DC to lampoon the bastards.”

The Thursday debate is actually an important one for McCain. The polls are slipping away. How the Ice Lady performs directly impacts McCain’s judgment. Whatever initial spark Palin provided has flared out. When you take a risk and choose a national novelty like Palin the last thing you want to do is stop being risky. Makes you look like you’re regretting the decision. That’s the danger of American politics. We fall in love so easily: like that juniper-aided, one-night stand with the hot babe. It’s all heart-pumping passion. And then you wake up the next morning to realize it’s your sister-in-law. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

News release from Congressman Christopher Shays

Shays Statement on H.R. 3997, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4), a senior member of the Financial Services Committee, spoke in favor of passage and voted for H.R. 3997, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, when it failed to pass the House by a vote of 205 to 228.

Shays proposed an amendment to this legislation which would have increased the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insurance to $300,000, but unfortunately no amendments were allowed to be offered by the rule reported out of Committee this morning.

The following is Shays’ statement:

“Most of my constituents consider this a bail out. Some of them, in fact, are willing to walk bread lines in order to see wealthy Wall Street tycoons pay for their greed. The fact is, that would be irresponsible.

“While this is not 1929 all over again, it could be if we step aside and let the wonders of the market work its will in this environment. We can’t let the foolishness and greed on Wall Street bring down Main Street; at least I don’t intend to.

“We are witnessing the economy come to a grinding halt. Money is simply not being lent to individuals who need it. For businesses, this has meant an inability to borrow, to expand, invest in new equipment, stock shelves or even meet short-term cash needs, such as payroll. For individuals, it has threatened the assets of everyone who has an IRA or 401(k), college savings, pension plan or owns a home.

“It has been difficult for me to hear so many members act like they were not responsible for this credit crisis when they had the opportunity to advocate reform, or at least support it, but chose not to.

“We will have plenty of time to determine what went wrong and what individuals and institutions are responsible, but this is not the day or time to focus on who is at fault and what systemic changes need to be made.

“I recognize today’s liquidity injection is a short-term solution to a long-term systemic problem. Those of us who return, and I make no assumption about my own election, have our work cut out for us in the next Congress.

“I will vote for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and thank my colleagues in both chambers, and on both sides of the aisle, for their bipartisan efforts to avert a more serious economic crisis.

“I believe the negotiators have worked in good faith, but we all have lingering questions.

“My own continue to be whether $700 billion is actually enough; why we are not increasing the FDIC deposit insurance above $100,000 so depositors don’t withdraw their funds; and why we are not addressing directly the capital markets problem like we did in the early 1980’s.

“I believe this legislation will address in the short-term the liquidity problem.

“And in the end, I believe tax payers, at a minimum, will be held harmless or even see a positive return on this expenditure.

“If this bill passes and it puts liquidity in the market like we hope, we should be given the time we need to make some long-term changes.

“I urge my colleagues to carefully weight the effects of action or inaction and allow this solution not only to pass, but to work.”

News Release from Jim Himes


BRIDGEPORT, CT – Today, as Congress failed to approve a necessary bailout package for Wall Street and the markets plunged, Chris Shays turned to partisan politics. Once it was clear that the bill would not be approved, Shays cast blame on the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Shays’ precise words were, “Nancy blew it.” The bill, which was submitted to the Congress by President Bush, was supported by 140 Democrats and only 65 Republicans. The Himes campaign issued the following statement:

“It is disappointing that Chris Shays would choose this moment for partisan games,” said Jim Himes, Democratic Candidate for Congress. “Our economy is in peril and now is not the time for partisan blame casting. Our representatives need to set partisanship aside, find a solution that works for Wall Street and American families, and keep our economy afloat.”



  1. I believe that everyone should refer back to yesterday’s comment which I include below, to wit:

    “bptblogger // Sep 28, 2008 at 11:02 pm
    Why is no one showing the video of Shays doing his job? www .youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs. You’d think his campaign would have picked up on this.”

    If you had gone to that video, Chris Shays’ news release above would make a lot of sense. The blame for Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac’s meltdown may be laid right in the laps of the House Democrats who refused to entertain regulation of these two quasi-governmental agencies/businesses. It was the black caucus who refused regulation because without regulation home ownership was insured to minorities who did not have a down payment, qualifying them for a sub-prime loan.

    Whereas I can appreciate their position because they were simply representing the interests of their respective constituencies, it was unfortunate because it has in great part brought down the banking industry and our economy.

  2. Lennie you are starting to sound like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from cnbc. Do they sponsor this blog? All of this BS you put out about Palin is just that BS. Have you sent an e-mail to Biden telling him that FDR was not the president when the market crashed and could you also tell him there was no TV in 1929 and this from a guy with 30 years in the senate.
    Let me ask you this now that we are going to spend $750 Billion how are we going to pay for Obama’s BS promises that will cost close to $880 Billion? Do you think that will all come from taxing the rich? I don’t think so. We have a 35% tax rate on businesses and he will increase that tax. Do you think anyone will lose their job when he increases the tax on businesses? This new tax will be for large and small busineses. Well?

  3. Wondering, I agree about Biden. He’s a knucklehead too! But the polls are trending to Barack for a very good reason. This is not to say that McCain cannot win. It’s to say he’s lost his way. And the Snow Queen ain’t the answer.

  4. Can someone tell me just what exactly are “the fundamentals” of our economy? If it’s American productivity, ingenuity, perserverance and determination to win, then Shays and McCain are right, and btw, Obama walked into that line during the debate.

    And if I hear the term “fundamental” one more time from either candidate, especially after that joke of a debate, I think I’ll puke!

    BTW, Con, I agree with you re sub-primes but it wasn’t just the black caucus, it was a few white liberals like Dodd and Barney Boy, too.

  5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sequel 2008.

    Can anyone tell me why Chris Shays does not have a John McCain lawn sign on his property?

    Anyone? Anyone??

    Listen all sides of the aisle are guilty for this mess. How can you have fundamentals when you allow people to purchase a home without the income to support the payment? How can you allow thrift institutions and hedge funds to be leveraged out in their positions with a 32-1 ratio?

    Maybe we should have the mob run our economy. Talk about strong fundamentals.

    I’m old enough to remember in order to qualifty for a mortgage you needed a 20-25% downpayment for a 30 yr. fixed mortgage or at the least a MGIC mortgage and a underwriting factor of 28% of your monthly income to be used for your mortgage payment.

  6. I have taken my naked shorts and derivatives and bought a major position in the mattress company

    I have lost my shorts and longs today. However, I have taken a major position in Sleepy’s mattress company. They are coming out with a new wallet-style mattress strictly held for cash positions.

  7. This is why when you vote, be sure to take your time reading who the candidates are (don’t forget the glasses!), what office they’re running for & if it’s important to you, the party. Don’t be afraid to split your vote if you really feel strong about a particular candidate. After all it’s not the party filling the seat, hopefully it’s the right candidate! Your voting card might read like this, Pres.-McCain, V/P-Biden, Congress-Shays, State Senators-Russo&Johnson, State Reps.-Carusso,Henessey,Ayala,Clemens,Mojica,(GOP)candidate? Or Pres. Obama, V/P piggy with lipstick? You just never know!!!

  8. Things have changed: too big to fail now means TOO BIG TO BAIL.

    Here’s my solution: I’ve decided to JUMP… out the basement window – maybe I’ll stub my toe (shrug).

    …ah, the pursuasive power of cash.

  9. This is really getting disgusting … 700+ drop on the Dow and absolutely ridiculous Democratic leadership as evidenced from the press prior to today’s vote:
    ABC News: White House Has Been Told By Democrats “That There Is No Deal If McCain Doesn’t Go Along.”
    George Stephanopoulos, “McCain; Holds Key To Administration’s Bailout Passage On Capitol Hill,” ABC News, 9/23/08)

    Roll Call: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Told The White House That Senator John McCain Was Crucial To Any Bailout Deal. “Roll Call, 9/24/08)

    • Roll Call: “McCain Holds The Key To … A Bipartisan Vote,
    • Senator Reid Told Secretary Paulson That Senator McCain Was Necessary For Any Agreement … Erin P. Billings and John Stanton, “Reid Seeks McCain Pledge,” Roll Call, 9/24/08)

    Then McCain makes a big deal about coming in and trying to push for the bill. (Obama did not), tries to do just what Dem leadership demanded and then gets hammered:

    The Wall Street Journal: Democrats “Dismissed” McCain’s Return To Washington “As Political Gimmickry” The Wall Street Journal, 9/25/08)

    “In Interviews After The Meeting, Obama Pointed A Finger At His Rival For The Faltering Talks…” (Michael D. Shear and Jonathan Weisman, “Debate Still In Limbo As Democrats Blame McCain For Interrupting Process,” The Washington Post, 9/26/08)

    (Ben Smith, “Reid: McCain Return ‘Would Not Be Helpful,'” The Politico’s “Ben Smith’s Blog,” www .politico.com, 9/24/08)

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Said She Didn’t Want McCain’s Help With The Bailout Bill. (Martin Kady II, “McCain Also Called Pelosi,” The Politico’s “The Crypt” Blog, www .politico.com, 9/24/08)

    Just before what they already know is going to be a close vote (40% of Dem’s vote no) Speaker Pelosi makes a speech essentially telling Bush and Republicans “F U.”

    And the vote fails.

    No major push from Obama and an idiot in Pelosi. If we had leadership like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in 1776, we would still be a colony!

  10. Mojo: You can’t elect a president from one party and a Vice president from another they come as a team. BTW is it necessary to call her piggy with lipstick? You are running for State office – how would you like to be called the fat ass from the south end?
    You want to be elected try showing just a little bit of class.

  11. What the hell is going on??? Did you guys get a magazine today by Shays and it has Obama on the front cover and it says the hopefulness of Obama at the top of it? Wow. Shays won’t fool me like he did in ’06 when I voted for him.

  12. Mr. Shays voted Yes for the bailout. The CT delegation voted 4-1 for bailout. Courtney voted against.

    Breakdown of the votes:

         YEA           NAY
    D)   136            94
    R)    63           129

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree or suffer from “fuzzy math”.

    66% of the Republicans voted against the bill. Are you saying because Pelosi pissed them off that it was okay for them to go into the tank on the vote? I know there was a prize fight at the Arena the other night. Nobody took a dive.

  13. I’m happy we did not bail out the big rich guys from Wall Street because that’s what the Republicans want to do. I want a bailout for Main Street; the regular people who struggle day to day.

  14. You know sum peepal say that our Economy is strawng, y sum say our economia is failing … Pero I say, que le den candela … I good … Vive, llora, que a cada cual le llega su hora … Dat mean, live, cry, that ur time will come …

    So, forget yesterday, live today and hope for tomorrow …

  15. The Republicans were always going to be a harder sell than the Democrats on this. That’s where leadership becomes critical.

    So why would Pelosi throw gas on the fire by blaming everything on Bush and Republicans prior to the vote … that’s moronic.

    Seeing that YouTube video (alternating congressmen fighting for and against stricter regulation of FNMA and FHLMC a couple of years ago) and how Dem leadership handled the debate, I can’t imagine how she could have done worse.

    And yes, I think Republican congressmen should have swallowed their bile and voted for the package.

  16. I am pleasantly surprised that the House Republicans voted down the bailout package. Their collective anger with Dubya ‘n’ Dick was on harsh display, many of ’em issuing statements along the lines of “We’re not going to approve a bill that helps out President Bush’s friends.”

    The economy took a bad hit today, Dow closed 625 points lower. That’s the steepest decline since the ’29 crash. Price of crude oil dropped by about ten bucks per barrel. That could well lead to lower gasoline prices, but what would it matter if no one can afford to buy the stuff? I’ve never seen so many SUVs cluttering up the used car lots in Bridgeport. Hummers? Fugetaboutit–can’t even sell those babies for scrap. May as well drop ’em in the ocean to provide shelter for sea life.

  17. BTW, The arbiter hired by the Black Rock Art Center ruled that the city of Bridgeport has to negotiate with IPA, the “nonprofit” organization that operates the art center, for another thirty days. An extremely reliable source informed me that after that the city will begin eviction proceedings. I’m sure Black Rockin’ and Phil Blagys will be insufferably pleased to learn of this development.

  18. RE number 23 by Grin Reaper: That’s right, both parties are guilty. It is the very American concept of easy credit terms that fucked us all up. No one waits until they can afford to make a big-ticket purchase. I don’t own a television set and still I’m bombarded by adverts on the radio, from automobile dealers like Major World at Long Island City, Queens. The voice on those ads is more obnoxious than the guy that used to voice over those annoying spots for Crazy Eddie. “Bad credit? Don’t sweat it!” is the mantra of salesmen all over this great land of ours.

  19. Bob Keeley will be going back to the real world after November, selling airline tickets at Big Mama’s travel agency. Up On Bridgeport ain’t got no one to vote for.

  20. I’m leaning toward Obama/Biden. Biden is something of a weasel, a plagiarist and so forth, but he’s still a good man to have in the shotgun seat. Obama strikes me as being more middle-of-the-road, like Bill Clinton. Doesn’t seem to be a slave to political ideology. McCain has too many things going against him, not the least of which is his choice for a running mate, the mayor of Meth City, Alaska.

  21. Up On Bridgeport is most likely looking for another meal ticket. All of the half-wit politicians that used to support his worthless, conniving ass are out of office.

  22. To clear up an unfounded rumor that has been circulated by an art center director of Sicilian ancestry who shall remain nameless: I am a supporter of the arts. I am a working musician, after all. I love music (naturally), film, literature, arts, opera and ballet. An arts and cultural center in Black Rock was something that was eagerly anticipated by the residents. When it turned out that the community had been sold a bill of goods by a man whose sole motivation was personal gain, that’s when we stood up and said “Not in my neighborhood, Jack!” We liked the tune, however fleeting it was. The piper we wanted to run out of town on a rail.

  23. I just watched the market bailout bill fail on TV. Nancy Pelosi didn’t help matters, but just because some reps didn’t like her speech, shouldn’t be a good enough reason to stick it to the American people on the whole. This is very scary, I am very worried about my 401k. Bad enough I haven’t been able to put any money into it for a year now, the value went down. What’s the solution? Where is all this going? Any advice from the bloggers who understand all this?

  24. (ahem) The Constitution is clear: In the unlikely event of an electoral college TIE (269-269), The House chooses The President and The Senate chooses the Vice President. Obama would probably be our next President while the VP remains a much less obvious choice because of Lieberman’s status. Conclusion: we could have a President and a VP from different parties. Note: this selection would be made by the new congress not the one currently in session. Take note, Wondering and Mojo.

  25. donj – problem is that all of us are going to feel the hit. The Bush administration totally screwed this country. He’s not feeling any pain from this, he’s a filthy rich fat cat and so are all his oil buddies. It’s us that get hit in the wallet – now worse than ever.

  26. City Kitty
    I agree with you these damn republicans are not for people like us they are for the rich guys. I feel that the turnout in Bridgeport will put Himes over the top if there is a 50k turnout in the city and it looks very likely Himes can win by over 20k easily. Himes should do well in Stamford and Norwalk where he could get a 3k win in each city. Well City Kitty I hope everything goes great for you.

  27. Mojo – you can’t split the President and the VP when you vote, they are together. How could you have a democrat in one position and a republican in the other? That’s ridiculous, everyone knows you can’t do that. And here I thought you knew your political stuff.

  28. Hey Kid!

    That’s a real nice haircut you are sporting these days. Hair on your chinny-chin-chin looks very Van Dyke-like.

    I’ll be voting for, “I’ll get more done in 2 years than he did in 25 years” Auden Grogins. Don’t forget to attend Walk with Harold this weekend at St. Mark’s Lutheran in Black Rock.

    Happy New Year and Good Mazel to all!

  29. donj – thank you. Everything in the city, the state and the federal government is a total disaster. I can’t believe some people still try to say Bush isn’t the guy to blame. That’s just b.s. Joel, I just can’t understnd where you’re coming from; up until a few months ago you were a democrat, but now republicans are just wonderful and blameless in your eyes. I doubt that you are rich like them, so why do you defend them? It’s average people that suffer the most – aren’t you one of us?

  30. I love when the blog is this active. I just came from the East End going door-to-door knocking for Obama and Himes. And I tell you everybody on the East End is voting straight Democrat no ifs ands or buts. It’s called grass-roots campaigning. Vote Obama Vote Himes Vote Musto vote Auden.

  31. Joel Gonzalez,
    I used to respect you and I never bashed you but I have to say you are a total idiot and you are just proof of how dumb Republicans are. Shays and McCain are getting blasted hard on this blog and that’s great because this is Bridgeport; we don’t like Republicans.

  32. City Kitty

    I remember a great bar and restaurant in Portchester named Tumbledown Dicks. They had a beautiful all you could eat buffet. Right next door was a spinoff bar to Tumbeldowns. I think it was named after The Bridgeport Kid. If my memory serves me correctly it was called “Little Dicks”. Their slogan to The Kid was: “Come See Your Name In Lights!”

    Stash your Cash in your mattress and take a hold position. If you had a Murphy Bed it might be called a fold position. Then again if you were sleeping with The Kid it would be a missionary position. What a Mercy Hump that would be!

  33. The latest from Rasmussen:

    Polling this week in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia shows that Barack Obama has gained a net 3 to 5 percentage points in each state compared to the previous Fox News/ Rasmussen Reports poll.

    In Pennsylvania, Obama now leads by eight percentage points, 50% to 42%.

    In Virginia, it’s Obama 50% and McCain 47%.

    The candidates are within a single point of each other in Colorado (Obama 49%, McCain 48%), Florida (Obama 47%, McCain 47%), and Ohio (McCain 48% Obama 47%).

    National polls and other state polling conducted by Rasmussen Reports indicate that Obama gained ground before last Friday night’s debate, probably as a result of the economic turmoil that has dominated the news. Since the debate, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows little change in the national numbers.

    Regardless of the timing and the cause, however, the overriding trend from the past week is a shift in the battleground states that favors Obama.

    A number of other themes emerge from the data that are worth noting:

    · In all states, Obama gained ground among unaffiliated voters. While the sample sizes in each state are small and the shifts often modest, the consistency of the result is worth noting.

  34. Warren – I never heard of those places, but it was still a funny posting. Alleycat – good for you, and Obama gets stronger every day, not just here. Joel, I do pay attention, and I notice you didn’t answer my question about why you are such a big republican promoter.

  35. donj on 56:

    Go to www .theobamafile.com

    If after reading the facts about the real Barack Hussein Obama you continue to campaign for him and still vote for him, you are the real idiot.
    Not only would you be an idiot, you would be a terrorist supporter, a conman or conboy in your case and a bullshitter at best. Y’all NObamamaniacs are mad at me for compiling all the facts I can find about NObama and posting them here. I’d bet none of y’all NObamamaniacs have mentioned Tony Rezko to any of the people y’all supposedly have talked to. You are selling a dream to the ignorant and in doing so you create idiots like yourself. I want people to be informed when it comes to voting for the Presidency of the United States of America.
    Pay attention to the Chicago Sun Times (www .suntimes.com) because your boy Obama may be heading to the Big House, not the White House.

  36. I’ve been told that City Councilman Carlos Silva (D), 136th district is hospitalized. My deepest get-well wishes to Carlos Silva and a Speedy Gonzalez recovery.

  37. Rudy Giuliani is speaking at Sacred Heart on Wednesday evening. I think I will bring him a little salt and pepper as he is going to eat his words about Obama being a “Community Organizer”.

    I can’t wait for Thursday night’s Veep debate.

  38. City Kitty

    You would have loved those joints. A lot of Tom Cats hung out there. In fact there was a Chinese restaurant on the same block called … are you ready? … Will Hung’s.

  39. Warren – I’ll bet they were fun! Will Hung’s??? LMAO! Joel, that was a terrible posting to alleycat (#61) … Obama is no terrorist or conman and you know it and alleycat is not an idiot for supporting him. I can’t figure out what you are thinking when you write that kind of stuff. On top of it all, I can’t figure how you being a middle-class person that was a former democrat could buy into all that republican b.s. Were you brainwashed?

  40. City Kitty:

    You are getting smarter and paying attention to detail.
    I didn’t catch the Presidential and VP vote split by MOJO.

    The only way Mojo can get his wish to become a reality, would be for a Party to cross-endorse or should I say the Presidential candidate could pick a VP running mate from the other party. Obama was thinking of doing just that.

  41. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

    I’ve lead you Donkeys to water and I don’t blame you for not drinking it–the water is very dirty. Open your eyes Kitty. You don’t seem to have noticed donj on #56 called me an idiot. Yesterday, donaldbpt called me a fucking idiot. They or anyone here have never pointed out any specific reason for their insults or disagreement. They have the right and opportunity to refute what I post and since they can’t, they become frustrated. Their gripe comes from the fact that I’m posting about their favorite donkey. A donkey, who through his own judgement has chosen to submerge himself in the dirty water.
    The terrorist comment comes from my opinion anyone who associates with them is on their side. Like I wrote before, go to www .theobamafile.com and read the facts.
    The Republicans did not force Obama to associate with the folks you would read about and they sure as hell didn’t make the decision or carried out the acts Obama did. The Democrats (especially Obama) enjoy making the connection of McCain and Bush. Why can’t we make the factual connection of Obama and Ayers or Rezko?

  42. donj:
    I don’t give a shit if I get (0) votes. I know the political realities like you never will. I know the number and the odds. Still I take on the challenge, the Democrat will win.
    He could be in office 10 years and I assure you he will never do what I would do. I don’t know of a Democrat who thinks like I do, knows the issues like I do and will submerge himself in the job like I would do. It won’t be my loss, it won’t be the end of my life, it won’t be the last you or anyone will hear from me. Felipe Reinozo is the Democrat incumbent leaving the 130th State Representative seat. His last comment to the Connecticut Post was something like this: “The people are hungry and desperate.” The only positive change that took place in the 131st district came during my six-year tenure. Sure Ganim gets the credit. But I whipped that Donkey to get moving for my district and I did in six years what others didn’t do in 25 years.
    “When I lose, the district loses.” By the way, I walked away from my position so others could carry the torch. I didn’t expect them to torch the $51 million in the rainy day fund I left behind. Great job, Democrats!!!

  43. Joel – puhhlease, what have they been putting in your morning coffee??? Maybe some polluted water or have you been eating moose meatloaf? At least alleycat knows what he believes in, just like you did before you let the republicans twist your head around. You are too far gone to be helped. Will you be moving to Greenwich or Darien anytime soon? You’ll find lots of fellow republicans there, thing is – can you as a plain old working person fit in with them? NOT!

  44. Joel, when you state “I don’t know of a Democrat that thinks like I do..” All I can say is I agree 100%. I too, have never met a Democrat who thinks like you do.

  45. You can say that again! I figure Joel became a republican because he couldn’t cut it as a democrat. The republicans in Bridgeport are useless and they don’t have any candidates, so they agreed to support him. GO OBAMA-HIMES-MUSTO!!

  46. First off, Chris Shays is a disgrace and Himes will win. Second off, McCain is the same as Bush that’s why he is McSame. Third off, Russo is just like McCain; vote Musto. Fourth, Joel you and wondering and summer wind are some of the stupidest people … during this economic meltdown you guys still insist to try to say how good the Republicans have done and to 95% of Bpt residents that’s a bunch of crap. Obama Himes Musto. Shays is very unpopular in the city.

  47. Nov 4th election day I have all planned out. At 7am I will leave my house to vote at the Central precinct alongside my girlfriend and my mother and we are all voting Democrat for every office, time for a change. This blog is hot tonight and do you plan on having the countdown again at the side???

  48. #18 & the other know-it-all’s- (Unless for a tie) It was nothing more than a made-up look @ a fictional voting sheet. Maybe if I would have put Mickey Mouse & Minnie there wouldn’t have been any critics! Also Wondering, I can see by your blogging that you’re fascinated with Gov. Palin & the fact that she can do no wrong but man get a life! Also, I have a right to my (Blog) personal opinion’s just like you, whether I’m running for an office or not. And it’s a shame that so many of our favorite bloggers could not attend the OIB gathering! I would have loved to meet a certain few, face to face to chat about politics & other interesting things. Remember your vote counts too, regardless of class!

  49. Keith Olbermann oops I mean Lennie thanks for the polling numbers. Are you going to make this a daily thing if so will you do it when the results swing the other way?

  50. City Kitty I hope things change and your 401k is safe. While Bush certainly must take some of the blame I can assure you that there is enough blame to go around.
    Check out some of the footage from 2004-05 where Barney Franks and a few more of his colleagues are saying there is nothing wrong with Freddie and Fannie. Check out the Black caucus where they are encouraging the loosening of regulations so more poor people can afford houses. Look at yesterdays bailout vote where Pelosi told 20 freshmen congressmen to vote no so they don’t have to worry about reelection. The Dems could have passed the bailout plan without the Republicans if they wanted to.
    The Dems even tried to get money for Acorn thru on this bailout bill. But you know what? No one on this blog says anything about any of this. Believe me folks there is enough blame to go around for both parties.

  51. I’m not happy to read the personal attacks on Joel. But I’m happy to see that he’s well able to defend himself, whether or not I agree with everything he espouses. If I were in the 131st I believe I would consider voting for him.
    You know, many great people have been denigrated and called nuts by their contemporaries, e.g. Fulton, DaVinci, Darwin, Christ, et. al. Hang in there Joel even if it’s difficult with just nine fingers.

  52. As a psychiatrist (in training), I am intrigued by human behavior and the patterns displayed; especially in the arena of politics. Why is it that Democrats and Republicans are so diametrically opposed on virtually every issue? I looked at the You Tube video mentioned earlier and noticed that the common denominator that distinguished the opinions of those well educated men and women in congress was “R” or “D”, and nothing else. I am intrigued as to why some of the bloggers on this post are advocating the “line vote” as opposed to an educated well thought-out election on every level. I am intrigued as to why some bloggers feel that voting Democrat all the way signifies “change”. Why is it that Republicans feel John McCain won that debate? Why do they still believe that Sarah Palin is actually a good choice for VP?
    Why did Nancy Pelosi engage in such divisive speaking with the fate of the Bail-out deal on the line? Why did some Republicans use it as an excuse when the deal failed? Why does Jim Himes think that everyone he speaks to is stupid? (And I actually like him, but he is trying to convince me that George Bush is running against him in the 4th Congressional race.)
    Truth be told, partisan politics is destroying this country, and terrorist nations give large sums of money to both parties, in order to fuel our self destruction. We sit and blog nonsensical partisan B/S because we believe that this is some sort of game. Meanwhile the indirect damage caused by the failure of the bailout deal has cost this country, and its investors, more than the cost of the bailout itself; yet we blog. Soon, the price of a barrel of oil will exceed $200 because the US dollar is becoming worthless, and we’ll still be blogging, and blaming everyone but ourselves.
    Maybe if we asked ourselves why we do things, before we do them, we’ll engage in far less political stupidity. But since democratic voters and republican voters are expected to have no control over their own vote, it might just have be done from the unaffiliated party. Only time will tell.
    That being said, my vote will be split amongst the candidates in each election that I feel are best suited to move this country, this state, and this city in the right direction.

  53. Thank you Objective POV for an excellent psychoanalysis of our bloggers. I wish I could have said it as well. Some would have you believe that NOT to vote a straight democratic line would be sinful. Nonsense. I’m an Independent and vote for whomever I believe will best represent my interests, the State’s interests, the City’s interests and my country’s interests.

  54. Objective POV:

    Isn’t human behavior something that you, as a psychiatrist, would have to observe? Is it possible to make a valuable psychiatric evaluation over the internet?
    What if the posters that you have evaluated have multiple personalities and blog using different handles?

    Take a prozac and get back to your training.


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