Herron Flights Keeley By 1 Vote

Herron primary day
For Jeanette Herron, seen here on primary day, a win is a win is a win.

Every vote counts. Yup. In the case of the Democratic City Council primary between incumbent Jeanette Herron and former State Rep. Bob Keeley in the North End 133rd District 1 vote has made the difference. Herron squeaked out a vote victory following a Tuesday recount that had them tied going in.

“Every vote does count,” says Herron. “Let’s work together and stop fighting. I run with my heart. This is a great city and if work together we’ll get things done.”

Asked if she has any interest running for City Council president as had been Keeley’s ambition she added, “No comment.” Herron and Michael DeFilippo move on to the general election facing Republicans Michele Minutolo and Neville De La Rosa.

Recounts in three other districts did not change the candidate outcomes. Pete Spain defeated incumbent Scott Burns in the 130th District. Karen Jackson and incumbent Nessah Smith move on to the general election ahead of Samia Suliman and incumbent Anthony Paoletto in the 138th District. In the 139th District Ernie Newton won his recount over Wanda Simmons who’ll appear on the Working Families Party line in the general election.



  1. “We will be talking and exploring our options,” said
    Bob Keeley, the best of luck with your legal action.

    “One-vote loss blocks Keeley’s return to Bridgeport politics”
    By Michael P. Mayko Updated 6:18 pm, Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Carmen Lopez, a former Superior Court judge and now practicing attorney who served as Keeley’s observer during Tuesday’s nearly six recount in the City Hall Annex.

    “It does not appear there is a credible explanation for an absentee ballot surfacing during this recount,” Lopez said. “The public confidence and trust in this municipality and all of its agencies is non-existent.”


  2. “This is a great city and if (we) work together we’ll get things done.”

    Those are nice words. They are perhaps credible words or even hopeful words, but coming as they do after “recount day” where “one ballot” proved the difference they point up a problem!! What is with the “together” word? You mean all of the people? Like voting?
    Assuming that around 45,000 City residents, when taking advantage of their “suffrage” rights, registered with the Democratic Party, how does the estimate of 6% voting in this City wide primary hold up? All of the people?

    For years advocates for “all of the people” have emphasized REGISTRATION to vote. How easy that is. Fill out a form, sign it and there you are, ready to vote? NOT!!!!! Where do we get “informed” voters who are up on the issues? Folks who have listened to candidates for years and kept track of what they said, and what they did? Does Bridgeport have more candidates than other towns who look good on Channel 12, but have not reviewed the meaning of Bridgeport Annual Audits in years, personally? Why aren’t the voters clamoring for an explanation of that document from their Council persons (with assistance from the City fiscal personnel) before the budget follies begin?? Communication along those lines with the potentially more active Council members may be a step in the right direction? Calls for “forensic audits” from time to time, totally ignore the facts and figures available (with years of annual award certificates, by the way) to all of us. Of course we need to encourage the availability of archived reports beyond a year or two, as we had until the recent refashioning of the City web site??

    So, know what is available. Read the information for meaning? Ask questions? Learn what is raised and what is spent? Seem pretty basic? Get information and be prepared to vote in November. Important Board of Education issues for sure. State budget by then? Time will tell.

  3. Bob Keeley ought to retire and move to Florida. At a debate he was asked what he could do for the people of tge city of Bridgeport. He answered with a long-winded story about being a Boy Scout. Nice to nowche is thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.


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