Here Ya Go: Sample Ballots For All September 14 Primary Races

On September 14 Republicans will host citywide races for Board of Education and city sheriff positions while Democrats features eight primaries in ten City Council districts. Incumbent Joe Sokolovic is riding it alone against endorsed Republicans including school board chair John Weldon.

Ethan Book, Jacquelynn Perry and veteran GOP operative Charlie Valentino are taking on incumbent sheriffs Mike Garrett, Michael Moretti and Rick Torres.

Council 131: Incumbents Jorge Cruz and Denese Taylor-Moye challenged by Shavonne Davis and Tyler Mack. This is one to watch as both Cruz and Mack have the backing of Bridgeport Generation Now which is trying to dig a toe-hold in city elections. Could a split decision occur?

Council 132: Incumbents Evette Brantley and Marcus Brown are heavy favorites over Dasha Spell. Hard to run alone.

Council 133: Same in this district with Aikeen Boyd challenging incumbent Jeanette Herron and Raymond Collette, a last-minute replacement for incumbent Michael DeFilippo under federal indictment for alleged election law violations.

Council 135: Another example of a candidate running solo Joseph Thompson versus incumbents Mary McBride-Lee and Rosalina Roman-Christy.

Council 136: A good one to watch with incumbent Alfredo Castillo having his own brushes with the law arrested for alleged threats against a city department head. Former councilman Jose Casco is teaming up with activist Carmen Nieves.

Council 137: Of all the primaries this is the flashpoint. City Clerk Lydia Martinez, the queen of absentee ballots, with the backing of Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, managed to wrangle the endorsement from incumbents Maria Valle and City Council President Aidee Nieves, with whom Martinez is having a running personality battle, on behalf of her hand-picked candidates. Nieves and Valle are expected to perform well with the walk-in vote but this is a sturdy absentee ballot district that will likely decide the outcome.

Council 138: Incumbent Maria Pereira has established herself a formidable presence in her district with a history of breaking from council candidates she has supported, the latest incumbent Samia Suliman teaming with District Leader Kevin Monks. Pereira recruited Michele Small to run with her.

Council 139: Incumbents Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton are heavy favorites in this district given their contacts, name recognition and now beneficiaries of development progress in the East End. Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski have the backing of the Connecticut Working Families Party so they will also appear on the November ballot irrespective of the September outcome.



  1. Lol. Y’all gotta check

    Out the current dysfunction coming out of the BRTC church basements. I posted a memory of Mitt Romney and support of the BLM movement and tagged the BRTC and suggested they come out of the basement. They accused me of not coming to meetings for two years. I just had to post the emails form Party leadership sayin meetings are for members only. BRTC open your meetings to the public as per STATE by-laws and maybe just maybe a dialogue could begin to grow the party and we won’t lose election after election.

    Everywhere you see vote line B

  2. In Council 139, the incumbents have name recognition for all the wrong reasons. They’re heavy favorites with heavy baggage.
    Their association with East End development is still incomplete and coincidental.
    Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski represent a better choice. Their platform is free from machine policies and awaits voter approval.
    Only 1 can be the best.

  3. Another lawsuit against the city of Bridgeport another win for Tom Bucci. Does it ever stop.
    This time a retired Bridgeport Police officer sued.
    They article did not get into specifics but I know Dwayne McBride served the city well and I will take his word over the city’s Emergency Services any day.
    Can’t wait to hear how much this one cost the city.
    Bring on the Special Master.

    1. Bob,
      I defer to your knowledge of details relating to a Special Master. Can you share the duties that such a person might be appointed to and for how long a period? Since we have had such a position in the past, what expense did the City pay? What department budget got saddled with the expense? The story in the paper today pitted a City employee against the supervisors in his department allegedly because of racial discrimination issues. If City Attorney Mitola has nothing to say to the CT Post, and if there is any type of restriction on parties to the legal action talking about it, then how does social justice become improved? What type of changes in City employment practices insluding Civil Service, Labor Relations, and Human Resources needs citizen attention, City accountabiity, and Mayoral leadership and comment? Unless Ganim2 thinks everything is up to date with “best practices” effectiveness in Bridgeport? Time will tell.

      1. JML, Bridgport had a “special master” because it was order from a federal court in the discimination case against the city and the BPD. The “special master” had total control o the BPD, in transfers, assigments, promotions and discipline and a few years later after the BPD case the federal court found the city and the BFD guilty in their discimination case but there was no “special master” assigned to the BFD. Here we are 40 years later some of the same problems are still there.I must say that I find it strange that women can get hired to be police officers but the city couldn’t find on woman to become a firefighter in 12 years and what’s worse nobody said anythig or challenged the city but that’s Bridgeport.

  4. Something to consider?
    Few people left Bridgeport because of the pandemic.
    However, thousands of people left New York City and hundreds arrived in Bridgeport.
    They’re all used to high crime and high taxes and some even bought their houses with cash.
    Here’s why I’m writing — many are Democrats and they are unlikely to support incumbents.
    They take their elections seriously.
    More and more New Yorkers have made the switch — and that includes license plates.
    Despite this post, this story remains untold.

    1. I understand your point but because they are Democrats doesn’t mean that they will vote for the incumbents because Democrats control everything and the fight for power is Democrats against Democrats. Let’s not forget that Joe Ganim lost the election at the voting polls but he won by 270 absentee votes and those New Yorkers could have changed those results, only time will tell (JML).

  5. Sidebar: The politics of war
    Here’s the difference between the Afghan War and the Vietnam War:
    Not a penny was borrowed to pay for Vietnam — it all came from peacetime deficit spending that produced inflation.
    In contrast, the Afghan War was paid entirely by peacetime deficit borrowing. That’s $2 trillion spent and still unpaid, like all the rest.
    Knowing the difference between deficit spending and deficit borrowing is key to understanding the world we live in.

    1. There’s a big difference, Republicans have no problem with spending money for wars where companies make money with war equipment but they have a problem spending that same money on social issues involving helping American citizens.

  6. Ron, the national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. That’s nearly twice as much as what Americans owe on student loans, car loans, credit cards and every other type of debt other than mortgages, combined, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Yet Paul wants us to think that the two trillion spent over 20 years on Afghanistan is some exorbitant figure that should justify our leaving them high and dry. That amounts to about $23,500 in new federal debt for every person in the country. This begs the question, which was worse for America, the Afghan war or four years of Trump?

    1. Your post is based on opinion.
      My post is based on facts.
      I’ll be specific:
      January 20,1981 is the day America stopped deficit spending and started deficit borrowing.

      1. My opinion or do you just dismiss what you don’t understand when in fact this is the opinion of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Now whom should I believe the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or an old drunkard? I’m just asking for a friend!

  7. I just thought of something —
    after jail, most white collar criminals want a second chance.
    Mayor Ganim’s already earned a second term.
    Only in Bridgeport


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