City Poised To Reduce Colony Of Actors In Government

Remember the old Actors Colony in Seymour? A bunch of entertainment legends played there. They could have an Actors Colony wing in City Hall given the unfilled permanent department head positions. CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart provides this update on filling slots.

The city is moving forward with filling two key department head vacancies.

The full City Council is expected at its Sept. 7 meeting to vote on a contract promoting Ebony Jackson-Shaheed from acting to permanent health director.

Meanwhile a search is underway for a new personnel director to replace David Dunn who, along with former Police Chief Armando Perez, in May began serving time in federal prison for conspiring to help Perez cheat in 2018 to become top cop. That hire will then be expected to oversee a nationwide search to replace Perez, whose role has been filled by Assistant-turned-Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia since Perez’s and Dunn’s arrest last Sept. 10.

“We have to stop having temporary directors. It’s not the way to run a city,” Councilwoman Jeanette Herron said Monday.

Earlier this month the contracts committee Herron co-chairs supported Ganim’s nomination of Jackson-Shaheed and forwarded it to the full council to act upon at its September meeting.

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  1. “Isn’t that special,” now after the damage and allowing David Dunn to remain in his postion for 12 years as the City’s “ACTING” Personnel Director now the calls comes for calling for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director. Under David Dunn during those years the fire department hired ZERO female firefighters, ZERO but what did the the City Council, the fire commissioners, the City Civil Service Commission, former Mayor, Bill Finch and current Mayor Joe Ganim do, absolutely NOTHING. Donald Day and myself have been writing about this for 12 years and nobody gave a damn about what was going with the City’s “ACTING” Personnel Director. Now that Dunn was caught helping AJ Perez to cheat on the Police Chief exam now there’s a rush to make a change. Still no one is calling an investigation into how and why Dunn was allowed to stay in his position for 12 years and what damage has been to the entire City Charter, I’m sure that is not the first time that Dunn has helped Finch and Ganim to get one their guys hired.

  2. Here’s what the City Charter states:

    Sec. 219. – Certain acts prohibited.
    No person shall deceive or obstruct any person in respect to his or her right of test under the provisions of this act or falsely mark, grade or estimate or report upon the test or standing of any person tested hereunder, or aid in so doing, or furnish to any person, except in answer to inquiries of the commission, any special information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the rating of any such person for appointment, employment or promotion. No applicant shall deceive the commission for the purpose of improving his chances or prospects for appointment or promotion. No person shall solicit, orally or by letter, and no public officer or employee shall receive or be in any manner concerned in the receiving or soliciting of any money or valuable thing from any officer or employee holding a position in the classified service for any political party or purpose. No person shall use or promise to use his influence or official authority to secure any appointment or promotion or prospect of appointment or promotion to any position classified under this act as a reward or return for personal or partisan political service. No public officer or employee shall, by means of threats or coercion, induce or attempt to induce any person holding a position in the classified service to resign his position or to take a leave of absence from duty or to waive any of his rights under this act. A resignation executed previous to appointment shall be of no effect.

  3. We have to stop having temporary directors. It’s not the way to run a city,” Councilwoman Jeanette Herron said Monday. REALLY
    When did you have that apathy Councilwoman Herron, yesterday, last week or last month because you sure as didn’t realize that 12 years ago when recently Arrested, disgraced former Civil Service Director David Dunn was 1st appointed to that position without the benefit of an exam. Councilwoman’s statement reminds me of the old saying, everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Everyone wants change, but no one wants to do a damn thing! Better late than never, hell no because their procrastination lead to another black eye for the City of Bridgeport.

    1. Don, it’s nice that Councilwoman Hereon had her come to Jesus moment but what will she do next. The charges that have been made against David Dunn are federal charges but Dunn is in violation of the City Charter plus there’s no answer on why Dunn helped AJ Perez for Mayor Ganim, oh that’s right Dunn thought that was what Mayor Ganim wanted, well else has Dunn thought Mayor Ganim wanted to get hired. There could be criminal charges like fraud, corruption involving bribery but nobody cares because everybody wants to get reelected without a primary.

  4. Come on Ron. Do you really think that some one is going to read all of THAT to figure out how it’s supposed to be done? Do you think that someone would actually cheat on a Civil Service exam? Do you think the Police Chief would order two subordinates to give him the answers to the test?
    Come on. Council woman Herron doesn’t know the rules but she asks Mayor Joe if it’s alright and he says yes. And if you don’t believe me you can always ask Mark Anastasi. He’ll tell you it’s alright

    1. Bob, great point, you know Donnie and myself have been retired from the fire department 20 years this past June 2021, so I guess things hae changed with elected officals.

      1. And the education system today is not anywhere we’re it was 20 years ago. That would be at least the equivalent of a associate degree or bachelor degree.

  5. Maybe there should be a test to get on the City Council. Maybe if they had to earn their seat they would appreciate it more.
    Nothing to difficult. Reading comprehension and math at high school graduate level.
    A little ethics test would help and maybe some logic.
    Maybe something along what the Fire and Police entry level exam would encompass.
    What say you???

    1. Why can’t we eliminate all city council seats and have the Mayor replace these Jackasses, with Acting Councilman.
      Eliminate the stipend system entirety, then these Acting Jackasses will be up for review and renewal once a year at the City Council Cambers by Citizen voice vote each November, no stipend reelections money.
      Then we can hand these Flucking Acting Jackasses their report cards.
      Let the Mayor pick new Acting Jackasses for the new year, so we can hold his or her feet feet to the fire!
      We keep giving these Bobble-heads two years too cover their shit!

        1. Bob and Jim,
          Do you think that the denial of stipend funds would really help municipal governance today? As someone who pursued this subject more than once in the past ten years, I think that the answer is different.
          If we taxpayers are supplying $9,000 annually for the benefit of Council persons to assist them in their efforts to represent us, are we not entitled to look at the dollars spent at least up until the end of the last accounting quarter (that is how the money is distributed, not reimbursed)?? A spotlight on the money? Questions on the content or recipient, if any? Isn’t that the ultimate in oversight? Imagine attendance at a Seminar on a “better government” subject and no follow through by the Council person? Time will tell.

  6. These are the same for Fire Chief and Personnel Director, this is pretty easy to understand but the city council have no reason to read it.

    (3) Whenever a vacancy arises in the position of chief of police, the personnel director shall, upon request, certify to the mayor the names of the three (3) candidates standing highest upon the employment list for such position. If no such list exists, the personnel director shall, within 150 days of the request, hold a test for such position and shall, upon the establishment of an employment list, certify to the mayor the names of the three persons standing highest thereon.

    (4) Within sixty (60) days of receipt of the certification required by subSection (a)(3) of this section, the mayor shall appoint one (1) of the persons so certified as the Chief of police and shall notify the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Police Commissioners of such appointment. The mayor may designate the time when such appointment shall take effect, provided it shall not be more than ninety (90) days from the date of his receipt of the personnel director’s certification. Unless otherwise stated such appointment shall be effective immediately. In the event that the mayor fails to appoint a chief of police within sixty days of receipt of said certification, the board of police commissioners shall, forthwith, make such appointment.

  7. Come on Ron. You tell me what’s easier. Read, comprehend and judge OR ask the mayor? And if you have to think you are to smart to be on the City Council.

  8. Little Big Town has cancelled their concert at the Armpit. Multiple band members have been EXPOSED to COVID-19.
    LAME. Anything to get out of the gig in Bridgeport.

    1. Exposed to COVID-19? Doesn’t that happen to all of us, everyday? Were any tested and found positive? Have they been quarantined and for how long? Are they routine maskers as current protocol indicates? Is it a “get out of gig” move? Any financial burden on them for their “early exit”? Time will tell.

      1. Are City Council members using their stipends to buy tickets or food at the Armpit?
        Don’t bother looking for answers.

  9. Leave Lennie alone. Pop-up ads is what feeds him now. He is busy writing his own ego-biography. It’s is life story. It’s working title is Only In Lenny Land.


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