Heilmanns Invest Success For A Planned Hotel Downtown

49 Cannon Street

Sometimes you throw something up on Facebook and it takes on an applauding life of its own.

Black Rockers Niels and Callie Heilmann have been going about their business deliberatively putting the pieces together for a planned hotel in the historic “Post Building” Downtown that housed the newsroom of the Connecticut’s Post’s predecessor about a century ago, a structure ironically just steps from the current editorial department on Broad Street.

The four-level brick building at 49 Cannon Street was built 1891-1892 when the city was very much a horse and carriage community shaped by impresario P.T. Barnum, the structure’s aesthetics similar to the Barnum Museum.

The city sans a hotel, the former Holiday Inn now the 100-unit Park City Place, but pieces are coming together to sate a market for potentially multiple lodging destinations. OIB’s Facebook page is brimming with applause at the news of the Heilmann’s plans. They have not made a formal announcement about their venture, preferring to piece together the logistics prior to sharing the details that could come in early 2024.

Callie and Niels Heilmann.

Land records show Made In Bridgeport, their limited liability corporation, purchased the building for $1.2 million in April, 2022.

A growing synergy Downtown merits a hotel or two or perhaps three: 6,000-seat Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, 10,000-seat Total Mortgage Arena, annual Sound On Sound Music Festival, growing restaurant choices.

McLevy Hall, the original City Hall, named for Socialist Mayor Jasper McLevy, 1933-57, is another potential hotel site. Across the Pequonnock River nearby the Christoph family could also break ground for a hotel at the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area early next year.

Niels Heilmann brings mighty education and business credentials to the table: graduate of Cornell University with a double MD/MBA from Columbia University, he built his financial success as the founder and portfolio manager of Elion Investments, an investment firm at Millennium Partners, not a bad neighborhood to navigate.

Niels and Callie founded Bridgeport Generation Now and its political arm Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. Niels serves as treasurer.

His bio on the Gen Now website declares: “Niels’s favorite thing about Bridgeport is the raw potential of its downtown to become a vibrant city center that reflects the myriad of cultures represented in the city’s population.”

Callie has a degrees in Women’s Studies and Art History from Tulane University as well as a Master’s of Arts at New York University in Visual Culture and a Master’s in Education from Hunter College, City University of New York.

They both seek change in the current makeup of city government.

Meanwhile they are investing in their community that brings a new level of commitment to the table and nod of good will even from critics of their political activity.

You look down the road and see a number of things teed up that could transform Bridgeport economically.

Here’s hoping the timing bestows success.





  1. Coach, define a home run.

    From my perspective, two are foul tips, and one may be a sacrifice fly. Nowhere hitting the ball out of the park/city for the Port’s, CT largest city, hotel needs 🙂

    Two are jokes, Posts building, and Mclevy. While they can be a successful investment of some kind perhaps a boutique bed and breakfast/Airbnb think. Nowhere near a modern luxury hotel. 🙂


    Christoph might be ill-conceived.

    I stand by my assessment. A circular parking garage where Brewport is and a convenient/hotel across for street for the Amp. Y’all know what I think about Pleasure Beach. 🙂

    Not to mention the old coal plant JS


  2. I like them both. Hotel by the Amp for sure and a parking garage that is much needed . That post building can and hopefully will be a nice Boutique style hotel. McLevy needs to get done as well, but knowing the port, we looking at 2033

    1. Nice, but risky investment especially if a modern luxury-ish hotel comes alone. You have housing or commercial rental that can turn a prophet. Nothing wrong with that. My grip with Gen Now is their Holier-than-thou, taste-the-movement, 20000 shades of ballots with a fresh breath of air attitude when attacking others who are not on their side in opposing those who are doing the same as them. Along with their willingness to cut the baby/Port in half to achieve such a goal to cut their enemy in half.

      Just my opinion, Though they can try an Aribnb thing. 🙂


  3. How many local folks do you know who are committing significant resources to Bridgeport? Talk about “walking the walk” while “talking the talk”, isn’t this type of development attractive to folks from out of town looking for a room for a short stay? Will it attract other such investors?

    You can go to most CT City scapes and find a hotel or two, or more. The City has a Mayor in office who is familiar with real estate transactions. Did he not find a promising property, purchased it at a very low price and then demonstrated the effect of renewing the interior and exterior because a property had “good bones” or development potential? Ask Ganim2 about his experiences, all of them, why don’t you?

    And these folks, the Heilmanns, take time to work for a better future for others in municipal governance, in
    personal opportunities of many types, and supportive of an entertainment special future for all City residents, as well as personal advantage. Time will tell.

  4. I salute them for being an active part of this community and now investing in the city as well. I wish them the best of luck , but I don’t think they will need it if given the proper support from us all.


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