GOP Leadership: Let The People Decide

From the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee:

Bridgeport GOP United in Opposition of BOE Disbanding

The Bridgeport Republican Party unanimously supported a resolution to oppose the disbanding of the elected Board of Education in Bridgeport at its monthly meeting, November 15. GOP members believe that all elected officials have a duty to serve those that elected them. As such, the action of the Elected Board of Education when suddenly voting itself out of existence was a betrayal to the voters of Bridgeport. Bridgeport Republicans also agree that the state takeover was performed in an illegal manner because neither the training nor the action-plan that are required by the state statute when performing a takeover was accomplished.

In the late ’80s when Bridgeport was threatened with Bankruptcy, the state review board did not require the common council to disband itself, rather the review board acted in an “advise and consent” capacity by governing Bridgeport’s finances until the danger of bankruptcy had passed.

It is believed by the Republican Party that only the people have the right to reorganize how Bridgeport’s schools are run. The acceptable method would be by charter change implemented by a ballot question. It is the people that must decide if, as in New York City, a school chancellor that answers to the mayor or, as in New Haven, a mayoral appointed board should be the way to go in governing the affairs of Bridgeport’s educational system.

It must be admitted that the education being provided in Bridgeport Schools is currently unacceptable, and that no amount of new school construction provides the answer. This fact, however, does not oblige the decision to improperly dissolve an elected Board of Education.

We must turn away from the autocratic philosophy of rule by a governing elite in Bridgeport or a bureaucrat ruled system such as in Hartford. When the heavy hand of Government arbitrarily rules in favor of the dissolution of an elected body such as in the case of the Bridgeport Board of Education, the will of the people is being ignored and the first step towards fascism is embarked upon.



  1. *** Wonder why after so many years of failure in enforcing BOE policies & procedures, rubber stamping admin. requests, overlooking financial mismanagement & agreeing to disagree for personal political reasons, etc. did most of the city’s elected BOE members decide to vote for state takeover? Seems in a city that’s in dire need of change of its political structure, voters would be more willing to welcome & give “change” a “chance,” no? *** It’s supposed to be about the kids, not politics. ***

  2. The failure of the Republican Party and its lack of involvement in Bridgeport can be placed at the foot of former Congressman Chris Shays. He did nothing in his 18 years in office as the Congressman of the 4th District to build the Republican Party in Bridgeport.

  3. I see the 2015 mayoral election is underway. These guys are right on top of things!

    Disagree with you on the congressman, Ron. Local people have got to want to keep things going, and they need the support of the community to do it. A congressman or other higher elected official can keep a friendly eye open for his party, but can’t be expected to make sure the nuts and bolts are kept tight and painted.

    As an aside, I get really irritated when people introduce “isms” like fascism, socialism et al. into a discussion when they have no idea what they are talking about. Nobody forced the community to vote for Finch. (OK, if you want to talk about absentees, I’ll accept the caveat.)

  4. *** Let’s face facts in Zombieland, it is what it is, no? Red or Blue, it’s not about the people, it’s about the players in the game! *** The bed has been made! ***

  5. Jim, I agree with you to a point. Shays can’t be expected to make sure the nuts and bolts are kept tight and painted. But Shays was the face of the Republican Party in this district and in 18 years who did he mentor, what did he do to support the community of Republicans here in Bridgeport?


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