Gomes Urges Malloy–Don’t Defer City Pension Payments

Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes added his voice to the pension deferment issue with a letter he sent to Governor Dannel Malloy in April. Gomes’ letter:

Governor Dannel Malloy
Executive Office
State Capitol Building
Hartford, Ct.

Dear Governor,
Recently, when you spoke in Bridgeport, I was impressed with your statement urging municipalities not to “balance” their budgets by deferring the lawfully required contribution to the pension fund for fire and police.

As you may already know, the City of Bridgeport intends to again seek a waiver of its obligation to make payment to the pension fund this year.

Further, the current Mayor faces serious challengers to his position this year and as one, I know that I do not wish to see a continuance of deferring contributions. This pattern is nothing short of irresponsible and continues to put this City in an unhealthy financial position. The budget numbers for the City of Bridgeport have not been accurately delivered in many years and the only hope we have as a City right now is to have a true picture of our numbers, and then begin a genuine effort to bring financial stability to this City.

I know that among many Bridgeporters, there is a collective urge to know what the true financial picture of the City of Bridgeport is, and then to deal with the reality of that truth.

Your veto is crucial if the request to defer the City’s pension contribution should reach your desk.

With sincere thanks,

John M. Gomes


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  1. This was sent in April? Glad Gomes has the workers’ best interests in mind as they don’t get social security. Those pensions are all they have to show for working for the city.


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