Gomes: This Fight Is Not Over

News release from John Gomes:

Today, John Gomes vowed he will continue his campaign on behalf of the voters of Bridgeport. History repeated itself on Primary night. After winning the city-wide in-person vote by over 500, once again, the outcome of the Primary was determined by absentee ballots. This marks two consecutive Primaries where the results of the in-person vote, did not coincide with the results of absentees.

Gomes stated, “Opposition to Joe Ganim’s leadership showed up at the polls yesterday, and more will be showing up in the November General Election. Despite campaign staffers and challenge candidates being threatened, requests for election monitoring being denied, and an ongoing criminal referral of Ganim campaign staffers from 2019, we will continue on. The voices of 3,250 petition signers, and nearly 4,000 Democratic Primary voters will not be silenced. Last night’s outcome affects every voter in Bridgeport, not just registered Democrats. Once again, four years later, voters feel cheated, disenfranchised, and apathetic.”

Gomes continued, “On December 1, 2022 our movement for change in Bridgeport began. We were the first challenge campaign to declare, the first to open a headquarters in February, the first campaign to begin canvassing in May, and the first and only challenger slate to qualify for the Primary, and the only campaign to declare victory of the in-person vote at the poll locations on Primary Day. I call out to all voters of every political party in the City of Bridgeport to go out and vote in November to make a change.”

Gomes concluded, “For far too long, the unwritten rule in Bridgeport has been, ‘The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.’ The loss of faith in democracy in Bridgeport elections ends when we all stand up united and declare, NEVER AGAIN. This is a civil rights issue that affects every Bridgeport voter. We are grateful for the overwhelming support from residents, local business owners, community members, friends, family, neighbors who have joined our movement for change Bridgeport. The fight for electoral reform and justice in the Park City continues, stay tuned.”



  1. Hey John; or is it Joao?; or is it Capone? or is it Red Rooster/Deli/Restaurant? How much you wanna bet it’s not over? The Volcanos in El Salvador are talking to me. Shit is about to explode!

  2. Hey Joel… Why do you seem to think that I am who you think I am? I am not John Gomes.

    I am a former resident of Bridgport that remains connected to the city via my employment role, family and friends. I choose to chime in every so often and prefer to remain anonymous.

    How about engage on the content of what I write with something intellectual or keep it moving.

    What are your thoughts on the happenings until November? Other than its about to be a dogfight?

    1. Capone, thank you for responding and clearing my suspicion of who you may be. Thec rest of my post still stands. John Gomes knows what I’m referring to. I’ve been reading and blogging on this webzine for 1/3 of my life and been politically active in Bridgeport and Connecticut politics for 37 years. I assure you that the real John Gomes will be exposed for what he is and stands for. Emptysuit is my Facebook e-mail address–it fits Gomes perfectly. Stay tuned and get ready for a wild ride with Speedy. Thank you again.

        1. Steve Auerbach has a medical issue that takes priority. Steven is the kind of man I admire and respect. I judge and measure a man or woman by the way they treat their aging parents. Hey, Steve much love to you and yours.

  3. Capone,
    My preference, as a long-time identified pod writer, would be to know your identity, but I do understand in a way your reluctance, as a City employee, to bare your identity as an opportunity to have your employment rights protected in a direct and open manner as in private work places. This does not seem the way Bridgeport has operated for many years. And the City loses efficiency and effectiveness when frustrations and problems become secret grievances which the City must defend on behalf of taxpayers, paying for legal representation in the meantime, and sometimes losing added taxpayer funds. Is that a win for anyone?

    I am speaking about a situation where I understand that after a six month “adjustment period” there are no regular, as in annual employment reviews with a supervisor who is able to direct your work effort in positive directions better ordered to meet the purpose of your employment, to counsel you when your activity may require some correction, to point out training or education conducive to career advancement and to listen to your employment related issues and have them recorded in an accessible personnel file.

    Too often there is well understood fear about possible intimidation or reprisal that pauses further expression of a free speech civil right. Sometimes patience is wise or folks find a different way. Other times frustration and distrust builds, neither productive in a work effort towards a purpose or goal.

    Any comments from you on this subject, worth $$$ to taxpayers but not necessarily ever raised at budget time?
    Let’s see if some OPEN comment on a city management or governance topic is intellectual enough, or provokes a response from you? Perhaps a Mayoral comment in the next 60 days? Time will tell.


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