“The Pig” – Gomes Key Supporter, City Councilwoman Maria Pereira, Calls Chief Porter ‘The Pig’ In Off-The-Rails E-Mail Following Council Meeting

By Bridgeport’s political standards even this is a bomb.

Tuesday night was designed for solidarity amidst Middle East disharmony, a resolution by the City Council for a cooling off period, but things became hot in a full council chambers that extended into the next morning when in an off-the-rails-rant email Wednesday morning to City Council President Aidee Nieves, councilwoman Maria Pereira wrote: “The point is I don’t back down from anyone and I do mean anyone which includes Porter the Pig and his piglets.”

Pereira was arrested during the day of November’s general election for allegedly assaulting a senior citizen at the JFK precinct. Chief Roderick Porter, a Black man, likely learned about it after the arrest. Maybe Pereira, a White woman, thought he should rescue her?

Tuesday night the council voted on a resolution calling for a ceasefire that has no force of law but certainly has community interests at heart for a show of support.

Wednesday morning a sample of a troubled council woman who writes to Nieves, about a person in the audience: “A Palestinian young man, possibly a Hamas terrorist… I just stuck up my middle finger at him again without missing a beat.”

Such class, dignity, appreciation for the body politic.

Hearing the news on Wednesday City Councilman Ernie Newton called for her resignation. “She not only called the police chief a pig, but the entire department piglets.”

Pereira, finger
Pereira has a habit of doing this.

A little bit of background: the resolution was proposed by Jazmarie Melendez, Pereira’s district running mate, who ran ahead of her at the polls. It eats away at Pereira to run behind anyone.

This is an extraordinary melt down from a council woman feeling the heat from self-induced wounds.

Pereira arrested election day.

–Arrested for allegedly assaulting a 70-year-old woman election day.

— Banned from public housing units for menacing senior citizens for their votes.

–Under investigation for alleged absentee ballot fraud.

–Under investigation for entering the unoccupied home of an elderly woman searching for her absentee ballot.

She was once a huge supporter of Chief Porter but apparently after allegedly assaulting a 70-year-old woman election day she blames the top cop as an extension of her disconnection from balance.

These kinds of things have political repercussions, especially so close to the January 23 mayoral primary redo. Pereira is all in for John Gomes, his chief absentee ballot harvester. How will the Gomes camp respond to this?

Excerpt from Pereira’s letter to Nieves. Mayor Joe Ganim’s Deputy Chief of Staff Tom Gaudett was also copied.

Good morning,

I need the name of the other attorney, the Rabbi, the Seik of the Islamic Community Center and the other individual in the Caucus Room.
I also want the names of EVERY individual who was present for the revised Ceasefire Resolution  that Tom Gaudette presented in the Misc. Matters Committee. Clearly,, council and administrative staff were present as the resolution was on the formal Council resolution form.
On a different note, we are going to set that Palestinian mob who was incapable of comporting themselves in an appropriate manner on their heels.  If any one of them EVER harasses or intimidates Judge Lopez verbally or physically again, they will regret it.  That is an absolute promise..
The police escorted Judge Radcliffe to his vehicle so that he could pull it up to the front of 45 Lyon Terrace while police officers stayed with Carmen Lopez until the car pulled up and then they escorted her to her vehicle. That is outrageous!  They were nothing more than Palestinian thugs.
All because she made a factual statement that the Council  lacked the authority to pass the Ceasefire Resolution.
I was sitting in my seat taking photos of the final resolution and my tally sheet and texting in my group chat when a Palestinian young man , possibly a Hamas terrorist, repeatedly yelled out my name and was waving some propaganda poster at me. I just stuck up my middle finger at him. He continued with his antics so I just stuck up my middle finger at him again without missing a beat.
Afterall, with all the bullsh_t Testo, Ganim, Gaudette, and Constant Buffet Loving Vickers , Ballot Box Stuffer Suliman and Dimwit Monks tried in defeating me, spending easily over $40,000 in my district, you lost. What an absolute embarrassment for all of you, losers. By the way, “Constant” was not a typo as Constance is clearly constantly at the all you can eat buffet. The point is I don’t back down from anyone and I do mean anyone which includes Porter the Pig and his piglets.
The wheels are churning at 6;20 a.m. because three brilliant attorneys and I have already got our wheels in motion.


  1. “The point is I don’t back down from anyone and I do mean anyone which includes Porter the Pig and his piglets.”
    Maria should be kissing Porter’s a**. I mean after all she still has not been arrested for entering the unoccupied home of an elderly woman searching for her absentee ballot. Why not can it be that she supported Chief Porter. But I see there could be trouble in paradise.

    Do the laws here in CT pertain to everyone?

    CT Gen Stat § 53a-103. (2022)
    (a) A person is guilty of burglary in the third degree when he enters or remains unlawfully in a building with intent to commit a crime therein.

    If so, she should be arrested.
    Chief Porter get it done.

  2. For those of you who were not at City Hall for the Public Speaking session and City Council meetings I provide my words as the first speaker called by Aide Nieves on the speaker list. What type of Democratic values do you wish observed here in the City? Or will we continue to criticize public servants, elected officials, and fellow neighbors in our emotional anger that is not an adult response that we expect from leaders? How fair is that? Run for office or settle for a patient conversation? Here are my thoughts. Time will tell.

    City Council – Disciples of Democracy- January 2, 2024 (John Marshall Lee)
    Is the future of American Democracy on your mind as we enter a new year? What comes to your mind as you respond to the question? Do you see yourself as an individual practicing democratic values with each act, vote, or comment, or even silence? The disciples of faith traditions had common purpose to which they were accountable in honest, open, and transparent fashion. Do you follow them, whatever your faith tradition, by your example? What is your Council common purpose and what are your priorities as we begin a new year?
    I suggest that you schedule four in-person district gatherings to listen to your constituents, to answer questions about municipal activities, and provide annual opportunity for disbelievers or newcomers to observe local governance in action with your invitation. Do you encourage “free speech” and public attention to your purpose and priorities? What does the right to petition or represent a grievance mean to you? (A public gathering petitioning for a ceasefire in Gaza may exceed your personal knowledge or local authority, but well-meaning members of our community bring this ultimate tragedy of history, ignored, and kicked down the road, into question.) Democracy requires attention to a story, reflection on values present, and attention to your heart and mind when you cast an informed vote.
    As a democracy disciple, you ran for office and succeeded but are you working on issues of importance to your constituents with practical effect? Are your rules and procedures “best practices” or are they outdated, and ignored by others? Is the City Charter the ‘rule of law’ in Bridgeport, or can it go unobserved if personal or practical concerns become paramount? Finally, as a disciple of democracy do you even know our demographic “facts of life” tonight? In a small City of 17.5 square miles, what percentage of land/property is owned by the Federal, State, City, or private owners? By acreage, by property dollar values, and which produce fiscal values or expenses for the City? Among private owners how much property is single family residential, or owner occupied relative to renter units however owned? What are current trends and the implications for taxpayers?
    When will you gather as a body, discuss your purposes, concerns, and issues, and respond with a message for the voters and taxpayers? Is this too much to expect from ‘disciples of democracy’ elected to represent all City residents? When will we see and hear your priorities and purpose? Time will tell.

  3. Jesus Christ people.


    Really Maria? “Constant Buffet Loving Vickers” SMH.

    Wait, what, You mean

    It’s outrageous! Judge Lopez was escorted by “Porter the Pig and his piglets.” 🤣

    BTW, Judge Lopez is fully aware of the sausage-making of American laws, and every CC member sitting in that room, its audience, and every Port resident knows Port’s City Council has no jurisdiction in foreign affairs, especially a ceasefire in a war/military combat.

    That being said, I can understand the need for a feel-good resolution by the Port’s CC, and its Isamic/ “Palestinian/Arab community, but for a Horable Judge to spark a fire knowing full well this CC resolution is a ” meaningless resolution” her silence would have done fine.

    However, to chastise the CC provocatively on sensitive current issues speaks volumes to her heart-felt intent Considering people are dying and suffering on both sides of that border walk in the Middle East. To Play Port politics with it is a testament to how far you have to go, yet how far you have come, considering many women spoke at that “feel-good” resolution. In parts of a world where women’s human rights are lagging, to say the least.

    “Y’all know you can let them show their face and hair in public. It’s not like they are blonds. God forbid, or should I say, hate to see how transgenderism is coming along in Islamic lead countries.

    Not to mention, Blonds are dramatic. 🙃


    1. P.S. What is that picture of the Dome of the Rock? Y’all know Judaism, Christendom, and Islam are cut for the same cloth, the God of Abrahan, and In June 2007, Hamas fighters took control of the Gaza Strip and removed all Fatah officials. President Abbas, on 14 June, declared a state of emergency (according to Google) JS



      # the prophet


    2. While “her silence would have done fine, Judge Carmen Lopez is within her rights to express herself.

      Maria Pereira again is using this unfortunate situation for Judge Lopez as a way to diminish the impact of her words and conduct. The police did their duty to make sure no one was harmed and I’m sure the Judges know and appreciate that.

      1. Did I say it wasn’t within her rights to express herself?

        Judge Lopez’s words had the same value as that resolution. 🙂

        While MP used an unfortunate situation to diminish the impact of Judge Lopez’s words and conduct it was within her rights to express.

        Just as it is my right to express that Judge Lopez’s use of an unfortunate resolution to flex her legal knowledge to chastise the Por’t CC. 🙃

        P.S. Like this post/reply your silence would have been fine too.

        1. One can not fix stupid!
          Here’s what Judge Carmen Lopez meant to get acrossd in plain english.

          There’s a place called Washinton D.C. where the Connecticut Congressional delegation consisting of U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives exercise their duties and power. The Bridgeport City Council is not the place for such a resolution.

          1. “One can not fix stupid, Point taken, BAM 🙂

            What she meant, Please. Port politics at its best. This resolution was meaningless, just a feel-good action. Judge Lopez knows this. So what was the point of her action?

            And even then, I doubt Washington can just say/vote on foreign matters outside of their jurisdiction and expect it to happen. Though they probably have sway. JS



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