Getting To Know Manny

From Keila Torres Ocasio, CT Post:

Few are allowed into Manuel “Manny” Moutinho’s inner circle, yet the controversial developer is known wherever he goes.

Moutinho has built a multi-million dollar empire through lucrative deals on sewer projects, paving work, small developments and hundreds of real estate transactions over the last 40 years.

His name is often displayed in news stories about his oft-troubled developments, records of campaign finance contributions, lawsuits filed by and against him and it has even come up in an FBI investigation into a sewer project in Trumbull.

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  1. That was my point, Steven … rather than stick to the issue, the readers get an overdose of irrelevant information. His cultural background, his wife’s death, former residence, how many children, etc.; unnecessary, let alone unrelated. I’m surprised we didn’t find out what he had for breakfast.


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