GE Seeks Demolition Permit

General Electric, poised to deconstruct its massive vacant plant on Boston Avenue, will seek Monday night an Inland Wetlands permit for “the purpose of excavating and removing polluted soil from the upland area adjacent to Seeley Pond on property located at 1285 Boston Avenue.” The company also seeks a permit to demolish a portion of a building on property adjacent to Pembroke Lake at 1899 Seaview Avenue. Jeff Kohut, independent candidate for mayor and Lake Forest block watch leader shares this:

The Inland Wetlands and Waterways Commission (auxiliary commission of the Planning and Zoning Commission) is holding its monthly meeting, including a public hearing on several important items on Monday, April 25, 2011, 6:00 PM, at the City Council Chambers on Lyon Terrace, including a situation involving a threat to the Elton Rogers Park wetlands on Kaechele Place (see copy of agenda below, and attached) …

Following the Inland Wetlands meeting, at 6:45, also in the Council Chambers, is the full Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting which will also include public hearings on several important items, including one which provides for the rewriting of the Zoning Codes for commercial signage on spot-zoned properties in residential neighborhoods as Text Amendment … This zoning change, if passed, will directly affect North End neighborhoods and will allow Brookside Shopping Center-sized signage in spot-zoned properties adjacent to several North End neighborhoods (such as at the new TD Bank location and 16 other properties on Main Street), as well as other neighborhoods with spot-zoned properties around the rest of city, such as in the Upper East Side, and on Madison and Park Avenues …

Another public-hearing item of great concern to Bridgeport neighborhoods is the proposal for a temporary moratorium on adult entertainment facilities in Bridgeport (in response to homicides/violence/prostitution/drug-dealing at several such venues in Bridgeport, e.g., Gus Curcio-owned Club Allure on East Main Street– … Also on the P and Z agenda will be a public hearing pertaining to The Jewish Community Center/Jewish Home for the Elderly/Sacred Heart University.



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