Gaston Endorsed For State Senate, Incumbent Bradley Qualifies For Primary, Ortiz Seeks Petitions

Carolyn Nah, former leader of the regional NAACP, rises to nominate Herron Gaston.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Herron Gaston Tuesday night was overwhelmingly endorsed by Democratic Party regulars at the convention to represent Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District, the seat occupied by Dennis Bradley.

Whether Bradley has nine political lives is too soon to know but nine was the magic number delegate support he received, 15 percent, to punch his ticket to a ballot spot for an August primary preening for political remontancy. In a few weeks he’s scheduled to enter the great unknown in federal court charged with malfeasance of Connecticut’s program of publicly funded races.

Bradley’s looming predicament was echoed by Carolyn Nah, former leader of the regional NAACP, who nominated Gaston. What if Bradley isn’t acquitted, then what? she pondered to delegates sitting in a banquet hall at Testo’s Restaurant. “May the best man win.”

Dennis Bradley works delegates.

There is a woman in the race, newcomer Juliemar Ortiz who must secure a few thousand certified signatures of Democrats in the district to qualify for the primary.

Gaston received 42 votes, Bradley 9 and Ortiz 2 from delegates in the district comprising two thirds of Bridgeport and a small piece of Stratford.

Juliemar Ortiz and supporters will hit the streets in a petition drive.

Going in, most insiders believed if Bradley qualified for the ballot it would be by a whisker. He hit the number on the button, avoiding a petition drive. City Councilman Ernie Newton, who held the seat roughly 20 years ago, decided to support Bradley after toying with entering his name into nomination.

Bradley displayed effervescence throughout the evening working delegates to pick off the magic nine votes, or in case one slipped away. He even invited, in an impromptu, everyone to the “after party” no matter how they voted.

Accepting the nomination, Gaston told the crowd “You’ll have a champion in me … no longer will Bridgeport be last, Bridgeport will be first,” a reference to the shortage the city has received from the state in education dollars.

Gaston, an education wiz, serves as the Senior Pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Political Science/Pre-Law Studies, and a double master’s degree in Public Administration and Political Science from Florida A&M University; a Master’s degree in Divinity and a Master’s degree in Sacred Theology, both from Yale University; a Doctorate degree, specializing in Counseling Psychology from Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School; and a Law degree from Quinnipiac University.

Herron Gaston accepts nomination.

Gaston has a unique perspective of an abusive justice system loaded with trap doors for people of color, as noted by Nah. More than a decade ago, as a student at Yale, he was pulled from a classroom by federal marshals, confined in 23-hour lockup for nine days during an extradition to Florida where he was falsely accused of a sexual assault. After months of navigating the judicial system police admitted they got it wrong. A judge dismissed the charges.

Gaston wrote a book about the horror “The Darkest Night” an incarceration memoir from jail to Yale.

Insidious campaign operatives have fanned the flames of demagoguery, concocting false narratives about the actual occurrence in anonymous phone calls to district voters.

Gaston and supporters have taken pains to correct the record.

Marilyn Moore thanks delegates for support.

Earlier in the evening, State Senator Marilyn Moore who represents the city-suburban 22nd District was nominated for a fifth term by acclamation.



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      1. Stephanie Thompson, let me strongly suggest that you should NOT reply to other post on Only In Bridgeport concerning Rev. Herron Gaston because all you are doing is hurting his chances to win, let others post their support for Rev. Gaston, you should talk to Rev. Gaston and ask him what role that he would like you to have in helping him.

        1. I don’t think she’s been verified as an actual person yet. I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart. She could be anyone. Maybe Dr. Gaston could help. Dr. Gaston does Ms. Thomson exist and does she speak for you? And do you really smell nice as she says?

          1. Joseph Sokolovic, I have seen you in action. You are a bigot and you need a life! You need to fight for funding for our kids and stop running your mouth. What is wrong with you is what is wrong with Trump, you both are conspiracy theorist!

          2. Yeah i was at the convention last night with my aunt Bev. I saw all the snakes in the room! What business of yours is it Ron what role I am playing?? I am what I need to be ignorant just like you. However you serve it I am here for it. I can comment on whatever post I want. Who do you think you are controlling fool!!!

        2. I have the freedom to SPEAK! Dr. Gaston or nobody else can shut me up! I am a grown ass woman! How about you shut up because you are making Marilyn Moore look bad!

          1. Stephanie Thompson, now that’s what I’m talking about, nobody can shut you up, you are a “a grown ass woman!” Just like a runaway horse that nobody wants to be around. The pastor of church can’t tell you anything, wow.

      1. No thank you, I’ll stand in plain sight for what is right and provide a little education, in the form of a history lesson.

        Reverend, Dr. Gaston comes into Bridgeport from out of state and immediately sided with the DTC and those committing absentee ballot fraud.

        Shortly after appearing publicly and smearing those seeking to educate voters on Absentee fraud (some cases from back then ready for conviction). He opined on the subject without even speaking with the other side. Coincidently One month later he got a job working for Joe Ganim.

        Reverend, Dr. Gaston opines without all the facts, without even seeking both sides of the story, most recently appearing at a Board of Ed meeting and speaking for the very first time, incoherently in support of a parishioner who coincidently endorsed him two days later.

        It is my opinion, based on verifiable facts, that Reverend, Dr. Gaston is an opportunist who will pick whatever side will most benefit Dr. Gaston and he will not even hear both sides of an issue or story before leaping in and siding with those in the wrong.

        Anyone attempting to refute these words, kindly use evidence. I also, respectfully invite you, Ms. Thompson to post to my page any proof that you are actually a person and not a pseudonym made up to support Dr, Reverend Gaston.

        Thank you for reading.

        1. Actually, the proper way to write it is Rev. Dr. Gaston not the other way around, Sokolovic It shows how incoherent you are! What the hell are you talking about! You can say what you want, go get educated you dummy and then have a nerve to serve on the board of education! You got nerves.

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          1. Ok put away the race card. Using bigot and racist without any basis in fact is actually quite harmful to fighting racism. It’s almost as bad as what REV. Dr. Gaston did by coming into the community and immediately siding with the long entrenched white power structure in Bridgeport. He Defended the white man in his crooked fight against an intelligent black woman for control of this city.

          2. Stephanie Thompson, here’s one statement that I can totally agree with you about when you said, “Ganim came looking for Dr. Gaston, not the other way around!” Ganim needed a black male who would do whatever he wanted and what Mario Testa wanted without any questions. You it’s against the law to buy someone but you can still rent a black man and that’s what Ganim did, he rented Rev. Herron Gaston for his $13i0,000 Assistant Chief Administrative Officer position that help Rev. Gaston to buy those gold tip shoes.

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