Ganim Praises City’s Legislative Delegation For Delivering Extra Bucks

For years the city’s legislative delegation has been criticized for its lack of harmony to drive home more state dollars. This latest session seems to be a different story. Surrounded by state legislative leaders Martin Looney and Brendan Sharkey on Tuesday, Mayor Joe Ganim thanked the city’s legislative delegation for its hard work rescuing millions in state funding that had been on the chopping block to help fund the city budget that begins July 1.

Several members of the city’s legislative delegation including state senators Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes attended the press conference. Key pieces of legislation benefiting city taxpayers included capping automobile taxes at 37 mils, additional revenue to urban areas coming from a portion of state sales tax receipts and state reimbursement to cover a larger share as a result of tax-exempt properties such as hospitals, colleges and state buildings.

Ganim, delegation
Ganim with legislative delegation and leadership.

Sharkey and Looney address the legislation that benefited the city, and the working relationships that made it happen, in the video attached. Moore and Gomes share their perspective about the close working relationships. Gomes addresses the work required to restructure city pension payments that saved the city millions of dollars for the upcoming budget year.

When taxpayers receive July 1 bills Ganim says most homeowners will receive a cut or stay about the same with businesses absorbing the larger hit in a revaluation year. The City Council will set the tax rate in June which will likely be north of 50 mils. The immediate break that taxpayers will see is a reduction in car taxes. The state will reimburse the city the revenue difference as a result of the lower tax rate on cars.



  1. And it is Joe’s way of saying thanks by encouraging all the primaries that are now taking place.
    Thanks, Ed.
    Thanks, Marilyn.
    Now get out of the way so Democrats who supported me for mayor can take your place.
    Once again Joe Ganim fails to make the initial cut of candidates for the annual Profile in Courage award. But may qualify for the Profiles in Popular Politics award.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing.

      “Wow, you guys work so well together but because Uncle Mario didn’t pick you, you have to go.”

      I learned in the 9th Grade “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is a classic case of that if I ever saw one. We got a TON of help from the cash-strapped state and JoJo wants to screw it up. WOW.

    2. Bubba, right after the primary I was in the company of G2 when he expressed his desire to avoid primaries this year. For the first time I thought he got it this time. Needless to say, I was wrong. Why he follows Mario’s folly defies logic; it should be the other way around. But then, we really don’t know where these twisted decisions originate. Two peas in a pod.

  2. Congrats to all who brought home the bacon. Steve Stafstrom was not a Ganim supporter and neither was Jack Hennessy. Nobody is attempting to challenge them!

    1. As I said, it’s the current black state elected officials who are being challenged. People in Black Rock were talking about Stafstrom like a dog but no one is running against him.

      1. Ron Mackey–people were talking about Stafstrom in Black Rock like a dog? I have never heard a bad word about Mr. Stafstrom. He was supported by Ganim, Foster and Finch. Who talked about him like a dog? Care to elaborate?

      2. Wtf was talking about Stafstrom as a dog? The big issue was the absentee ballots. And now we have the jerks from the East Side who elected Ganim as mayor of East Bridgeport and now we are stuck with this mess for another 3-1/2 fluckin’ years.

    2. They work well together, that’s for sure. But I think the congratulations goes to the City of Bridgeport for electing them. I think helping the city is all the congratulations they are looking for.

  3. Bridgeport’s two state senators, Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes, did what was best for the City of Bridgeport and their record shows that. What does Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa do? They show they’re not loyal to our only two State Senators who did the hard work in the senate. Thanks Joe for turning your back on those who help Bridgeport.

  4. Publicly praising the legislative delegation while not supporting the two senators who contributed so largely to this–no, not even having the courage to stop the two senators from being politically undermined by the political power brokers who helped get you elected–is dishonest.

    Worse, it’s like praising your spouse for his/her loving contributions to the family and local scouts while cheating on him/her.

  5. This defies credulity, you have done such a great job in making a difference for Bridgeport and its residents, we are now trying to replace you. How dare they go to Hartford and do their jobs extremely well, that’s not the Bridgeport way.

  6. Do you think Joe had anything to do with this or did state legislative leaders Martin Looney and Brendan Sharkey call for this press conference and included Joe, to his dismay? Were Joe and Mario outplayed by some political heavyweights who wanted to get the message out you already have the best in Hartford so there’s no need to replace them? Can’t you just see the political mailings with a picture of Joe at the podium saying what great a job Marilyn and Ed did representing Bridgeport in Hartford?

    1. Don, as Lisa has said, Mario was on the outside looking in when Finch was mayor so now he wants people to know he’s back and for some strange reason Joe is following right behind him. Now Joe won’t support the two black Bridgeport state senators but it was okay for Joe to get the black vote tha put him back into office but he doesn’t want the two black state senators.

      1. Don, do you imagine the black vote will be for Moore? Do you not understand it is 2016? If Moore had any clout in the Black Community maybe she would be the darling of Bridgeport. She does not. She was a Foster supporter as was Gomes. I do not think anyone is breaking down the doors to the Mayor’s office asking him to support Moore. Now, I am a fan of Ed Gomes, he is an icon, but he is being challenged by another black man. Is Dennis Bradley black? Is he not black enough? Are other individuals not supposed to be passionate about the city and fight to improve it? Dennis Bradley may have not earned the respect of many voters, but Dennis Bradley is a smart, educated man. He is a lawyer. He has youth on his side and can learn quickly. Ed Gomes has a history and a loyal following. It will be the race to watch as well as Maria Pereira and Charlie Stallworth. Ganim is supporting Stallworth. He is black. Does that count?

        1. Steve, please take your meds because you are sick. Is Dennis Bradley black? Dennis Bradley is a smart, educated man. He is a lawyer. Is he not black enough? Are other individuals not supposed to be passionate about the city and fight to improve it? First, Bradley is NOT black, he’s a lawyer, he can’t even chair a BOE. Bradley is the same type of kiss-ass you were to Bill Finch. Hey Steve, how much did it cost the taxpayers to buy out McCarthy? Race has no meaning to you so don’t talk about it.

        2. Steven Auerbach, you are employed as a teacher in the Bridgeport school system and you made this statement, Ganim is supporting Stallworth. He is black. Does that count? Steve, there are five incumbent black Bridgeport state officials being challenged and Mayor Ganim who got elected by the black community is now supporting one of those, Rep. Stallworth, so he’s supporting 20% of those blacks who brought back state money to help Bridgeport. Steve, 20%, thanks Joe.

          1. Steve Auerbach,
            Sometimes you are employed in the public educational system? And though I know you declare yourself fiscally without knowledge, you have commented on “bringing home the bacon” from Hartford in another post. But where have you you raised the needs of the educational system this budget season as a City priority that crosses all racial, religious, and cultural lines? Why have you ignored the needs of the City’s youngest and most needy?
            They have been studiously ignored by Mayor Ganim (who had no mention of education in his budget priorities this year), Tom McCarthy, most of the City Council and overall, the State of CT.
            Steve, you are a taxpayer and the City Council budget cutters, from info revealed so far, have left accounts that for years have showed surplus rather than deficit on the appropriations side, intact for another year. So much for informed cost-cutting or pro-youth education dollars.

            Many people celebrate St. Jude as a patron saint of “lost causes.” I know of no one who prays for your political support because of your almost legendary record supporting losing political causes. But your current resurfacing in time for primaries and elections gives notice to OIB readers who may wonder whether your current candidate hoopla will change your stats this season. Politics in Bridgeport often duplicates the behavior seen in “high school elections” unfortunately, but when there are credible issues like adequate educational funding, and people within the system fail to speak up for those needs, we are left wanting. Will you graduate your commentary and hold folks in governance responsible and accountable? Time will tell.

  7. JML,
    Don’t try to confuse Stevie. He might have a melt down. Ask him questions he can respond to on an emotional level and not intellectually. Thank you.

    1. Oh Bob Walsh, stop crying. You have work to do. Tom McCarthy could not fit any more people into the Vazzy’s 19th hole. The electricity in the room was overwhelming.

      John Marshall Lee. As you are aware, I make a below-poverty salary working at the schools. I love it though and always a smile on my face. I do not have children in the school system and my time is extremely valuable. I have many friends I have no time to see and a mother who currently needs me. I do not need to fight for the BOE. Maria Pereira is there as the advocate. I trust her! And I trust your droning will go on forever!

        1. Hey Frank,
          Give him a break. It’s the first time he is running and, so what, he doesn’t know the district lines. Fairfield, Trumbull, Stratford, who cares? As long as it’s not in Bridgeport. He doesn’t want to get Marshall pissed off by giving his business to Bridgeport.

  8. Oh John Marshall Lee, Marilyn Moore is going to lose. My legendary political losses? Let’s see JML, you had a loss in Black Rock and we got two very good candidates. Pete Spain was your losing advisor, no? Many strategy meetings? I think I will have a Trifecta. I would not!!! throw money at the school system, I would fire some underperforming teachers. I do not regret my time seeing first-hand in the Bridgeport educational system. We have some really wonderful teachers as well as many poor teachers who need to go. The Teachers union needs to go and I totally supported the takeover of the BOE. I am supporting Tom McCarthy. He is going to be awesome for the city of Bridgeport.

    I rarely comment on the blog these days. I miss that. Same people, same redundant conversation.

    I proudly supported Bill Finch. I regret supporting Foster for the last few weeks. I think Joe Ganim is doing a fine job and clearly, this blog is hostile to other people’s opinions. I do not recall insulting anyone. See you guys on the campaign trail. Me, I will be focusing on leaving the School system and getting Tom McCarthy and Hillary Clinton elected. I will of course be watching the races outside my district. I understand it is best to support only those who are a part of the 134th. So in case there is no question, I am supporting Jim Himes and Blumenthal as well as Tom McCarthy and the future President of the United States Hillary Clinton. I wish everyone on the blog well and good luck with your candidates. 🙂 I expect my candidates to win. If they do not, it is not a reflection on me. They will all succeed! BTW I am on my break at one of the best schools in the city of Bridgeport, Park City Magnet! Did I see Maria Pereira talking to parents after the concert??? That will be the race to watch. Of course, this is all my opinion. I respect everyone else’s.

    1. Accusing me of “droning on,” Steve? A subject with which you are so familiar? With so many observations on the school system stored up in your fevered memory, perhaps you can sort out the facts, put them in some rational order and provide an “insider” feast for OIB. That would be a different type of entry for you certainly.

      Yes Steve, I ran in Black Rock a year ago and lost in a run for Council. Is that “news” to anyone on OIB? Or is it “in your face” in your own style of “respecting everyone else’s” opinion? When you “flack for candidates” as you have so publicly done in the past, and they do not win, why do you not see yourself covered with “splash?”

      The keypad is not the only thing that is failing you, I suspect. Don’t be sad and sorry. What are City priorities? You know, things that are universal and for all the people, white, black and brown. You do not speak of them easily, perhaps because then you would be accountable when the priorities are not addressed by the candidates you endorse? Accountability and transparency are necessary for officeholders and employees, no? Seeing Tom McCarthy and you on the campaign trail occasionally will be a treat. A politician who knew far more about fiscal matters than he ever cared to share with voters and a political supporter who didn’t care about fiscal matters but loved to be around politicians. At this time when deficits show on operating budgets and balance sheets too, such a duo might be termed “strange bedfellows,” no? How long will the public feel it is represented, thusly? Much less, well represented?

      And Steve, if meeting the school administration with funding as required by contract is “throwing money at the school system,” where would your opinions take us? How do you keep good teachers and remove those who may have burned out but are in place? And why shouldn’t teachers have a bargaining unit? And if the BOE keypad you are using truly sucks, perhaps you need to become more of a whistle blower. What’s this about you “leaving the school system?” Will there be a retirement party following this announcement?

      Steve, I ran in the 130th as you know, and of the two candidates who ran and won on the Democratic Line, Katie Bukovsky and Scott Burns you say “We got two very good candidates.” Perhaps Kate and Scott have been too busy to keep in touch with constituents in the 130th through the first six months of their two-year terms, but what do you see they accomplished Citywide (representing all taxpayers and voters in that time period)? What have they done since, as you mention, you are focused on the 134th? I have had a conversation or two, especially with Scott about fiscal matters, but what supports your broad compliment? Time will tell.

    2. Steve,
      John Lee and Tyisha Toms won 46% of the primary vote.

      They ran a great campaign.

      They are assets to our city and region.

      I was and always maintained I was a foot soldier volunteer for their campaign and proud of it. Let me know whoever said I was their “advisor,” please.

      You, Mr. Auerbach, are a self-advertorial for ignorance and arrested development.

  9. The results of the primaries and the November General Election may prove to have a pivotal effect on the politics in the City of Bridgeport.

  10. A lot of comments here but I am asking for some general help. Joel Gonzalez mentioned this but I am looking for contributors to both the Finch and Ganim mayoral campaigns. Joe said something about going down to City hall?

  11. Frank the Cabana Boy; you said, re the site of Tom McCarthy’s fundraiser:
    “In Fairfield??? He is running for D22 Senate and holds his first event in Fairfield?”

    Just par for the course with Tom, he’s trying to get to Hartford so he can raise money for his clients (SHU, Trumbull) to purchase Bridgeport land and infrastructure assets. The event was really more of an investors’ meeting than a political fundraiser. We can probably also think of it as a real-estate showing for Tom’s SHU handlers.


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