Ganim Appoints Elizabeth Rivera-Rodriguez New Health Director

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Today, Mayor Ganim announced Mrs. Elizabeth Rivera-Rodriguez to be appointed as the Director of Health and Social Services for the City of Bridgeport Health Department. Upon approval of CT DPH Commissioner Manisha Juthani, MD and confirmation by the BPT City Council, Rivera-Rodriguez will be sworn in to serve a four-year statutory term commencing on or about October 2, 2023. Ms. Rivera-Rodriguez has been serving as Chief Operations Officer for Optimus Health Care, Inc. since 2021. Prior to this position, she was Optimus’ Chief Nursing Officer for three years.  She holds a Master of Public Health specializing in community health education from Southern Connecticut State University. With her experience and bilingual abilities, Rivera-Rodriguez will ensure the City’s continued capacity to provide top quality essential health care services to all residents of Bridgeport.

“We’re elated to have Elizabeth Rivera-Rodriguez be a part of our team of administrators within the City of Bridgeport,” Mayor Ganim stated. “Elizabeth is from Bridgeport and has an incredible history as a leader in our community as she was formally the Chief Operations Officer for Optimus Health Care, Inc. She was also a formal part of the City’s Health Department and left in 2010 to further her career within healthcare at Optimus Health Care, Inc. We’re extremely happy to have her back in the Health Department, working as a leader of the Bridgeport Health Department. We look forward to working with someone as dedicated to the health and wellness of our residents as Elizabeth.”


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  1. Welcome back to public service as a resident and former worker in City government.
    If we are post COVID today, whatever that may mean for real, the several recent appointments in the City health area have been followed by departures too rapid for the creation of trust at a needed moment. Hopefully you can secure resources to assist all residents in wellness and healing while providing a model of the opportunity to practice your education, skills, and experience for the benefit of others that will inspire and motivate City students at all levels. Peace and health. Time will tell.


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