Ganim Announces Reorganization, City Staff Changes

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim announced today that the administration is implementing a reorganization plan that touches several key departments across the City in an effort to improve city operations and fill key positions.

Below are some of the key highlights of the reorganization:

Police Department
— Chief Porter will conduct a search to fill the role of Assistant Chief of Police.
— Three Lieutenants in the Police Department have been elevated to the rank of Captain.
— The Police Department will civilianize financial work currently being done by police officers.

Health Department
Sumit Sharma will be elevated to Deputy Director of Health overseeing the Communicable Disease Clinic, Environmental Health, Housing Code, and Blight divisions.
Tammy Papa will become the Deputy Director of Social Services overseeing the new social services unit, Veterans Affairs, Lighthouse, and the Mayor’s Office for Re-Entry Affairs.
David Reyes will be appointed Director of Health Equity and Emergency Preparedness with a focus on reaching out to community organizations to promote equity in public health and coordinating public health emergency response.

Public Facilities
Craig Nadrizny will move from “Acting” to permanent Director of Public Facilities.
Aaron Curry will be elevated to Deputy Director of Public Facilities overseeing the Municipal Garage, Roadway, Recycling, and Sanitation.
Michelle Otero will transition from Contract Compliance Officer to Director of Construction Services.
Jed Ferrante will become the Supervisor of Custodial Services overseeing city custodians and tradesmen.
— Public Facilities will advertise and fill a number of roles within the department including the role of Supervisor of District Operations, Tree WardenParks Manager, Garage Manager, among others.
— The Department of Aging will be transferred from the Health Department to Parks and Recreation under Public Facilities.

Office of the Mayor
Constance Vickers will become the Director of Legislative Affairs and ARPA Coordinator for the City of Bridgeport. She will coordinate the City’s legislative agenda with the Bridgeport delegation, as well as assume additional responsibilities managing the City’s American Rescue Plan expenditures and reporting.
Andy Toledo will transition to the Director of Community Relations, who will serve as the Mayor’s liaison to the Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZs), the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), and the Downtown Special Services District (DSSD). He will continue to handle the Mayor’s appointments to the Boards and Commissions.

The Office of the CAO
— The second Assistant Chief Administrative Officer position is permanently eliminated and will be replaced by the position of Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.
— The role of Special Project Manager will be publicly advertised.

Finance Department
— The City will advertise a new position in the Finance Department entitled Property Manager focusing on coordination of city leases and management of city properties.

Office of Planning and Economic Development
— The Economic Development Associate will be elevated to Special Project Coordinator with a focus on project management within OPED.
— The Economic Development Associate position will be publicly advertised. Included in these responsibilities will be a focus on facilitating and promoting the arts in the City of Bridgeport.

Citywide Permitting, Licensing, and Code Enforcement Review
— The City of Bridgeport will be procuring an outside consultant to conduct a thorough review of all of the City’s permitting, licensing, and code enforcement divisions, including Building, Zoning, Fire Marshal, Engineering, Environmental Health, Housing Code, and Blight. This analysis will look at policies, procedures, and personnel within each of these departments over the course a few months and will make recommendations to the administration on changes and restructuring that is needed in each of these departments.

Note that the items listed above do not encompass all of the reorganization items that are going to happen now or may happen as we prepare for the FY 23-24 budget.

“It is important that we periodically examine the structure of city government and fill key positions to ensure that we are operating efficiently and effectively for the benefit of our constituents,” stated Mayor Ganim. “I am confident that the changes that we are making today will make our departments stronger and will place talented individuals in key positions that will improve city government operations.”



  1. “Craig Nadrizny will move from “Acting” to permanent Director of Public Facilities.” Finally, Craig Nadrizny made it to the list of Directors. This now makes him Craig (List) Nadrizny.

    “Jed Ferrante will become the Supervisor of Custodial Services overseeing city custodians and tradesmen.” Lennie, this position sounds like the vacancy created by Bobby Hammond’s retirement. Hammond was also responsible for overseeing BOE custodians. Will Ferrante watch over the BOE crew too?

    1. Supervisor of Custodial Services , I don’t seem to recall that one being posted on the Civil Service website, How come African-Americans and Hispanic people , never seem to get these jobs ( in the city of Bridgeport )

  2. Lennie, my OIBoycott due to your uncalled insult of OIB friend JML last year, is hereby lifted. Take your own advice and be nice to those going through issues. Hope all is well with you. As for me, I’m trying to get back to work. A funny thing happened along the way, I’m waiting to see if the first step works out and see where it leads to. I’ll reach out to you if it pans out.

    Where are the OIB trolls? I’m sure Bob Walsh wasn’t the only troll here. This troll learned from the best p, I got elected in 1995 and Bob Walsh played an important role in sharpening my fangs. RIP Bob Walsh. On your above topic, maybe you should consider amending the title to: Ganim Announces Reorganization, City Staff/Campaign Contributor Changes. They gotta do better. I mean when a BOE janitor contributes 10 times more than a non-profit CEO, it’s time to say something.
    I’m hearing Gomes has a pretty sharp ax going. By the looks of its sharpness, I’d say some Cubans were involved, they were good at cutting down Sugarcane fields back in the days– 100 grand ain’t bad and then there’s the Cuban-Italian funds.
    Any other committees out there we don’t know about yet? How much has Mario raised so far? I see his business got a nice pizza the action. Any news on what Rebbeca Garcia is up to? It took me a while to hack into the city’s system and was fortunate to get her location.


    John Gomes masterminded 99% of this plan resulting in an instant savings on $3.5 million. When Ganim insisted it was his idea, Gomes abruptly quit, feeling he could use this behavior as a constant campaign tactic. Gomes wrote the book before Ganim fired its author.
    CAO is Gomes’ wheelhouse and Herron Gaston will soon regret not leaving that post. If serving two masters (city, state) is hard, serving three masters (city, state, church) is even harder.

  4. It’s a new year and the opportunity for all the elected folks in Bridgeport to be sure their current residence address is reported to the City Clerk office in January each year, or not, and meet the Ordinance passed several years ago by the CC.
    Interesting to finally see some details about reorganization in this article. But when will the changes become part of the info of print info on the City website? With details showing differences, especially increases in personnel/expenses, under Civil Service and in the “political payroll” hopefully?
    Thank you to what Joel G mentioned is the end of his OIB boycott. His news often provides me with insight not showing up elsewhere. That can be valuable in finding balance as you look at Bridgeport.
    He also referenced what he called an ‘insult by publisher to me’. Lennie was driving off the tracks on that lengthy posting, and thought he was just having a tough day. I wished he could have written an article on the subject, limit the questions he asked (while criticizing me for asking questions) and sought real answers from me, offline or otherwise. But I just keep writing, one day at a time. People keep reading and thanking me for the facts and opinion provided, and increasing the community IQ (Information quotient) by seeking responses to questions or the unknown.
    Herron Gaston is now a State Senator with long or short sessions every other year and compensation, has a City job, presumably full time with full salary and benefits, a faith community leadership where he may receive financial expense reimbursements, salary, or benefits. or not, as a volunteer, and was reported to still have a post at Yale Divinity School in New Haven. How much of that is true at this time has not been cited on OIB. But wearing too many hats does lead to problems for even talented and educated persons. What is open and accountable about a person serving the public with the same 24/7 life experience provided to each of us? Time will tell.

  5. Speed intrigued I am. Please repost the link to our host’s insult to JML.

    John, it is nice to see you pose questions outside of Port’s “white supremacy” governance, but I would advise you when detracting against Sen. Gaston. You can arouse and incur the rebuttal of Stephanie. 🙂

    Thought it must be encouraging to you to see a black man receive such benefits as a city job with the compensation of full-time work with a decent salary and benefits that “whites” have enjoyed for so long coming out of Port’s governance, No?

    I am not detracting from your inquiries about accountable, effectual, and effective governance. However, as you keep on writing, one day at a time. It was regretful to see you didn’t pose any questions on Lennie’s post regarding Chief Porter’s Corner on the subject matter of BPD information access to the public. Considering there were many regarding it with Chief Garcia.

    Though I understand. It can be a challenge and a balancing act at times. Conversation/discussion with the intent of indoctrination wants to be one-sided, without collateral damage.

    Quick question, Did you read Herron Gaston’s book “The Darkest Night: An Incarceration Memoir, From Jail to Yale”? I was intrigued by his story as he ran for office and wanted to read it, but the local libraries didn’t have it. Perhaps when my financial condition improves and stop by Kindred Thoughts I can pick up a copy there.

    However, I was able to find a copy of “Chase” by Lennie and Ron’s “No black Heroes” at the library. Ron’s was kind of thick, thick’s book I read to date. 🙂 To be fair it wasn’t as juices as I thought it was going to be, I was thinking “The Wire”.

    Though he should be pleased to see Porter as Chief of Police. 🙂

    1. RT
      Greetings during the weekend the nation has set aside to honor the works and words during the too short life of Martin Luther King.
      You seem to have much time on your hands to write multiple and lengthy messages these days, but no time to respectfully have a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of water briefly where we can “stop, look, and listen” to the words from each of us in conversation and walk away with some form of satisfaction or learning. Up to you dude.
      I am an old white man who has lived in Bridgeport the past 35 years. Folks seem to chuckle at that factual personal description when I tell them. Find any factual errors?
      Do you want some of your own questions answered, and then move on to added comprehension and perhaps learning? Would you like to become more solid in what you assume to be my positions, but are not necessarily? Time will tell.

      1. Likewise John,

        Yeah, MLK’s life was cut short as many lives were in the pursuit of MLK’s words that echoed the founding fathers in the creation of this nation, which has now honored MLK. Though many will go without being honored, recognized, or tributed. You can’t get here from there.

        There might be a misunderstanding. We have “stopped, looked, and listened in conversations since 2015, 9 years, on OIB, The Best ESL class ever. 🙂 Hence the length of my converse. Far more than what would be attained over a cup of coffee. What do you think you will ascertain about me that you have not learned on OIB?

        Though walking away with some form of satisfaction would be based on one’s own perspective.
        You are a man of questions. If you have questions for me, ask and you will receive them, but I can’t guarantee satisfaction. 🙂

      2. As for my assumption of your position, it’s based on the conversation we have had over the past the last 9 years or so. I don’t find any factual error in your words that claim you lived in the Port for 35 years or that you are an old white male. You have no reason to lie, do you? Though if they are coded works with a hidden/different meaning do not blame me, blame Webster. I am a simple man. 😂

        I depart with the Apostle Lynyrd Skynyrd

        1. P.S P.S. I am pretty solid, thanks, I don’t coward/hide behind my words. I have no time for that.🤣

          Though I have questions, we all have questions. You pose many on OIB, but few answers. So I am not sure you can answer the more philosophic ones I may have. Hence moving on to added comprehension and perhaps learning would be a moot point. Wouldn’t you say? That’s an easy one, John. Even my comprehension abilities can answer it, with satisfaction. 🤣

  6. “It is important that we periodically examine the structure of city government and fill key positions to ensure that we are operating efficiently and effectively for the benefit of our constituents,” stated Mayor Ganim. “I am confident that the changes that we are making today will make our departments stronger and will place talented individuals in key positions that will improve city government operations.”

    The heck with your “constituents” Joe. My pockets and that of many Bridgeport City Employees are (Flat)to. Where the heck are our W-2 forms? Afraid most of them will contribute generously to the Marilyn Moore for Mayor Committee? Trust me it’s not going to happen. We better get them by Monday.

  7. Why do I wish to meet you. To see your humanity, sir, and have a likely comfortable conversation. Would that please you or not? Perhaps you are a form of “artificial intelligence” programmed over time to improve vocabulary, spelling, and other writing skills? Or not.
    For instance, at one sitting you could produce the alternative thoughts you had on my two posts above.
    Count them and think about the time you spent between 8:47PM and 12:08 AM the following day with posting activity noted at 8:47, 8:50, 9:34, 10:03, 10:17, 10:38, 10:57 and out at 12:08 AM in addition to your original post at 2:51 pm . Can an an in person conversation between the two of us, serve me, you, or the OIB reading public better? Still your choice. Time will tell.

  8. well, we would have to define intelligence, wouldn’t we? 🤣

    As well as alternatives. I mean if I alter my thoughts either you or I would/or have been unfaithful to our thoughts on OIB. I neither have no reason nor have you made the claim for me to do so.

    So what would be the purpose of the meeting? Though there is one. I mean everything has a purpose, even programs to improve vocabulary, spelling, and other writing skills. Wouldn’t you say? 🙂

    Perhaps you, I, and OIB read public will be better served if we meet for a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of water, perhaps not. For OIB, I guess it would depend on the choices we make afterward, though with me the help of those writing programs, you aforementioned, But would you agree your posts have served IOB readers with regards to better governance? Yet how many cups of coffee you had with G2 or any of the sitting CC members?

    Although, if I am a form of an “artificial intelligence” program the choice would be an illusion fro this dude. 🤣


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