FUSE Staffer Lands Job With Finch

From Brian Lockhart and Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Mayor Bill Finch has given safe harbor to a former staffer with FUSE, the charter school management company scuttled earlier this year by personnel scandals.

Finch’s office last week confirmed that Indra Sen, FUSE’s director at the city’s Paul Laurence Dunbar elementary school, who has been sighted recently at school board meetings, will earn $90,593 as the administration’s deputy chief administrative officer for legislative affairs and mayoral initiatives.

“Bringing top talent onto our staff is a priority of my administration, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here,” Finch said in a statement.

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  1. Another controversial appointment by our shithead leader Bill Finch. Another $90K job for a person of questionable background. Is this payback for what FUSE gave the administration?

  2. “setbacks to Finch’s education reforms.”
    Would any OIB reader care to hazard a guess as to what these reforms are? And if you are able to lay them out for all to see what does a timetable look like and what dollars are required from those who will pay?
    In observing the educational activities of the past four years, other than controlling the Board of Education membership, it does not seem educational progress for the youth of the community has been a priority for Mayor Finch. And meeting State targets for “minimum budget requirement” has been a negotiable item for the Mayor’s Office. And while a well attended meeting (from City side and Public Schools, including Council and BOE) has been held where the Superintendent set out a necessary sum of $6 Million, there has been no response from the Mayor or his public relations staff.

    “Bringing top talent onto our staff is a priority of my administration, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here,” Finch said in a statement. Now there is a priority we know the Mayor stands behind. Bright, young, well-educated and well compensated personnel are engaged in City work, some in positions that never existed and for which there appeared no accountability for results. While unions take cuts or furloughs (any more word on the 2013-14 pursuit?) and departments are cut so severely necessary choices are made to maintain some duties and ignore others, executive staff grows like weeds. What do they do as public servants and towards the Mayor’s priorities? Open, Accountable and Transparent? Time will tell.

  3. Sen goes from working for no-doctorate-“Dr.” Sharpe

    (June 22, 2014 Courant.com reported: “Sharpe pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling more than $100,000 and conspiring to defraud California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit District, or BART, where he had been a real estate manager. He served 2-1/2 years of a five-year sentence, and later returned to prison in the early 1990s after a finding that he violated probation.”) …

    to working for Finch.

    Could Sen be an undercover agent for the feds?

    And another question:
    In light of the following Finch statement:
    “Bringing top talent onto our staff is a priority of my administration, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here.”

    Shouldn’t then the Finch administration be actively seeking a replacement for Mayor Finch?

    1. Steve,
      That is by far the funniest comment you have ever written on OIB. Do I have your permission to use this over and over again as I speak with parents and voters?

      I have gotten some great nicknames from one source I have used over and over again. They include Rob Traitor instead of Rob Traber, Andre Baker the Faker and Dishonest Dave (Hennessey).


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