Come On-A My House, Ayala House

Tito Ayala, Andres Ayala
Tito Ayala campaigns with nephew Andres Ayala on primary day 2012.

When it comes to bona fide residency, the Ayala family of political operatives could be a reality television series, be it State Senator Andres Ayala, his cousin outgoing State Rep. Christina or his uncle Tito, a former city councilman.

Former City Councilman Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez has railed about Andres Ayala’s residency on OIB for years. Andres Ayala tells CT Post scribe Brian Lockhart, whose reporting prodded the State Elections Enforcement Commission to examine residency issues of Christina Ayala, that he resides in the district he represents, Connecticut’s 23rd Senatorial and only strays to the neighboring district in honor of love. From Lockhart:

They say a man’s home is his castle.

State Sen. Andres Ayala’s “home” is more like an outpost to meet residency laws so he can represent the 23rd District while maintaining a long-term relationship just outside of Ayala’s legislative turf.

“If you want to stake out and watch me come in and come out, feel free to do so,” Ayala, 45, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

Despite earning roughly six figures as an educator and legislator, Ayala said for months he has lived with a roommate in a nondescript third-floor apartment on Hancock Avenue rather than, as critics suspect, girlfriend Carmen Colon’s Cleveland Avenue home.

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  1. Park City too, that’s how much you know. He’s actually stealing money from the the state by defrauding the people in the district he’s supposed to live in and doesn’t, that’s a crime!!!

  2. He’s been registered at eight different addresses in ten years. Sounds like he is on the run from someone or something. And then he admits he would rather sleep with Carmen’s brother than with Carmen?
    He is either the most dedicated public servant or OMG he’s GAY!!!

    1. Walsh. You have to be the lowest of all who comment here. You have officially hit bottom. What a slimeball thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a bum who did nothing but b!#@h and moan while on the council while getting nothing done. Now you are here calling someone “gay.” You sir, are an idiot, loser and jackass. So do yourself a favor. Get a life, try to smile just one time in your life, then f#


      1. Why don’t you try to find your sense of humor?

        It was a JOKE!!!

        He is telling the press he goes home to a run-down building to share an apartment with his significant other’s brother and rushes over to her house at 7:00 in the morning for breakfast.

        And you obviously believe this.

        Once you start using your real name then we will know all the wonderful things you have done for The ‘Port.

        I am proud of my record of accomplishments and failed efforts on the council.

  3. BRAVO BRAVO, BOB! At least you have pointed out what even a blind man can see. People should realize when you’re dirty you are always dirty! He (Ayala) has lied to the people of his district and to the State of Connecticut, and it mystifies me this article comes out and the regulars on OIB have not commented on it. Is it because they are scared? But you Mr. Walsh should be applauded for your comment. As for your record on the council, you stood for what you believed in and tried to make people on that council see the wrong that was going on. What I can’t understand is how people feel Mr. Ayala is being attacked by the press and he is squeaky clean, when again he is STEALING from the State and defrauding the City he represents. According to John Marshal Lee, time will tell, but according to ME, it’s time for the FBI.

    1. Dear Straight Shooter,
      Perhaps you are a new reader or just a new writer. I have written on multiple topics, though not specifically on Andres Ayala and his multiple domiciles. I have asked for the SHERIFF to come to town and look into the “illegalities.” Are they looking and we do not know it? Are they looking and finding and preparing? Is it all grey and not black and white? Time will tell, I truly believe, and so I end each piece that way. Meanwhile, I help dig up new info and connect it to other someone out there may know more about … and then … maybe … time will tell.


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