Former School Board Chief Max Medina Approved For State Bench

Former Board of Education Chair and 2003 mayoral candidate Max Medina will be donning a robe soon after his confirmation to the state Superior Court.

Joint statement from State House members Christopher Rosario and Antonio Felipe:

Our government should reflect the rich tapestry of racial diversity that is the United States and so every day we strive to move toward that goal. We are proud to say that today we make progress as we confirm a number of judges from a variety of backgrounds including Bridgeport’s Max Medina who is of Puerto Rican descent. We congratulate Judge Medina and all the judges today that will contribute to an increasingly diverse judicial system.

A group of judges were confirmed at today’s legislative session.



  1. I know my good friend Ed Gomes is smiling today. He always believed that the appointment of judges was one of the most important duties of the legislature.
    Ed would tell you too many times that he knew Max when he used to work summers at Carpenter Steel when Max’s father worked there. Ed would be proud of Max today.


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