First-In-Flight Debate On Cable Show

Connecticut Post reporter John Burgeson is scheduled to appear tonight at 8 on the Bridgeport Now cable access show co-hosted by Robert Foley in a discussion about the bill before the Ohio state legislature that rejects Bridgeport’s Gustave Whitehead as first in flight. The show can be viewed on channel 88 Cablevision or

Burgeson has written extensively about Whitehead’s work. Research last year by Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft, the bible of the aviation industry, shed new light on the German immigrant’s aviation breakthrough two years before the Wright brothers.

Ohio State Rep. Rick Perales has agreed to call in to the show to explain the bill seeking “To repudiate the claim by the State of Connecticut that Gustave Whitehead successfully flew a powered, heavier than air machine of his own design on August 14, 1901, or on any other date.”



  1. Thanks for watching. We had a really productive show. The Ohio state Rep. Rick Perales, who wrote the proposed bill, did call in and was appreciative of being allowed sufficient time to state his case.

    The proposed Ohio bill says Connecticut was not ‘first in flight’ and Gustave Whitehead never flew. When we inquired as to the strong or overly confident language of the bill, he said: “it may have been strong, I don’t have a problem with re-wording some of it.”


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