Fire In West End Factory Buildings–Formerly Occupied By Casco And Nest Arts


Around 7pm the first call went out for a fire at the abandoned factories at Hancock and Railroad Avenue. The site has seen its share of fires over the winter but this time it affected three of the buildings. Several firefighters were overcome with heat exhaustion and by the acidic smoke. Two firefighters have been hospitalized due to heat exhaustion.

Trains passing were slowed to a crawl while traveling through the area. The mayor’s office has been recommending residents to keep their windows closed to keep smoke from entering their homes. Shelton, Easton, Fairfield and Trumbull are few of the fire companies that provided mutual aid in fighting this fire.



  1. I see a pattern in this City where the City allows thriving arts colonies, in this case NEST, to be relocated, such as the Remington Arts Colony and subsequently taken over by a speculative developer, then burned to the ground. What was the Mayor saying last week about how important the arts are? Next up is the Editorial Page of the Post saying all these buildings should be torn down. Bridgeport: the “New Detroit.” No “Surprise,” this is Bridgeport.

  2. Great article on arson and abandoned factory buildings in BPT. I wonder if Sal DiNardo owned the Casco site. Or maybe they were given the wrong address on Railroad Avenue. Maybe they thought they were at a failed HALFWAY HOUSE?


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