Federal Judge Dismisses Discrimination Claim Over Police Chief Hire

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A federal judge has thrown out the discrimination lawsuit against the city by a recently retired police captain who claimed he was deprived of the police chief’s job because he is Black.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Meyer ruled Thursday that Roderick Porter had not proven his case that the city discriminated against him first when it selected Armando Perez over him to be police chief and later, when it appointed Rebeca Garcia to be the acting police chief after Perez’s arrest for cheating on the police chief’s exam.

“I conclude that the city has come forward with legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for its promotion decisions,” the judge stated. He also ruled there was no evidence that the city or Garcia retaliated against Porter after he filed his discrimination complaint.

“We are greatly disappointed and are exploring our options by way of an appeal,” said Porter’s lawyer, Thomas Bucci.

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  1. While I understand that the legal “parameters” may not have been met to prove his case,
    Porter and the other candidates were much better qualified than was A.J.— By far!

    1. And a Puerto Rican (Casanova) lost his place on the throne. Maybe it’s the best thing that could have happened. Now they need to STOP trying to paint Rebecca Garcia as a racist.


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