Faiths Come Together With Sale Of Treasured Church

United Congregational Church
United Congregational Church. CT Post photo Ned Gerard.

From John Burgeson, CT Post:

The Bridgeport Islamic Community Center, in a $1 million sale, will become the new owner of one of the most storied churches in the city on May 1.

The move goes beyond one of economic expediency for the United Congregational Church at the corner of State Street and Park Avenue, said the Rev. Sara Smith.

“We are proud to make this move,” Smith said. “Where there is fear and uncertainty and outright bigotry in some places, this building will still be the beacon of hope for people of all faiths, all races, all backgrounds–a beacon to bring all people together for the common good.”

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  1. What a gorgeous Church. What a beautiful Mosque. I wish the Islamic community the best in their new home of religious prayer and education.

    I do not know why this is so historic. We drive around Bridgeport. The city used to have an extremely large Jewish population. Many of the Jewish houses of worship in every corner of this city have been converted to Christian houses of worship. Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world and here in the United States. If this sale is a first and considered historic, I say fantastic. I expect more mosques to be built and expand across the country as our country is getting more and more diverse. “Diverse” is a word the new party in power is not interested in. Dump Trump–just had to throw that in.

  2. Historic? Perhaps, given the prominence of this congregation and the building. The steeple is a fixture in the Bridgeport skyline.
    Or, as Steve suggests, is it a sign of change? Just as the Jewish population exited Bridgeport, so are the traditional Christian communities.

    1. Tom, traditional Christian communities are not exiting the city. They are leaving the traditional Catholic Church and joining one of 100s of different Christianesque churches with storefronts. However, Islam is growing and it is what it is. I expect more mosques to open and more food stores selling hallal meat and Arab food and I am very happy about that as I shop in those markets and cook that food of the middle east.
      There will be more elected officials who are Islamic which is fine by me as it will reflect the diversity of the country and yes, eventually they will push Sharia law and talk about Allah the way Christians want to bring Jesus in the schools and elected officials are always talking about the war on Christians. As a Jew always observing on the outside looking in, you get what you get. Separation of Church and State is there for a reason. When the lines are blurred, you get it all and must respect it all.


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