Endorsements For Walker For Governor

Bridgeport resident Dave Walker, Republican candidate for governor, released a new set of endorsements on Tuesday. From the Walker campaign:

In the final days before the convention Professional Problem Solver Dave Walker continued to build momentum and support for his candidacy. Today, Walker announced ten more endorsements of Connecticut leaders ready to save the state. The latest endorsements come on the heels of the support of the Fairfield RTC and its 19 delegates.

“Our campaign continues to gain momentum as we approach the GOP State Convention,” Walker said. “I’m excited about the support we have and am looking forward to the Convention. We have a plan to save Connecticut that works and we have the ability to win in November.”

New endorsements announced today are:
· James MilliingtonRTC Chairman, Fairfield

· Alex PlitsasRTC Vice Chair, Fairfield

· Michael O’TooleRTC Member, Rocky Hill, Candidate for State Representative District 29

· Jeff HoganRTC Chairman, Burlington

· Paul CarrRTC Member, Rocky Hill

· George M. ReiderFormer Chairman of Farmington Town Council and Former CT Insurance Commissioner, Farmington

· Christopher D. GriffithRTC Treasurer, Woodbury Zoning Commission, Woodbury

· William PeruginiRTC Member, Fairfield

· Forest LoveRTC Deputy Treasurer, Woodbury

· Ka S. Kang, President, Korean American Dry Cleaners Association of Connecticut, Inc., Torrington

The previous Business, Community and Political leaders who have endorsed Professional Problem Solver Dave Walker are below:

Business Leaders for Dave Walker:
· William M. Raveis, Jr.Chairman and CEO, William Raveis Real Estate, Chairman, Dave Walker for Governor Executive Committee

· Margherita AloiOwner, Il Palio Restaurant

· Georgia Dunn Belk, Co-Founder, President & CEO, British West Indies Trading Company and long time resident in Litchfield CT

· William BelkCo-founder of British West Indies Trading Company. Former National President of the Young Democrats of America. Former Chairman of Belk Group of Stores

· James A. BensonCPCU, Executive Vice President, Merit Insurance, Inc.

· Joe BerardinoFormer CEO of Andersen Worldwide

· David BuffamCEO New Castle Hotels & Resorts

· Sam CassettaFormer President Brinks International

· Connecticut Taekwondo Alliance, Master Kim Sang Pil, New Haven

· J. Michael CookEmeritus Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte

· Joseph Coci, IIIPresident, Mountain Acquisition Corp.

· Michael CritelliFormer Chairman and CEO of Pitney-Bowes

· Beverlee DaceyCEO, Amodex Products, Inc.

· Sid GoodfriendRetired Merrill Lynch investment banker and Founder/Chairman American Corporate Partners.

· Peter HardingPresident, Lindenmeyr Publishing, A Central National Gottesman Company and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Wakeman Boys and Girls Club

· William B. Harrison, Jr.Former Chairman & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

· Rob HenriksonFormer Chairman and CEO of MetLife

· Kim Jeffrey, Former CEO Nestle Waters North America, present founder Jeffrey Advisors

· Walter C. JohnsenChairman and CEO, Acme United

· Richard KopplemanOwner, Miller Motor Cars

· Tom LenciFinancial Advisor, Lenci Associates

· Anthony F. LoFrisco, Retired partner, Winston & Strawn

· Newman Marsilius, IIIPresident and CEO The PMT Group (Moore Tool Company, Moore Nanotechnology Systems, Producto Corporation

· Barry C. MelanconCPA, CGMA, CEO, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, and CEO American Institute of CPAs

· Paul MillerPresident & CEO, PAUL MILER NISSAN

· Bill MitchellVice Chairman, Mitchell Stores

· John MyersRetired Chairman and President, GE Asset Management

· Lucio A. Notoretired Chairman & CEO of Mobil Corporation and Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil Corporation

· Ronald G. PercivalManaging Member, RGP Capital Management, LLC

· Kevin RakinCo Founder and Managing Partner, HighCape Partners

· Russell S. Reynolds, JrChairman RSR Partners, Founder and former CEO. Russell Reynolds Associates, former Finance Chairman George HW Bush Campaign, Connecticut

· Bill RobertiFormer CEO of Brooks Brothers

· David A. RothbergCEO/Chairman Laticrete International

· John S. Santa, Chairman of Malta Justice Initiative

· Bob ScintoFounder and CEO, R. D. Scinto, Inc

· Bill WaltripFormer President and CEO, Pan American World Airways; Former President IU International; Former Chair and CEO of Bausch and Lomb

· Sheila Weinberg, Founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting

· Paula Van NessFormer President and CEO Connecticut Community Foundation

Political Leaders for Dave Walker:
· Nancy Ahern, New Haven RTC Treasurer

· Peter AmbroseRepresentative Town Committee Member, Fairfield

· Allen BacchiochiFormer First Selectman, Stafford

· Penny Bacchiochi, 2014 Republican Endorsed Candidate for Lieutenant Governor and 12-year State Representative

· Andreas Bisbikos, Colchester Vice Chair of the RTC, Board of Finance member, Conservative Connecticut, President

· Greg Boyko, Canton RTC Vice Chair

· Bill Burgess, RTC Chair, Litchfield

· Jim CampbellFormer Greenwich RTC Chair, Westport

· Chuck Catania, Planning and Zoning Commission, Vernon

· Vince CaprioEaston, Registrar of Voters and RTC Member

· Rich CreminEaston Board of Finance, Easton

· Dan CrokenFormer Chair, Somers RTC

· Helene DalyRTC Member, Fairfield

· Dave Drinan, RTC Chair, Somers

· Steve ElworthyFairfield Registrar of Voters

· Brian FirstCanton RTC Chair

· Carl Fortuna, Jr., Old Saybrook First Selectman

· Bill Gardner, RTC Vice Chair, New Canaan

· Michael GarrettBridgeport, State Central Committee, District #23, Bridgeport RTC Chairman

· Diane GenerousSprague RTC, former State Central Committee Member

· Daniel GermanBoard of Alderman, Town of Milford

· Linda GraceBridgeport Registrar of Voters, former SCC Member

· Scott HarveyRTC Chair, Kent

· Guy HatfieldFormer Town Councilman, Stratford

· Michael Herley, Fairfield, Fairfield RTC Vice Chairman

· Bill HillmanFormer RTC Chair, Bethel

· Andrew Howe, RTC 2nd Vice Chair, Bristol

· David Kamins, RTC Member, Bloomfield

· Bud KnorrSomers First Selectman

· Ken LermanHartford RTC Chair< · Allen LevyState Central Committee Member, 26th Senatorial District, Westport

· Jim McLaughlin, New Canaan, Former Chairman of New Canaan RTC< · Michael MorettiRTC Member, Bridgeport

· Frank MusanteRTC Member, Milford

· Griffin Namin, Southbury/Middlebury Young Republicans, former Chairman, Southbury

· Jennifer O’NeillFormer Southbury Board of Selectmen member

· Michael PiferRTC, Deputy Treasurer, Stafford

· Alex PiferRTC Member, Stafford

· Jim RilingFormer RTC Chair, Easton

· Alfredo Rivera Jr., RTC Member, Bridgeport

· Hugh Schoelzel, RTC Campaign Char, Litchfield

· Rob ScintoRTC Member, Fairfield

· Steve ShawRTC Member, Madison

· Tom Sirard, BOE Chairman, Enfield

· Win SmithFormer State Senator, 14th District

· Ron TichyStratford, Stratford Town Council and RTC member

· Rick Torres, Former State Central Member and former Council Member, Bridgeport

· Emilyn Tuomala, Vice President, UConn College Republicans

· Linda Ursin, RTC Member, East Hampton

· Jeff WeissRTC Chairman, New Haven

· Tim WhiteFormer Member of Town Council, Cheshire

· Penny YoungNew Canaan Town Council Woman and RTC member

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  1. Is it just me, but I don’t any Black’s for Dave Walker, not even George Logan, the Republican state senator from Ansonia. What’s up with that? No endorsements from anyone from Bridgeport? What’s up with that?

  2. Hey Donald, need to put on your glasses my friend, I see at least 3 Bridgeport residents and 1 Bridgeport Business owner at just one quick glance.

    1. Jennifer, as know I’ve been asking you and those of CW4BB almost 8 years ago about the racial makeup of the organization and I kept suggesting that they needed to do a larger outreach to attract blacks into the organization. I also suggested that David Walker needed to the same thing when he ran for governor the first time. We all know that there are not that many blacks who are Republicans but that if there was a outreach to the black community to listen and to talk with blacks and for Walker to explain how he helped solve their concerns. Here we are 8 years later with nothing any difference.

    1. Don, David Walker has 3 blacks out of 100, let’s see that’s 3% of Walker’s endorsements are black and George Logan not one of those blacks. No surprise here, Walker’s​ is definitely showing blacks not only in Bridgeport but blacks through out the State that they don’t matter. Walker has had 4 years since has run for governor which then turn to Lieutenant Governor, Walker had plenty of time to reach out to the black community right here where he resides but he couldn’t even do that. David Walker shouldn’t hold any elected office with his total disregard and respect for blacks in Connecticut.

  3. Ron,
    I have not endorsed Dave Walker; however I must say that he is not the person who has been responsible for community outreach by the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee.
    Regardless of whoever held the title of Chairman in the past the committee has been run by the same small group of self-interested people for decades. The person now in the leadership role has for many years in my opinion done his best to keep the committee small white and tight.
    When I made it clear to Mr. Garrett that it was my goal to fill all seats that had been vacant for many years with a membership that is reflective of the community his response was “ If you feel compelled to do this I cannot stop you, just make sure you don’t bring me any of the Ghetto Types”.
    The first two people that I brought in were former members, African American and Latino. Mr. Garrett was visible upset by this and did his best to treat these people in a rude and disrespectful manner.
    At a community forum held in January of 2018 I asked Former RTC Chairman Rick Torres other than soliciting the support of Blacks and Latinos when he is seeking elected office what has he done to make these people feel welcome by the local Republican party and seek their membership. His response was that he had asked the state central committee to do local outreach to these people and was told that they were not interested in doing so because they are not the base of their support. So the best effort Mr. Torres has made was to ask someone else to do it.
    The BRTC now has all seats filled. Only because they were pressured into doing so after many years of neglect. Some are people of color, who will have little to no influence in the political direction of the committee. This is not a situation that was the doings of Dave Walker. Most town committees have a relationship with all segments of the community and bring the candidates to them. Mr. Walker does not have that advantage do to the years of neglect by the powers to be of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee.
    This is not an endorsement for Mr. Walker. He is not a member of the BRTC and should not be held accountable for their past actions or inactions. I have met Mr. Walker in the past and found him to be a well-informed likeable guy. I am not saying that this is the reason to vote for him; however you should keep an open mind with all candidates and listen to what they have to say.

    1. Joe, I’m not surprise by anything you said, but Dave Walker has a responsible of his own to spread his message to the voters that’s why I mention CW4BB because it was a community organization dealing with local issues. As community organization CW4BB seem to me to be just a organization for Black Rock residents so that’s why I started questioning Walker about CW4BB, remember Walker was new to Bridgeport and it seem Walker didn’t know anything about Bridgeport politics. With the City being a majority of it being people of color and a 10 to 1 Democrats one would think that Walker would include people of color but no, Walker still hasn’t reach out.

      David Walker is smart and honorable man who had only been in Bridgeport a very short period of time before he decided to run for elected office while at no time reaching out to the voters of Bridgeport. Joe Ganim doesn’t need the DTC Chairman Mario Testa to help him to meet with blacks in the City. Dave Walker still doesn’t recognize that he can’t leave out a whole race of voters to get elected as governor.

  4. Joe, you said Mackey should keep an open mind and listen to Dave, how is that going to happen if Dave is reluctant to meet with the Black community? Just asking, just saying.

  5. Donald,
    I hear what you are saying. It is my understanding the that town committee is the inroad to the voters regardless of what town the candidate resides in. After the last governors election I did not see much of Mr. Walker in Bridgeport mainly because he took a job with I believe Price Waterhouse outside of DC and was not spending much time at home in Bridgeport. If invited to a function in Bridgeport hosted by a Black or Latino organization I believe he would attend. My point is that the lack of community interest by the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee has been an obstacle for Mr. Walker and in all fairness he should not suffer for the mistakes of others. I personally believe we should all make some concessions and listen to all candidates not just Dave Walker. If their was ever a time that Connecticut needed the best candidate it is now!

    1. No Joe, the candidate goes where the voters are, it’s up to the candidate to make his way to the voters and where they are. Why would someone in Bridgeport invite someone that they don’t know to meet with them. If Walker knew some blacks in Bridgeport then they could possibly get Walker to meet more blacks. We don’t want someone coming to us just before the election. John Marshall Lee is a member of the NAACP so he help, there are blacks at council meetings at Board Of Education meetings, I mean if Walker really wanted to sit down with blacks it’s real easy. Walker has been in Bridgeport long enough to have have met and talk to all of the black elected officials and organizations and he doesn’t need the RTC to meet with blacks. If people heard his message and were able to tell Walker what there issues are then maybe they might support him, there’s no problem with blacks voting for a Republican but we know that Republicans don’t value our vote and that Democrats take it for granted which means the Democrats win.

  6. Ron,
    You make many valid points. My point is, if the local RTC did its job there would be a solid relationship between the RTC and at least some Black and Latino members of the community. Being that the city is approximately 80% Black and Latino that should be a significant number of people with a relationship with the people entrusted to represent the local party, and in turn they could introduce a candidate such as Mr. Walker, and if impressed by him they would introduce him to other members of the community. It is my opinion that the RTC is the starting point in these relationships. They have failed the Republican electors of this city while engaging in a self serving agenda. The result of that behavior and neglect is that the Democrats do win in Bridgeport. Again not Walkers fault.

    1. Joe, David Walker should have known ahead of time the political make up of Bridgeport for he started to jump into local and state politics, Walker should have said that he was a Independent and that he would have meet and greet meetings all over Bridgeport to get the feel of he City but once he started down the road of being a Republican the game was over. Somebody told Walker that he could be the next Chris Shays but the voters saw how Shays forgot who he was representing and he lost his way.

      The most popular Republican in America is Colin Powell and the most popular black female Republican is Condoleeza Rice, well think about Colin Powell coming to Bridgeport and going around the city with Walker. Remember Colin Powell a Republican voted for Obama a Democrat both times for President.

  7. I would love to see Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice come to Bridgeport. I won’t hold my breath waiting for Mike Garrett to extend an invitation to them. I do not believe that they are his favorite color regardless of their political affiliation. ( I have seen how he has treated local Republicans of color and it wasn’t pretty) Garrett is more of a known racist Carl Higbie type of guy. After all Higbie was Garrett’s original choice for keynote speaker at this years Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. Again not Walkers fault.

  8. Ron,
    If Mr. Walker invites them to Bridgeport and they are willing to ignore the racist reputation of the Bridgeport Republican Party and accept, would you be willing to travel about the city with them and introduce them to the black community?

      1. Ron, Walker has asked and offered to meet you more than once. You don’t want to meet him. You also don’t acknowledge the groups and people of color he has met with. Your absolute right to live your life as you wish. You don’t like fake news, I don’t like fake news. Presenting your opinions as facts … not always accurate in my experience with Walker. I support him because – in the years I have known and working with him he has proven himself to be, a man of great integrity and with more private, public, and nonprofit sector experience than all the other candidates combined.

        No other candidate has:
        -Balanced federal budgets and saved taxpayers over $300 billion.
        -Worked for four different Presidents. (Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43)
        -Served as the Chairman of the United Nations Independent Audit Advisory Committee.
        -Served on the national governing boards for AARP, CRFB and CSPC.
        -Served as Public Trustees for Social Security and Medicare, and CEO of two of the three federal agencies that administer the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
        -Written three best-selling books.

        You think he’s going to take away your pension. I find his past record shows he’s going to save your pension.

        In the meantime, I’ve got to get busy here in Indiana to see if I can help prevent another Pence being elected – yes there’s another one of them, as awful as the first.

        His record speaks for itself.

        Dave Walker has my full, unconditional support as he runs for Governor of the great State of Connecticut. Delegates, I hope you will join me in voting for Dave on Saturday May 12th at the Republican State Convention.

        1. Jennifer, as I’ve said before, it’s not my responsible to assist Dave Walker but if you the things that I’ve said about Walker you’ll see that I’ve given him a clear roadmap to help Walker.

          All of things you have listed about Walker are federal issues and not state and city issues. Base his background that you have listed I’ve been waiting for Walker to publicly speak out against 45’s tax cuts and other major issues that hurt Connecticut.

          George Will just exposed Mike Pence’s Faustian bargain
          George F. Will is not the guy you’d think would be responsible for delivering the most devastating takedown of Vice President Mike Pence you will ever read.

          Jennifer, now you know that once Walker decided to run for political office that he needed to research and to bring voters his message and to enlist voters and to expand his outreach with voters starting at where he live, well Walker didn’t do that, instead to sought support from Republican delegates from cities and towns outside of urban cities. Jennifer, trust me there are black voters out there who would support a Republican candidate if they sit down and listen to their concerns and to be honest with them. George W. Bush was able to do this because of Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Any support from blacks and Hispanics takes away from the Democrat and it increases his votes over Republicans. Black voters like to be asked for their vote.

          Jennifer, you got Mike Pence’s brother running for congress there so your work is cutout for you.

          “George Will just exposed Mike Pence’s Faustian bargain.”

          George F. Will is not the guy you’d think would be responsible for delivering the most devastating takedown of Vice President Mike Pence you will ever read.



          1. I hear you Ron, so does Walker. Right now getting the endorsement is the focus. Without the party’s nomination why go state wide to every voter? Also, there’s the school of this is my platform if you agree support me. If the mineynin CT isn’t fixed, one can promise anything, listen to anyone and nod their head, but nothing and no program will be fixed or passed. Yes, Walker has Federal Government experience, which means Federal contacts and influence, which will only help the $$$ flow back to CT from $$& citizens send to the federal government, something that can and must be improved upon.
            Saw the Will piece. Brilliant and spot on. As much as I dislike Trump, Pence is worse, both for his platform and his ability to get legislation passed. At least Trump stumbles on that one. Walker has publicly spoken of the tax bill, in print and on national TV – as recently as the last week.
            Yes, I have my hands full with stopping Greg Pence, this heavily Republican district and Pence has Koch brothers behind him, thanks to his brother – the good news is a component woman is his opponent.
            Thanks for your response Ron. Hope all is good with you and yours.

          2. Woah! The flying fickle finger of fate did a number on my sentence, if the Money isn’t fixed in CT, nothing else will be fixed.

          3. Jennifer, let me at this, I’ve never met but Don Day said he had and that you were a nice person and I do enjoy going back and forth with you because I respect your opinion even if I don’t agree with you on some issues.

            Yes, Walker has to line up delegates all around the state in order to get support from his party but I truly feel that he can walk and chew gum at the same time. The priority of the black and Hispanic need to heard while Walker is lining up delegates, I mean he’s right here in Bridgeport and its no big deal for Walker to just walk into a black church on a Sunday and listen to the service and not campaign, just a visit. I mean I would think that Dave Walker would want to be governor of all of voters in Connecticut.

            Happy Mother’s Day

  9. “Ron, Walker has asked and offered to meet you more than once. You don’t want to meet him.” Two sentences that you sidestepped in your response. You get stuck in your ways of asking questions, as if you were in a discussion or dialogue with another individual, and then get offended because you did not get your answer. Get over it, Ron. We’re closer to the grave than our first vote and you’re still playing word games?
    I have come to understand that “basic respect” for another human goes a long way to opening opportunities for learning. When multiple opportunities have been offered, and ignore, declined, or such, whether it is a candidate like Dave Walker, or another poster, like yours truly, JML, you assume that “basic respect” is not available from this source. That respect would have a strong element of courtesy, possibly even some humor, of the absurd variety? What blocks the exercise of such? Time will tell.


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