Election Day Hotline For Tuesday’s Vote

State news release:

The State Elections Enforcement Commission (“SEEC”) and the Secretary of the State’s office (“SotS”) will be operating an election day hotline call center from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, for the Bridgeport Mayoral Special Election The hotline number, 866-SEEC-INFO (1-866-733-2463), and email, elections@ct.gov, have been set up and will be running on Election Day for election officials and members of the public to report any problems or ask any questions. The hotline will be staffed by SEEC staff attorneys and elections officers. Questions specific to SotS—for example, election administration questions—will be transferred to the Secretary of the State’s Legislation and Elections Administration Division (LEAD).

The bipartisan and independent State Elections Enforcement Commission operates to ensure the integrity of the state’s electoral process. The Commission has the authority to investigate possible violations of the election laws, inspect campaign finance records and reports, refer evidence of violations to the Chief State’s Attorney or to the Attorney General, issue advisory opinions and make recommendations to the General

Assembly concerning revisions to the state’s election laws. SEEC also operates the state’s groundbreaking public financing program, the Citizens’ Election Program.

The Secretary of the State’s Legislation and Elections Administration Division administers, interprets and implements all state and federal laws pertaining to elections, primaries, nominating procedures, and the acquisition and exercise of voting rights. The Division encourages and monitors the implementation of the National Voter Registration Act and other voter registration efforts in Connecticut. In conjunction with local town clerks and registrars of voters, the division provides training for local elected officials. The division, working with local officials, has put into operation a statewide-computerized voter registry system, which complies with the Help America Vote Act.

SEEC and SOTS staff will conduct conference calls throughout the day to review any issues that have arisen and to coordinate and address those issues with other agencies as necessary.


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