Daniels: Why I Support Mayor Ganim For Another Term

Daniels endorses Ganim for another term.

Following a public endorsement, former mayoral candidate Lamond Daniels writes in a commentary “After several meetings with Mayor Ganim, I have been pleased by his openness to new ideas and other viewpoints, and his ability to move beyond politics for the sake of our city.”

As we approach the upcoming mayoral election, I find myself in a position that demands careful consideration and reflection. Our city is a diverse tapestry of ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds. As we make our choice in the upcoming mayoral election, it must be from a perspective of our shared values and common goals for the well-being and progress of our community. I entered the race for Mayor seeking to move the city forward. But after suspending my campaign, I knew that while I would not be leading the charge, I needed to be an active participant in shaping the future of our city. After careful consideration, I am giving my support to Mayor Joseph P. Ganim in the upcoming general election on February 27th.

While Mayor Ganim and I may not see eye-to-eye on every issue, we’ve had extensive, open, and honest communication about our city and the key issues I raised during my campaign. We both recognize that the people of our city deserve a government that works for them. We understand that unity doesn’t mean uniformity. It means finding common ground and working together despite our differences.

During my meetings with the Mayor, I presented him with my proposals to make our government more transparent and inclusive. Coming out of those meetings, I am pleased to say that we agreed to collaborate on an agenda for the city that will benefit our residents, including a commitment to conduct a disparity study to help our minority and women-owned businesses, to fast-track efforts to get the Fair Rent Commission up and running, and to stream City Council meetings online to make them more accessible. We also achieved common ground on the creation of a new Bridgeport Promise program and stronger recruitment of citizens to serve on our various boards and commissions.

Our city stands at a pivotal moment, facing challenges that demand collaborative efforts and a united front. I am a proud Democrat, and Joe Ganim was the clear winner of the Special Democratic Primary on January 23rd. Instead of looking to tear down, I am looking to foster collaborative relationships with our leaders that will move this city forward in a positive manner. After several meetings with Mayor Ganim, I have been pleased by his openness to new ideas and other viewpoints, and his ability to move beyond politics for the sake of our city.

I understand that some of my supporters may have some reservations about my support for an incumbent mayor after I ran on a platform that prioritized transparency, public participation, opportunity, and meaningful change. However, the best interest of the city is my utmost priority, and I believe, as a leader, supporting the best option for the residents of Bridgeport in the current circumstances is important. And as I have gone through this process of choosing the best candidate, I am dedicated to maintaining transparency and ongoing accountability.

To my supporters: Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in me. I want to assure you that, in offering my support, I remain committed to holding our elected officials accountable and ensuring that the concerns of our citizens are heard and addressed. My journey in public service doesn’t end here. I will continue to advocate for the values we hold dear, working alongside anyone who wants to build a brighter future for our city. I believe in Bridgeport, and I always will.

Mayor Ganim has given us his word that he is open to collaboration, and I am eager to forge a partnership with him and his administration. So, let’s work together to advance the causes and values we hold dear, making our city work for everyone and breaking down barriers that hinder our residents from achieving their dreams.



    1. The only reason Finch (the worst mayor in the history of Bridgeport) is shaking his head is because he likes the rattling noise that it makes. The upside is if Gomes were to get elected Finch would no longer be the worst mayor in the history of the city.

  1. And John Gomes is just an ignorant angry thug seeking revenge for being fired. Supported by a campaign staff of angry former city employees and political operatives seeking revenge. The common bond of this group is anger that resulted from their own inability to do their jobs.

  2. Lamond. You don’t really believe your bs about any real trustworthiness of JG or his willingness to “collaborate” — you know better, and we know better in that regard… You’ve been around too long to bs yourself or the people of Bridgeport.

    Please. Stop doing damage to your reputation and image by sidling up to this con man/grifter who is knee-deep in more trouble and problems than even he is aware of… He’s riding the same railroad as the other con man/grifter that came to Bridgeport and introduced him to a taste for things that aren’t compatible with a peaceful, fulfilling life. You certainly don’t want to ride that train/railroad with him. It’s going to derail again, soon…


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