Election Complaint Filed Against Moore Questions Petition Signatures

If you run a holier-than-thou campaign you must expect incoming fire in return. Fact: State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor paid Betty Chappell, who entered guilty pleas last year to felony forgery and absentee ballot fraud in connection with her role in the 2017 Stratford mayoral race, $1,400 in support of Moore’s recent primary effort.

Chappell was charged in January 2018 and entered guilty pleas three months later. She received a five-year suspended sentence. See below screen shot of judicial record.

Chappell received $1,400 from Moore’s campaign, according to Moore’s latest campaign finance report. See moorefinancereport.

In a related story from CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart, Chappell’s son Troy is a part of the campaign’s irregularities.

… Chappell lives at the same Central Avenue address as Troy Chappell, a parolee listed in municipal documents as having requested and submitted an absentee ballot in apparent violation of state law. That ballot was among several irregularities uncovered by Hearst Connecticut Media last week.

See Lockhart story here.

A Moore campaign operative told OIB “Looking into absentee ballots might be a slippery slope for her because hers will be investigated too.”

Further complicating the matter, Moore does not have a named ballot spot in the general election when it was thought she’d be the standard bearer of the Connecticut Working Families Party line, but her campaign fumbled the ball along the way in the signature process. Many names on petition sheets circulated by Moore herself (or someone else) for ballot access in the general election were signed by electors outside of Bridgeport, an automatic disqualification, showing a lack of procedural knowledge.

In addition, former City Councilman Joel Gonzalez has filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission alleging Moore falsified that she circulated petition signatures including two signed by one person.

Gonzalez complaint below:

Nominating petition signed by Moore:

Signatures in question, many signed by non-Bridgeport residents including two signed by one person:

Josh Dellaquila, a spokesperson for Mayor Joe Ganim’s reelection campaign, issued this statement:

“Our office received a copy of an Affidavit of Complaint filed today with the State Elections Enforcement Commission with attached documents that clearly show candidate Moore swearing under penalties of perjury that she accepted forged signatures. Quote from the document, “that each person whose name appears on this page signed the same in person in my presence” is what candidate Moore attested to.

Candidate Moore needs to answer whether or not she circulated these petitions.”



  1. I remember thinking when I reviewed this particular petition page, how could Marilyn Moore make such blatant error circulating her WFP petition. She has been involved in politics for over a decade.

    A friend was adamant that Marilyn Moore did not circulate that petition page herself. I was adamant she must have. Why would the candidate falsely sign a nominating petition themselves and potentially implicate themselves in breaking the law. I told my friend no campaign manager or high level member of a campaign would EVER ask/have the candidate themselves falsify they were the circulator of the petition page. I was adamant that it would never happen.

    It appears I was absolutely wrong.

    Who in Marilyn’s campaign asked her to sign the back of that petition page as the circulator?

    Please note I in no way believe Library Board Chair Jim O’Donell notarized that petition page knowing it was falsified.

    What a debacle.

          1. JML, are you attempting to state that I am a Ganim supporter?

            I don’t need a lengthy response. A year or no will suffice.

          2. Who circulated the petition you signed. Pete Spain did a good job circulating his petition. Only 1 rejected and I see nothing wrong with it. You would think Marilyn Moore would have hired him to train volunteers doing the ABs.

    1. Insanity. I count 8 signatures on this petition that are from Fairfield and Easton and that is just one cursory look. I have held the same questions myself about Marylin. Why would an experienced politician who KNOWS better do this? Unless she tried to pull a fast one on the voters. For instance, if you won a seat and didn’t want to become mayor, but people wanted you to. So you threw the election.

      1. Good question “stevenl”. The same should be asked of Joe Ganim. Why would an experienced politician risk his “second coming” by engaging in absentee ballot fraud? Neither candidate is above suspicion.

        Scrap the primary results. Start over with candidates that are above raproach. Let the courts determine how to proceed.

    2. Maria there are two (2) Moore Petitions showing Marilyn Moore as the circulator. I found out how one of them got signatures on it, without anyone necessarily having to circulated. How is that possible you ask? Text me and I’ll tell you if you don’t know the answer.

      1. It’s true you’re not calling this ‘corrupt’. How about calling for Moore than an investigation? How about an explanation from Moore. Any comments to the media–Lennie, Brian Lockhart, etc? Did you show this to your mom and the rest of the family?

      2. Little Donj, run-a-long and play with the other little children your age.:)

        I love when those who don’t have 25 solid votes in their own precinct try to take shots at those that have hundreds.

        I love when those that can’t claim to have been a key factor in a campaign win for a SINGLE candidate they have ever supported tries to take a shot at someone who has won 18 out of 21 elections.

        I have NEVER supported or worked on behalf of an endorsed Democrat. Every candidate I ever worked for has been a petitioning candidate.

        Can Donj lay claim to anywhere near those same set of facts? NOPE.

        P.S. I also love when Marilyn Moore’s supporters cannot not post a single comment defending Marilyn Moore regarding Joel Gonzalez’ SEEC complaint. Instead all they can do is attack those that don’t support her.

        That’s when you know the allegations and complaint have merit. That’s also when you know you have won. 🙂

        1. Donj, please allow me to give you a tutorial on elections.

          1) There are 10 Districts in the City of Bridgeport

          2) Each of the ten districts has TWO (2) City Council representatives.

          3) On September 10, 2019, the following votes were tabulated on both 138th District voting machines combined. One machine was in Thomas Hooker and one was in JFK.

          – Nessah Smith- 494

          – Maria Pereira – 484

          – Samia Suliman -484

          – Karen Jackson – 463

          – Tony Barr – 131

          – Barr’s Niece – 67

          If there are TWO City Council seats and Nessah Smith has 494 votes and Samia & I each tied with exactly 484 Votes each, who won the TWO City Council seats in the 138th District?

          Who LOST on the machine counts, and were not even within recount range?

          That would be Karen Jackson, Tony Barr and his niece.

          You are apparently a Donald Day & Ron Mackey protege which is in no way a compliment.

        2. You speak the truth Maria. And always have. People on this page tend to have a difficult time facing truth. Facts will tell. To quote a regular sycophant on the page, time will tell. Oh yes, it will.

          1. Stevel,
            Your reference to time will tell is directed to me,I guess. It is a phrase that I have used for years and it is a memorable one. Of course I could have said that we should not be quick to judge, for instance, “until the fat lady sings” of operatic source.

            Please make your case for “sycophant”, if you can. Feel free to use a dictionary. General meaning is someone behaving in an obsequious manner to gain an advantage from someone with higher power. How do you use the word? And how to attach it to me? And why? Let your real feelings show here, especially if your intelligence is having trouble catching up. Time will tell. (Great phrase. Isn’t it?) And now as you prophesied, we shall see.) Time will tell.

          2. Merriam-Webster.

            sycophant noun
            sy·​co·​phant | \ ˈsi-kə-fənt also ˈsī- & -ˌfant \
            Definition of sycophant
            : a servile self-seeking flatterer.

            Related words: groupie, lackey, adulator, politician, puppet, minion, slave, parasite, fan, flatterer, flunky, hanger-on, doormat, backscratcher, bootlicker, groveler, handshaker

        3. Joel Gonzalez’s SEEC complaint while valid is intended as a distraction. It does not change the fact that the SEEC is investigating absentee ballot fraud allegations against the Ganimcampaign. Nor does the complaint against Moore change the fact that Joe Ganim is a felon and disgraced attorney.

          1. May I suggest you read the new CT Post article about convicted felon, and paid Marilyn Moore campaign worker Betty Chappell whose son was one of the convicted felons on parole that voted by AB.

            In addition, Betty Chappel’s boyfriend Troy Stevenson, who was also convicted of AB fraud with Betty Chappell, was also a paid canvasser on Marilyn Moore’s campaign.

            And where do all three of them live? They all reside at 1845 Central Avenue.

            Marilyn Moore’s campaign for Mayor is likely over.

            I honestly believe her seat for Senator may be at great risk in her election in 2020.

  2. If notice you don’t read anything against Mayor Joe Ganim by Maria or only concern is to attack Marilyn Moore which goes to show how important that $1000.00 from Joe Ganim and Mario Testa good friend and financial supporter John Ricci Maria is, it has bought her silence against Mayor Ganim. Maria has been rented out for a $1000.00 now is that the starting point in renting Maria or does it depend on the job that she’ll do.

  3. So Joel Gonzalez has filed a credible complaint against Marilyn Moore with supporting documentation which makes him the bad guy.

    If Joel Gonzaledz had filed the exact same complaint against Joe Ganim with supporting documentation all those disparaging him now would be praising him instead.

    You can’t be for following election laws when it benefits your candidate, and make excuses when those same laws are broken to the benefit of your candidate.

    1. I have to agree Maria, I have been telling people that while some will get fined , maybe arrested etc. the people who will be hurt the most are the Seniors who will be investigated. Had the “actual” Campaign started a year or 2 ago, would we even be having this conversation. If even one of the accusers were to be found guilty of tampering etc. the effects would be much more dramatic.

        1. Maria You can’t assure that. I’ve seen this all happen before. When they come in to investigate they do it in the same way they investigate a murder or robbery. They will do their best to get people to tell on each other and themselves, including the seniors. Again I’ve seen this all play out before.

    2. Joel didn’t get $1000.00 from Joe Ganim and Mario Testa good friend and supporter to be rented out to work against Marilyn Moore and to be silent about Joe Ganim like you did.

  4. Okay, so both campaigns are guilty of something. Ganim’s is guilty of absentee ballot fraud, Moore’s of incompetence. Neither of them smells like a rose at this point. The threads here are degenerating into pissing contests.

    Joel’s “discovery” doesn’t negate the fact that the SEEC is investigating absentee ballot fraud by the Ganim campaign. He made the lawyerly claim “I was not personally involved with the ABs” which is not a denial. Ganim knew what was going on even if he didn’t have a hand in it-must have been too busy throwing barbecues for the elderly. The Moore campaign was hobbled by incompetence and the ineptitude of the Working Families Party. Can’t even get a line on the November ballot because they fouled the ball on petitions.

    None of this obscures the facts: Joseph P. Ganim is a felon and disgraced attorney that suffers from one of the seven deadly sins. He ought to be profiled on CNBC’s “American Greed.”

    1. Marylin signed those pages. Submitted them as her own. She perjured herself. Election perjury is a felony. That would make them both felons in the eyes of the law. Both should retain the equal vitriol of this page. All things being factual and all.

  5. After the dust settles, I still want MOORE for Mayor of Bridgeport!!

    If Ganim can be forgiven for 16 felonies and given a second chance, run a FAILED STATEWIDE campaign for Governor using taxpayers money and resources, embarass the city of Bridgeport once AGAIN in local and national headlines for ANOTHER absentee ballot scandal, (There’s more but I’ll keep it short.)
    I CAN FORGIVE MARILYN for 1 violation. Give me a freaking break, is that ALL you got? 😩😩😩

    With her impeccable career as a well respected woman of GREAT CHARACTER and personal accomplishments & reputation with her colleagues in Hartford, Nationally and locally, she gets a pass from me!!!!

    Next?!!! You’re REALLY boring me….

    Lennie how about another AB SCANDAL HEADLINE…
    Thank you😎

    1. No Wanda, you got it all wrong, according to Maria Pereira what Marilyn Moore did is the worse thing that has ever happen in a Bridgeport election. It does matter that Marilyn Moore has a impeccable career as a well respected woman of GREAT CHARACTER and personal accomplishments & reputation with her colleagues in Hartford, Nationally and locally, that doesn’t matter. Yes, Ganim can be forgiven for 16 felonies and given a second chance but not State Senator Marilyn Moore, Marilyn committed the crime of not getting her direction for her campaign from Maria Pereira. Maria knew that the Bridgeport voters were getting tired of Maria’s act that’s why she could only run for the City Council in her district because barely won the last time that she in a citywide election that’s there was a recount in that election.

      1. To stay out of opinion and stick to fact Ron, Marylin committed a felony by perjuring herself under oath and committing election fraud. Which, of course, is the exact same accusation people give to Ganim. Fraud = Fraud. Both are in the court system now.

        1. Perhaps a second complaint from me on a second count for Moore and throw in a count against one of the BOE candidates on her slate with a little Betty Chapell on the bottom will convince her supporters and defenders.

          1. Sounds interesting. It was an amazement to me to read towns on “her personally circulated signature page” from Easton, West Haven, Naugatuck and Fairfield.

        2. When all is said and done neither campaign will qualifyfor merit badges for ethics. Ganim’s campaign engaged in absentee ballot fraud (given his status as the DTC-endorsed candidate that’s no surprise); Moore’s campaign fucked up on qualifying petitions. Neither is simon pure. Both will end up in court.

          Politics in Bridgeport. Go figure.

    2. Please. What has she done for Bridgeport. Jack you know what. MM is not qualified to run this city. She shows up to meetings unprepared and says, “ I am just hear to listen”. Has done nothing at all. Ok so maybe she did send some money towards a non profit. That’s great, just not when it’s the one you run. She can’t even petition on the ballot correctly and people want her to run the city. I hope those same people call her out for raising taxes. Just because people despise the current mayor is not the reason to put someone in there who is not qualified. Period. End of story.

      1. Ya speak the truth. We wish it weren’t so in our household but watching from the outside we are happy we don’t live in the Park city anymore because there hasn’t been a winning candidate in years and that’s why Joe keeps on winning. Deliver a quality city manager with GUTS and this city has a chance.

  6. What has our current Mayor done for Bridgeport? Surely after 11 plus years there should be more than tulips!!!!

    Hey let’s just have a come to Jesus moment!!! That didn’t work for him neither….

    There were ONLY 2 choices Ganim or Moore.
    The VOTERS WANTS MOORE by almost 400 votes….. No matter WHAT the peanut gallery says👌👌👌👌👋👋👋😂😂😂😂

  7. Ron Mackey, I think in your heart you know that it is highly unlikely Marilyn Moore can be elected Mayor. I think you k how that there have been too many missteps and poor judgement that reflect poorly on Marilyn.

    I honestly believe that is why you are lashing out against those that don’t support her.

    1. Perhaps the Moore supporters are possibly getting somewhat impatient for a word from the candidate herself. It has been a quiet two weeks for the most part. If Senator Moore follows through in her intent to be on the ballot in November, there is much to be done, fund raising, getting message out, organizing based on some observed weaknesses.

      But the fact is that with weaknesses too public to gloss over, the voters came out to the polls, that is the dissatisfied registered Democrats and they won on the machines across the City. Who figured that would happen? Were you looking at Channel 12 after the polls closed when the camera was on Councilwoman McBride-Lee praying and Joe Ganim’s face was gray and grim. He had not heard the John Gomes “good news gospel” about the AB totals. Color returned to his cheeks. Amazing!!
      Yes, more than one story needs telling to make sense of the WFP petition failure, the nonsensical petition with Moore’s purported signature and witness also, and perhaps why a Campaign manager and Treasurer did not see through to the “success”. But the fact is that Ganim2 in the recent three weeks he has not gone before the entire public and provided the “ownership” to his indictable and felonious activities that caused him to spend 7 years in prison and asked forgiveness – too late?; he has not been able to get the money for the Main Street projects on which so much talk and hope was placed; and the City continues to face large numbers of suits for a variety of reasons, but likely Police Department management is causing too many and 100 or more police need to be hired, but that has not been talked about in this campaign; and he did find over $1 Million additional for a one year assist to the BOE but are you aware that in the most recent school year, buses cost the BOE ovr $20 Million……so not one of those dollars ended up supporting classroom instruction to assist improvements in reading, math, writing, reasoning and setting personal goals. And your tax ambush after campaigning on “lower taxes” in the next budget year overplayed throwing Finch a $20 Million operating deficit. Just not true, and easily solved without the major tax increase. IMO. Ganim2, other than the loss of time while running for governor, what were your major time and effort expenditures for the people of Bridgeport since election in 2015? Folks, will you think about that? Time will tell.

    2. Maria, State Senator Marilyn Moore with all of her missteps and poor judgement with her campaign Marilyn Moore did something that you couldn’t do, Bill Finch couldn’t do, Chris Caruso couldn’t do was to BEAT Joe Ganim at the voting poll machines and only lost by 270 votes. Not bad for missteps and poor judgement. Maria, it’s your hate for Marilyn Moore that everybody can see very clearly not for Mayor Ganim who you were s big time supporter and Dennis Bradley in 2015, you were so proud of that team, well your missteps and poor judgement bought the voters of Bridgeport holy hell with your help, thanks Maria. You fucked Bridgeport big time with your support of your guys, Ganim and Bradley.

        1. Maria, you think that having Joe Ganim as mayor is the best thing for Bridgeport, great choice Maria now watch how Joe and Mario will fuck you over on the City Council, you could NEVER put a coalition together to get anything done unless Mario and Joe gives the others the ok. You will be just a do nothing Council member because you could never win in a Citywide election because the voters have caught up to your act and your hating of State Senator Marilyn Moore.

          1. I have repeatedly made it clear that I have not endorsed or supported either for Mayor.

            The worst political mistake I have made was working to help elect Joe Ganim as Mayor in 2015.

            I don’t want to compound that mistake by helping to elect someone else I am simply not passionate about.

            I want to work hard for a mayoral candidate that inspires me, gives me hope, that I trust emphatically, that is incredibly smart, that is knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate

            I repeatedly posted on OIB that Judge Carmen Lopez met that criteria for me.

        2. If this blog wasn’t so incredibly biased anyone could see that.

          It amazes me that I am looking at a page with a minimum of 12 out of 30 signatures obviously knowingly and willingly false.

          Let’s assume all things being proper that Marilyn was the circulator of that petition. Then that is fraud.
          That is perjury. If she signed it and didn’t circulate it that is fraud and perjury.

          All I know, if I wouldn’t hire that woman do anything for me. She’d mess up a copy job. I don’t trust her for anything.

          I advise all of you who so easily and enthusiastically dismiss this to ACTUALLY READ the signature page.

          Fraud = Fraud in the eyes of the law. Election fraud is a FELONY.

          If you find a distinction between the two after day after day of hitting the message over the head that a felon shouldn’t be major— as you have— then you should read that petition sheet and shake your heads in sadness that this person is a criminal. Yes you backed a criminal .

          1. Neither Ganim nor Moore is above reproach here, “stevenl.” Both have had charges of electoral fraud leveled against them.

        1. This crowd facts aren’t the point. Giving each other a “hurrah” for their “brilliance” is. And then when their candidate loses they shake their head and wonder.

        2. Joel, I have no problem saying that Marilyn Moore’s campaign made a number of mistakes but even with all of those fucked ups that you said Joel Marilyn Moore still beat the incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim at the voting polls and lost by 270 votes, 270 votes, are you kidding me, Marilyn was suppose to get her ass kicked by the powerful DTC Chairman Mario Testa and the “golden boy,” Joe Ganim put Joel, that didn’t happen. Marilyn Moore’s campaign made a number of mistakes.

        3. Hey Joel, why is it so hard for you to say “Joe Ganim fucked up his chance at another term”? All this talk about Marilyn Moore and you cannot or will not acknowledge it was the misuse of absentee ballots by the Ganim campaign that began all the legal proceedings. It ain’t as though Marilyn Moore was the only candidate to play fast and loose with the rules.

    3. Maria, my comments about Senator Marilyn Moore has nothing to with my “heart” it’s all about which of the two Democrats running in the primary to become the next mayor of Bridgeport. Marilyn Moore who was the director of the “Witness Project” that serves underserved women in Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford and provides culturally sensitive breast health education, patient navigation services for uninsured women and sponsors mammography screening days in the community. All of these efforts combined help facilitate early detection which is key to survival of breast cancer. The Witness Project provides education, screening, diagnostic and treatment advice, and support service for African American women throughout the state of Connecticut. Marilyn Moore then sought and the State Senate seat in 22nd district and defeat the 6 year incumbent State Senator Anthony Musto. Marilyn was a former Executive, AT&T and a Legislative Aide, State Senator Edwin A. Gomes, District 23 these are the qualities that Marilyn Moore bought to the table to run for mayor. I respect Marilyn’s experience in both the private and public sector of work and her ability to work well with others. This past Sept. 10th the Democrat primary had ONLY TWO CANDIDATES on the ballot for mayor, the incumbent mayor, Joe Ganim and Marilyn Moore and one of these candidates would in charge as the top executive for the next four years in running Bridgeport. My choice was Marilyn Moore. Maria, your choice for mayor on the Sept. 10th the Democrat primary was NOBODY, Maria you didn’t care who would be the mayor or what would happen with city’s budget, the funding of education, taxes, public service and the safety of the residents of Bridgeport, you just didn’t care, that’s not leadership, Maria you are a coward.

  8. In the City, I don’t usually respond to individuals that hide behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability, but I’ll make an exception for you. What has Marilyn Moore done for the City of Bridgeport, let me count the ways. After you read this I’m taking questions.

    Moore shepherded nearly $6,900,100 grant-in-aid to repair the Barnum Museum.

    $1,854,000 grant-in-aid to the Discovery Museum 

    $850,000 grant-in-aid to assist Achievement First Bridgeport Academy.

    $850,000 grant-in-aid to assist Capital Prep Harbor. 

    $775,592 grant-in-aid for improvements to Barnum, Batalla, Geraldine Johnson and Waltersville schools.

    $175,869 grant-in-aid to assist The Bridge Academy.

    These are but a few of the things Senator Moore has done for Bridgeport in benefit of its residents.

      1. Joel,
        Love your longstanding and intelligent pursuit of truth. However, would it be appropriate at this time to note the local use of an Amex credit card by the Mayor’s Office in July 2018 of the recently closed year for $13,700 or Oped in September 2018 for $8,734.80? What was purchased to meet which budget line item? And for the rest of the year, how has CFO handled? Or were the cards retired??
        And CC debit cards hide amounts spent and reasons even more secretly? And this is good because?
        And now you are really talking about State bonding funds, supposed to be used for projects with a life span that justifies 20 year bond funding, correct? And Moore’s support for “bringing home the bacon” was somehow out of order with respect to this rule of thumb?
        Joel, as a PD employee and long term investigator, how much bonding is done for PD equipment that is out of use in less than 20 years? Come on, just between us? Time will tell.

  9. Here’s some more
    About Senator Moore
    Deputy President Pro Tempore
    Chair: Human Services
    Vice Chair: Children
    Member: Executive & Legislative Nominations; Finance, Revenue & Bonding; Legislative Management
    Marilyn Moore was first elected in 2014 to serve the 22nd State Senatorial District communities of Trumbull, sections of Bridgeport and Monroe. She was elected to a second term in 2016.

    As a lifelong Bridgeport resident and community activist, Marilyn has been a force in advocating for health equity, living wage, and legislation that supports and protects Connecticut communities. Recognizing the rapid increase in morbidity and mortality rates among low income minority women with breast cancer, Moore founded and became President and CEO of The Witness Project, which seeks to address and reduce breast cancer mortality.

    In addition, Marilyn has tackled the war against hunger by serving and being a member of several boards in Connecticut, including, End Hunger CT, Network Support Team Connecticut Food Systems Alliance, and the Food Solutions New England Coalition.

    As a result of her unwavering passion and dedication to fighting for food and health equity in Connecticut, the City of Bridgeport has formed the Food Policy Counsel, which integrates all agencies of the city in a common effort to improve the availability of safe and nutritious food at reasonable prices for all residents, particularly those in need.

    Marilyn’s accomplishments in improving the quality of life for Connecticut residents have earned her local and national acclaim over the past ten years, including being awarded by the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club.

    By working in diverse situations and economies, Marilyn has developed the strength and capacity to ensure that her constituents are fairly represented in an increasingly challenging economy.

    Marilyn attended the University of Bridgeport and remains a Bridgeport resident.

  10. As far as the attacks against Betty Chappell.
    Isn’t there a current ganim absentee ballot hero in a current lawsuit accused of FRAUD?
    Wanda is like family but wrong is wrong…

    So what’s your POINT? … Betty has worked on Ganims previous campaigns and mine, others too….

    Sybill Allen, Lydia Martinez, Santa Ayala, have they not been accused and found GUILTY of AB FRAUD?
    Past and present Ganim supporters!!!

    Can’t throw stones when there’s a glass house lived in👌

      1. Voter fraud yes maybe not abs👌
        2013 article. Santa Ayala
        But one Democrat — former mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster — agreed both Santa and Christina Ayala should have vacated their respective offices while their case is still pending.

        “It is one more embarrassing story about Bridgeport,” said Foster, who had her own run-in with Santa Ayala in 2011 when the registrar decided to keep Foster off the Democratic mayoral primary ballot. The decision was overturned in state Superior Court.

        “She is the subject of an intense criminal investigation into voter fraud,” Foster said. “And under those circumstances, should any registrar remain in office?”

        Av Harris, a spokesman for Merrill, said the state was keeping a close eye on several elections, including Bridgeport’s, but had not been advised of any irregularities there.

  11. Wanda, all of those individuals have had either credible claims or rulings levied against them regarding voter/absentee ballot violations.

    Howeve, r they did not issue press releases or file a lawsuit claiming that they were pure while the opposition was dirty as dirty gets.

    You can’t have two convicted felons,who plead guilty to felonies in 2018 regarding AB fraud, on your payroll while accusing those working on your opponents campaign of rampant AB fraud.

    You simply lose all credibility.

  12. You have LOST more credibility in more ways than one.
    I used to admire your wit because you bring facts well researched.

    But in this campaign I see you differently.

    You are consumed by the very distain you claim to have for Ganim/ Testa…

    You can’t have it both ways Maria. I DON’T follow YOUR LOGIC at ALL. I ONCE thought you to be a fierce advocate for our children. Somehow politics has changed you, in my opinion.

    You are going to the City Council, how does going in with distain for Ganim help you advocate for your district, If he is elected?

    I’ve teased you on here but I seriously DON’T believe you can be as influential as you are capable of.

    You can support whom you want. But come on the character assassinations are uncalled for.
    We as WOMEN have so much to FIGHT FOR. Especially BLACK WOMEN…
    We can agree to disagree but lets STOP tearing each other apart.

    When the smoke clears we will ALL NEED to FIGHT TOGETHER… Building relationships and still having our OWN identies…

    Your approach in my opinion isn’t effective.
    You have so much to give…

    You have indirectly BECOME a voice for the MACHINE politics as I see you. DON’T !

    1. Wanda,.

      It is you who lacks credibility when you accuse me of being entrenched in the DTC machine, or that I am aligned with Ganim or Testa, two people I have absolute disdain for.

      I am not going to build relationships with dishonest, unethical, and corrupt people whether they are my colleagues or not.

      I seek political advice from very, very few people. I seek political advice from those I trust, respect and truly understand politics.

      Sorry, Wanda, however you are not someone I would seek political advice from.

      Please reserve your advice for those that request it.

  13. CAN’T believe everything you read or hear..
    Betty Chappell DIDNT circulate AB for Marilyn Moore

    BRIDGEPORT — It takes someone who was arrested for voter fraud to train campaign
    workers on the do’s and don’ts of circulating absentee or mail-in ballots.

    That is the defense Marilyn Moore made Wednesday about her mayoral campaign’s hiring of a woman convicted in 2018 of forging names on absentee ballots during a 2017 election in Stratford.

    Moore emphasized that the individual in question — Betty Chappell— was not involved in circulating absentee ballot applications to voters on behalf of her campaign. Documents filed with the Bridgeport Town Clerk confirmed Chappell had not obtained applications.

    “What she did do is train people on what not to do and monitor (their work),” Moore said, adding: “I’m quite sure she was smart enough to not go back and do the same thing again.”

    However Chappell lives at the same Central Avenue address as Troy Chappell, a parolee listed in municipal documents as having requested and submitted an absentee ballot in apparent violation of state law. That ballot was among several irregularities uncovered by Hearst Connecticut Media last week.

    1. NOTICED how Moore states that Betty Chappell did not handle ab applications and ABs, but she didn’t or would not say who did? We know who in the Ganim camp did. Who has something to hide her?

  14. In the City, what the hell are you talking about with your Spearheaded remark. You can write so I’m pretty sure that you can read. If it your desire to excoriate me then the least you can do is be correct when you subscribe something that I supposedly said. Now that you know better, Do better. Go ahead, I’ll wait for your response.

    1. Shepherded is to guide. Spearheaded is to lead. She does neither. Take your blinders off dude. She is not fit to lead the states largest city. I do not know why people think she is. She can’t even get her petitions straitened out to get on the ballot.

    1. OUCH! Well that didn’t go as they thought. Credibility lost. That’s what is sad. All these people embarrassing themselves. It doesn’t wear well. But it certainly is cleaning out the cupboards and making things easy to see.

  15. This thread of debate (if anyone could call it that) is mainly disgusting. Candidates are human and can make mistakes. Mayor Ganim paid his debt to society and regained his voting rights. Let’s give Sen. Moore a second chance too. I also am wondering about how Sen. Moore could have knowingly signed that petition document. Has anyone compared the signature with Sen. Moore’s actual signature. Not me, but at this point I am wondering about this. I agree Sen. Moore has been more publicly silent since the primary than I would prefer. That her supporters chose to file a lawsuit is logical and let’s see what comes of that. That the SOTS urged SEEC to investigate is an important step after she said she was powerless to oversee the primary in the absence of state statutes giving that office the power to appoint monitors. Let’s get to work to convince the Legislature to act to protect the integrity of elections by granting oversight powers to the appropriate statewide and local authorities to see that ABs are used only according to the law. Meanwhile if Sen Moore decides to do a write-in campaign for Nov. 5 general election or by some miracle a governmental body invalidates the Democratic primary and gives Moore a line on the General Ballot, I will cast my vote for Moore. Ganim got his second chance. But I am not lending my vote to Ganim for a third chance. Mainly because he has not for four years properly funded our Public Schools as required by law. Our children cannot get his or her youth back nor get an adequate education without the City doing its part and the state will not give us the right amount until the Mayor/City Council of this City gives its legally required amount. I am fully confident that Sen. Moore would do the right thing by our school children. And it is high time that the Mayor of MY Bridgeport is a person of color and a mother of children.

    1. Gail,

      Aren’t you featured in the background of the Channel 8 video regarding the press conference held by Generation Now yesterday?

      I am going ask you to list any relevant facts that supports your assertions that Marilyn Moore will significantly increase funding of our true public schools.

      Please don’t post rhetoric. Please provide any legislation or testimony she introduced to address the severe underfunding of the BPS as a,State Senator in the last five years.

      We know she has done alot for Charter $chools on the Bond Committee.

      What had she done around the ECS contributions from the state?

      1. I know that you attempt to be factual. I know that you pursue dollars for “Bridgeport youths attending public schools” leaving those youth and parents who have pursued an alternative course out of public funding. And I know you have your reasons for that.
        But at the moment, in a campaign for Mayor of the largest City in Connecticut, which is the context of this thread, will you also post this same request regarding Senator Moore’s position, asked of Gail, to other City legislators including Dennis Bradley, and the various representatives to be even handed? Otherwise you are wielding an sword, rather than a plowshare, that offers the opportunity for growth and change. IMO Time will tell.

        1. My how you’ve changed, Gail?

          I wasn’t aware that “Gail” had now become “JML.”

          Marilyn Moore is the legislator running for Mayor. No one else in the delegation is running for Mayor.

          Now mind your business,,JML and allow “Gail” to answer the question I specifically directed to her.

          1. And that is just the response OIB readers have observed to your dismay over the years.
            I was also present at that “press conference” yesterday. And though I know Gail, my entry was of my own making and without consultation. I have not changed my name, gender, skin color, residence, party registration, etc. I merely was looking for fair and equal treatment for tagging one local State legislator while ignoring the rest of the delegation.
            As regards, “minding my own business”, you have observed me for years now raising educational funding issues in many of my talks to the City Council. That is “our” business, isn’t it, until we can raise more parents and employers to call for fair and equal funding for all students across the State. What you looked for from Senator Moore needs to be addressed to all legislators and you already know the answer to that question. So your only purpose was to attempt to intimidate Gail with a lingering effect of making Moore look less better.
            Responsive to Ricci? Deniably devious? Muddying Moore? What’s the story, Maria? Time will tell.

          2. Interesting, “Gail” only referenced Ganim and Moore.

            You don’t seem to be concerned that she did not reference any other member of the delegation.

            The next time I specifically direct a question to a poster, mind your business.

            Gail is an intelligent woman that can speak for herself.

            Women don’t need men to speak for them.

      2. I expressed my belief that Moore would do more than Ganim for BPT public schools. I have NO facts to share. I do have facts about her opponent. So with 2 choices in the Dem. Primary, I picked Sen. Moore. And yes I am a member of GenNow & was at the press conference at a public park as a BPT Voter listening as is my right. And yes I was on Sen Moore’s fundraising committee.

  16. She has beautiful cursive penmanship. Damn! Do you really think that the attorney that set his hand upon this document didn’t know her? He’s a good man. I’m not so confident about her abilities based on her past performances in Hartford and Saratoga Race Track.

  17. In the City I see you are suffering from White Male Bias, only a white man can do this. How is that a grocery store (John Mandanici) clerk was fit to lead the city? Bill Finch who never had a real job in his life prior to being mayor was fit to be mayor? John Fabrizi who was the Asst. Director of Adult Education and a 5th grade teacher was fit to be mayor? How about ya boy Joe Ganim who was a cocaine sniffing thief who stole the city blind, who went to prison for seven years and he is fit to be mayor? Yet a highly educated Black woman who serves the city as a State Senator isn’t fit to be the Mayor of a city that prides itself on electing imbecilic white males as it’s mayor. Go figure!

    White Male Bias is a disease that afflicts millions of white males across the country and the only cure for this affliction is to remove your head out of the ass of other white males so that you can see the world through shitless eyes. Judging by your reluctance to use your real name I can safely assume that you will continue suffer from this affliction without abatement which is your choice.

    1. White male huh? Hmmmm. Keep trying. Do you park your black Mercedes Benz with a black interior in the handicapped zone outside of City Hall the way Marilyn Moore parks her silver Jaguar. Does she really think because she has a plate that says 22 on it she can park wherever she wants. It is time for that plate to appear on someone else’s car. Who knows, maybe on my 2011 Honda Accord next year. Time for a change in the 22nd.

  18. OIB 101 the number of entries on this thread as I start this entry. I own four of the comments myself, as I attempt to understand stevenl who owns at least 15 of the entries so far. Part of that is his attempt to provide a comment, as if in conversation, before he provides some evidence of reflection and thinking to his next entry. Almost like getting your weapon on automatic and firing a burst?
    Stevenl got permission for his “protective name” back in OIB’s early days. However, whatever was of interest to him then has avoided comment of significance for years. Then he bursts on the scene. It is likely that he has not been reading the entries for years, as he has termed me a “sycophant” something that no other reader has ever accused me of. I challenged him to look up the definition and he used Merriam Webster. No problem. But I sought from him evidence of the type of servile and self-serving behavior and he provided none. A loose trigger finger? A semi-detached neuron in his response train? Or possibly tired from looking up a word that may better be a self projection?
    Stevenl, I have a “fiscal watchdog” reputation to defend, and believe me for longer than you have been registered with OIB I have been digging into financial details in the City and asking questions. Most of them get no honest, whole and official answer. That is sad for all the folks who remain subject to Bridgeport taxes and mis-shapen governance.
    So you left Bridgeport at one time, but still have an emotional attachment to Ganim2 and Mario? Own an property? You or family member with employment or contract with the City? Or is there something more than skin deep having to do with skin color and your personal beliefs, or gender issues because women in power are anathema to you? Do you believe in OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST governance for citizen taxpayers and do you believe that this is what Ganim2 delivered? Right now, you appear as a suburban bully, piling on one or more errors of the Moore campaign, while that entire “very productive” but likely illegal incumbent administration AB team is also under the microscope. Why stevenl? Yes you have a right to your opinion. Yes you also have a right to question or investigate, the same way that Channel 8 reporter provided cover while pursuing Generation Now activist yesterday. Where is your balance?
    You did indicate that a City manager form of local government might work here. Are you saying that Ganim2 would favor a Charter Commission, or that such an idea would be on the table? I have seriously forgotten my manners. Give me a call and let’s have coffee. Time will tell.


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