East Side Road Work Progresses

From Andy Tsubasa Field, CT Post:

Roadway construction is underway at an intersection near Harding High School, part of a $15 million project city officials hope will reduce congestion in the area.

The work, which began in April 2022, included building a road  parallel to Bond Street that leads to the high school before reconnecting with Stewart Street. The road would also provide access to the proposed Lake Success Business Park on the neighboring Remington Woods site, state officials said.

Lynn Haig, Bridgeport’s director of planning, said in a statement that completing the road and installing new road Floor Markings, which will begin at the Seaview Avenue, Bond Street and Boston Avenue intersection will allow northbound traffic on Seaview Avenue to move straight through it, instead of “zigzag.”

The new road will run through the site of the former General Electric factory. In 2021, the state Department of Transportation, on behalf of the city of Bridgeport, bought land for the new road from General Electric for $277,500. The department plans to transfer the property to the city after the project is complete.

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  1. I understand the need to improve congestion, traffic-wise at Bond Street and Boston Avenue intersection to address the congested traffic flow that the undeveloped land would create, but it can and will not be the only access to that development land.

    That being said, not sure about a commercial business park either though. I would consider a mi
    Mix use of the land that emphasizes on housing, to be more practical, co-ops/affordable housing. Similar to Success Village, or something to those effects, considering we have a housing/affordable housing crisis Not to mention business commercial buildings downtown is being converted into housing.

    As for commercial business space, Trumbull mall has just been sold. Malls seem to be a dying breed. I would think outside the box and convert, or repurpose Lord & Taylor section into an indoor/commercial space that emphasizes a business center on appointment-based services like Medical, Dental, Eye, and PT Therapy, and even lawyers’ offices, etc. This could potentially provide a convenient location and a unique indoor commercial office space for such businesses to operate which could potentially draw an increase in foot traffic for the Malls retail sector.

    I would even dedicate a section (Cheesecake Factory Entrance) for nightlife, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Alcohol always sells. Hell, it was considered essential during the Covid lockdown. 😂

    At any rate, good luck Port/Malls 🙂

    Speaking of roads. I depart with the prophet, Wiz Khalifa, Peace out OIB 🙂



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