Dude, You’ve Got Mail–Council Prez Nieves Takes Aim At Michael’s Mailbox

Councilman Michael DeFilippo’s government mail box.

Condemned Monday night by several political insiders for stripping committee assignments from three City Council members she asserts have caused chaos, the head of the legislative body Aidee Nieves is showing no inclination of backing down. In fact, she’s digging in, highlighting some of the reasons she took action.

Described as a “bully” with “limited mindset” by former Council President Lisa Parziale, Nieves listened during the teleconference public speaking session taking it all in for detaching Maria Pereira, Michael DeFilippo and Michelle Lyons from committee assignments.

On Tuesday Nieves fired off a text image to OIB–the stuffed mailbox of councilman Michael DeFilippo, the recently deposed co-chair of the budget committee–with a note, “Thought you’d like to see the mailbox of one of the hardworking budget chairs who I had to replace.”

DeFilippo, charges Nieves, hasn’t picked up his official council mail in the Margaret Morton Government Center in three months.

DeFilippo doesn’t deny this. His rejoinder, “Dude, some of us have jobs during the day,” adding all the info jammed into his inbox is also sent electronically, so he’s not missing any city business that comes before him, presumably. DeFilippo, a young property manager who owns several multi-family residences in the city, is a disciple, so to speak, of Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa. DeFilippo for years has bartended at the chairman’s restaurants.

How in holy absentee ballot heaven can the chairman allow his boy to exude such independence on the council? Testa cheers a little political tension. Pols going at each other’s throats for the sport of it is nirvana. Now, if something’s on the line for the chairman, that’s a different story. “Michael, letsah have a little talka.”

Meanwhile, let them go at it. I spank you, you spank me, I spank you again will likely carry on among the 20-member legislative body. Such love.

If you missed it, Parziale’s remarks from Monday night.



  1. You have got to be kidding. This is why DeFippo got booted off of CoChair of Budget and Appropriations????
    And he also gets these items emailed to him also. What a joke! And we’re the other Council Representatives told specifically why? I want to know the names of the council members who felt this type of action was justifiable.
    Now Aidee is making a joke of the title Council President. Ernie, did you know?
    I don’t know what’s worse to tell you the truth. Taking away a CoChair for something as stupid as this or voting to take away a CoChair and finding out later it was a piss poor decision based on something like this.
    God help the city of Bridgeport.

  2. Me and Ed Gomes used to look forward to the City Clerk telling us how long it’s been since we emptied out our mail slot and would joke about doesn’t she have better things to do than this?

  3. In the middle of a global pandemic,our police chief & personal director recently indicted & immediately pled guilty,our mayor most likely indicted next,people living check to check,a downtown that is decaying much like the city,crime is rampant,no development,etc,etc,etc.And to top it all off?,a council fighting amongst itself,powerless,with Joe having most of them in his back pocket,some because of fear their friends or family members will lose thier jobs if they speak up,while others fear not getting endorsed if they speak up.We’ve been through alot in this city,but this is the worst it’s ever been,with no hope in sight.

    1. Come on Harvey. At least we gave a City Council President taking action for a Council man who does deal with his junk mail fast enough.
      We’ll be in good hands once she takes over as mayor!

  4. Come on Ernie. Please defend this. Please explain this. You boot Mike DeFillipo off of Chair of Budget and Appropriations for not throwing away his interoffice mail fast enough but Eneida gets to stay on the council in spite of the fact she has been charge with 11 misdemeanors and the investigation continues. Please.

  5. Bob,don’t expect Ernie to take a stand on this,let’s face it,Nieves isn’t doing this on her own,she was instructed to do all this.I’m sure Joe after checking with the city attorney orchestrated all these moves.No way Ernie speaks out against them..

  6. Bob, you were not far off the mark when you said Michelle Lyons didn’t pay homage to Aidee. I got essentially the same information from another source
    I happened to meet Aidee a number of years ago when I went to Achievement First. And I’ll leave it at that

  7. I don’t know which is worse. Either the City Council Members KNEW this was a baseless, punitive action taken by a vindictive Council President who at best could say he didn’t look at his mail even though he also received electronic copies or a City Council that is so ignorant of the facts but don’t care to ask questions and just go along with their President and vote on the action without doing ANY questioning or research to find the simple facts.
    I have only one question to ask the council. Who’s next? Which one of you will challenge the President and find yourself being stripped of power for something as asinine as not emptying your City Hall mailbox.

  8. Bob and Harvey, why Ernie as if he’s the spokesperson for the Bridgeport CC. There are 18 other members of the CC, why not ask of them that which you ask of Ernie? Why not ask why don’t the other 18 members to take a stand? Why not ask the other 18 to defend the actions of Aidee. Bob you say Aidee is making a joke of the title Council President. Why should the question, Ernie, did you know, only be asked of Ernie and not the other 18 members of the CC?

    You guys know that half of the CC are white and not one question addressed to those white members of the CC as if they are immune from the same outrage that both of you demonstrate to Ernie. I say let’s start to hold the White City Council members to the same standard of excellence that you do to Ernie, because he’s not the spokesperson for the City Council nor is he the only CC member that tows the party line! In case you two aren’t aware who these other CC members are, let me remind you guys.
    Matthew McCarthy
    Scott Burns
    Denese Taylor-Moye
    Jorge Cruz, Sr. 
    Marcus Brown             
    M. Evette Brantley
    Jeanette Herron
    Michael A. DeFilippo
    Michelle A. Lyons
    Amy Marie Vizzo-Paniccia 
    Mary A. McBride-Lee
    Rosalina Roman-Christy
     Avelino D. Silva 
    Alfredo Castillo
    Maria I. Valle 
    Aidee Nieves 
    Maria H. Pereira
    Samia Suliman 

  9. OK Don, We’ll do this again.
    1) Ernie is telling lies about me. He says I never served on committee while I was on the council. Absolute blatant lie. I served as Vice Chair Budget and Appropriations. Vice Chair Contracts. And member of Ordinances and Miscellaneous Matters just to name a few. And I never refused a single appointment to a committee. And I attended most of the other committee meetings as a member of the City Council. Look it up, So for him to say I never served on a committee is just a blatant lie and I will not let that go.
    2) When I called out council members by name for remaining silent about Eneida. I mentioned the two white representatives from the Black Rock, Mike DeFilippo from the 13rd. the two white members form the 134th. subsequently I found out the members from the 130th had posted something on Facebook which I thanked them for. So when you say I am only calling out Ernie by name that is incorrect.
    3) Ernie should be a leader on the council and he does not get to pick when he is and when he isn’t. Incase you forgot he served as a City Council Member, City Council President, State Rep and State Senator. And then back as a City Council Member. That is more than two decades of selected office so he more than anyone else on the council should be looked up to for guidance, advice and leadership. And this is something that can not be ignored or forgotten when Ernie wants to.
    Ernie does not get to pick and choose when he gets to go on OIB and speak and when he wishes to remain silent. Its a tough burden but if Ernie does not want to live up to it then he should resign from the council.

    1. Not to mention, I don’t think 1/2 of the city council are white, nor should it matter, but every time someone mentions Maria, who is “white-est” s. Comrade Day, who is black, has some choice words about her. Is it racism, misogyny, or a valid points made? JS

    2. Bob
      First of all i asked you a question did you server on committees. Bob i’ve served as Council President from 81-85 under the paoletta administration a republican. Back then we had people who respected one another we didn’t always agree but we show one another respect. We had many disagreements once Ed Gomes and Bob Keeley got into a fight out side the chambers.I have given advise to many of the city council members.Many things have been changed because of my Leadership. Bob the people in the 139th district elected me. you of all people should run your mouth about anything. Thank God you had my Friend and sister to hold your hand like a little baby without Lisa you were a ZERO on the city council. You can’t be mention in the same breath as myself. please stay in your lane or move back into Bridgeport and maybe i’ll listen to your bullshit!

  10. Bob, I am not questioning your right to excoriate Ernie based on his posts in this forum. As you know Ron and I have taken Ernie as well as Black politician’s, religious leaders, and others to task on OIB for not having the best interest of our people and our culture.

    The fact that Ernie has served as City Council Member, City Council President, State Rep and State Senator doesn’t necessarily make him a leader! The most important qualities of a good leader include integrity, accountability, empathy, 
    humility, resilience, vision, influence, and positivity. Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. Not many people can or will fit these qualities and we should quit expecting or anointing individuals that lack leadership abilities to lead us in any meaningful direction. I want you to understand that there is Nothing you can say that will make me not honor and respect you as the man that I know you are and the man that you have always been.

  11. Donald, I agree with you. Ernie bears no responsibility for the actions or inactions of any member; he’s responsibile only for himself. The evening I shared my comments at the public speaking portion of the Council I decided to listen to the entire Council meeting. Joe obviously saw my name and Chris’ on the speaking agenda so he was tuned in to hear what we had to say, no problem, but it was when he opened the meeting that shocked me. He rushed through that agenda so fast that at times you couldn’t understand what he was saying. If a member was speaking on an issue, he cut them off practicaly before they were finished. At one point he lost control of the meeting because council members were cross talking, interupting each other, failing to identify themselves when making and seconding motions, it was a sad, sad, expierence for anyone to hear. There was a female City Attorney who was so obviously on something that affected her speech, but Joe did cut her off quickly, and Mark was asked only one question and believe it or not he sided with the Council.. What I heard was not a one-time occurrance. From an experienced ear, you can easily discern that this is the way the City business is handeled since all involved are in the comfort of their homes, unseen by the public, and I’ll bet the ranch that some of them multi task in the privacy of their room most likely missing much of the issues on the agenda. I ask you and the others who are familiar with meeting protocol to take the time to listen in so you can hear for yourself what I heard. I know it killed the Mayor to have to sit through almost two and a half hours, but he knew he couldn’t rush that meeting through in an hour. There were too many residents listening in. What happened with the Council committees, and the performance I heard involved all the members. The members that did attempt to question matters on the agenda, were rushed by Joey G. as if he was on sterioids. I wonder what was so important that he wanted to get out of there so bad. They meet on the first and third Monday of the month. Lennie ususally posts the number, just dial in and get the experience of your life. Ron, Harvey, Rich, all my other smart, savvy friends, please turn in.

    1. Ms Honey, nobody knows Mario Testa better than, you guys go back to school days, so Lisa, tell me how has Mario since he got involve with elected politics is able to control the DTC and the Democrat Party in Bridgeport? Black and Hispanic elected leaders, reglious leaders community leaders are only getting crumbs from the pie in Bridgeport when there’s a whole pie out there and they can’t even get a whole slice of that pie, instead they fight for crumbs.

  12. I don’t know what the big deal is about these assignments. Didn’t Nieves signed them in the first place? The lord give it, the Lord take it way. 🙂

    Chris, just like the Parade you pulled from the city and gave it to Shelton. 🙂

  13. Hey Lisa how are you my dear? I was in this meeting until Maria got on to talk about what she’s done and how smart she is, I throw up in my mouth and signed off.
    I listened to the Acting president of the Firebird Society rail to the Council about investigating David Dunn and what a waste of time this was because everyone should know that these puppets won’t do anything until or unless Mayor Ganim tells them to. I’ll try to stay longer next time, but I’m 70 y/o and don’t have two hours to waste on bullshit.

  14. Hi Don, you’re one good-looking,sharp 70 y/o. Please my guys, listen in. If they know they’re being monitored, we may stand a chance at better representation.

  15. Aidee Nieves, and her total lack of any CC agenda that has to anything do with indicated legislation, movement of necessary City business, and the addressing of Bridgeport’s mistreatment by the region, in the context of neglect by the state, has created a convenient diversion away from the aforementioned, serving as the shill for a Mayoral Administration in bed with the regional/state devil$ that are in the process of finalizing the cannibalization of our city and its resources.

    While the University of Bridgeport died, Aidee twirled around in mindless circles, sans any real attention span serving any apparent, higher intellectual functions, performing not even perfunctory CC-President business — a situation that could only serve an Administration presiding over the City’s death, even as it besieged by FBI investigations…

    A state takeover of the governance and administration of our city is indicated — and long overdue. City government is paralyzed, in regard to addressing the death-throes of our city, leaving us in an extremely vulnerable position as the COVID crisis/COVID economic depression intensifies and Bridgeport continues to hemorrhage tax-base and political standing in the state… (On the backdrop on a Mad-Hatter Administration keeping our country sliding toward a confluence of economic, public health, and social-discord disasters…)

    Bridgeport, on the books, long-term and short-term isn bankrupt, with a totally dysfunctional government.

    It’s time for the Governor Lamont to take executive action and move to have Bridgeport placed in to state receivership… He needs to take his head out of … the sand… and get a handle on the impending collapse of his state’s largest city…

  16. Jeff it appears as if you’re totally laying all the blame of this dysfunctional CC on Aidee Nieves. If so you are leaving out the other 19 CC members who shoulder as much of this dysfunction. Past President of the Council Lisa Parziale, one of the most knowledgeable posters on OIB with regard to city government said, that Aidee Nieves is just a Council Representative with NO MORE authority than the rest. If that is true and I wholeheartedly believe Lisa, then the other 19 CC members are equally responsible for the dysfunction that is the Bridgeport City Council.

  17. Again,Donald nailed it. May I move off topic for one minute. I have been critical of my council rep, Marcus Brown, for a variety of legit reasons. But, I must say that he was the most professional of all last night. Keep it up Marcus, I supported you when you ran the first time for the City Council. You worked hard, and you very easy to direct. We spent a lot of time talking and you listened patiently. Just take your time, do the right thing for your district, show independance, and your political aspirations will happen.

    1. Lisa, I don’t know Marcus Brown but when Pete Spain was on the City Council he said the same thing you did about Brown but Mario got to him and now he thinks that he’s the chosen one.

  18. Don,the only reason I directed my comments about the council to Ernie is because he’s the only one of them, sans Maria, who has the balls to actually post on here.The rest of them read these comments daily I’m sure, but are afraid of interacting here.I know Ernie doesn’t speak for the Council,but for this blog,he’s all we have..I do give him credit for being here though..

    1. True Don,except Walsh went into the meeting knowing he was getting set up,Harp didn’t seem to know.I wonder if she did what Ganim did though,when he realized they tapped his cell,he got a new phone & number.

  19. Good Morning
    Bob i thought about what you said about Leadership. Let’s talk about it. I started in 1981 -85 as a city councilman, first black to be elected as council president at the age of 25 in the city of bridgeport.
    When my friend and sister Lisa P better known as Honey served together. Our member would always caucus before the meeting to discuss the agenda before we voted. today everything is done at the committee level which means very little debate takes place on the floor and Over the years The City Council Presidents have allow many administrations to take away its powers which was given to the legislative branch of government.I will not mention the Council Presidents who allowed this to happen. This year i wanted to move the Meter people back under the police department where it started before it was moved to public facilities as a favor to John Ricc. The city council Voted to keep it under public Facilities. I didn’t yell and scream and call my Colleagues all kind of name. I used my leadership skills. In our rules, (Rule IX: Motion to Reconsider) Which basically states Any member who Voted with the Majority may move at its Next Council Meeting to Reconsider his or her vote. and yes i did lobby my council member and guess what it passed and the meter people are under the police department. I don’t have to talk about how smart i’m but i will tell you this as a former Deputy President Pro Tempo of the State Senate, and as a former Deputy Speaker of the house of Representatives and know Deputy Majority Leader on the City Council i think i have tried to show others it much easier to lean how to work with others in getting thing done! .

    1. Thank you Ernie. And thank you for enlightening me.
      Now are you tell me how much money this saved and how much you were able to transfer to the Bridgeport BOE?

  20. Ernie, with all due respect, None of that makes you a Leader. NONE! The fact that you strictly tow the party line without exception erodes any talk of being a leader! You tell me that when the name of Aidee Nieves came up for Council President you didn’t think that Bridgeport deserves better than this and if you didn’t it further illustrates my point that you lack leadership qualities.

    Most of us in this forum appreciates the fact that out of 20 CC members you are the only one that has the balls or the intestinal fortitude to exchange ideas and philosophies with the posters of this forum, but that alone doesn’t make you the Leader that the CC needs nor the Leader that the City of Bridgeport expects. The most important qualities of a good leader include integrity, accountability, 
    empathy, humility, resilience vision, influence, and positivity. Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. I don’t see that in you Brother, but hope springs eternal.

    1. DON
      With with all due respect i was trying to point out something to you. I realize if you aren’t against Joe Ganmin Mario Testo or the Town committee (DTC) which many people on OIB stand against you are a puppet a yes man etc. Everyone has their own opinion which you are in title to. Aidee had the Votes to become President of the City Council it is what it is. You and Ron and I may not always agree. What you think leadership is your opinion and I have mine. My point is Leaders learn how to work together on getting things done. I’m sure when you were a fireman and leader of the firebirds you learn how to work with people that did’t always agree with you.

  21. Ernie, my sweet friend. Two men you can’t question in any way are Ron Mackey and Donald Day. I go back with them and so do you. They paved the way for the future firefighters to the extent they could. They both understand that there’s much more to do done and they never deviate from still trying. I respect and admire them, we’re from the same school, and I hope I always have them in my corner. And if I take an unintentioal left turn, I hope they catch me and let me know. I’d be honored.

    1. Lisa
      I Love Ron and Don because i’ve known them all my life. I was just pointing out to them that no matter how much people may disagree Leadership is also about how to bring people together, and also teaching them to work together. One thing i will same about My two brothers they can say things to me that others better not think about Saying! LOL!

  22. Ernie’s right about the caucus and discussion we would have when we served. Erie, submit a change, go back to the way it worked before and avoid all that crazy talking over one another on the council floor. I know you’ll have the support needed to get that done. If you want, we can both put our Council President hats back on, I’ll help you if you want

  23. What are you going to do. Mandate you go into caucus and debate everything there and then come out and pass everything on a consent calendar?
    Once Joey G got indicted you can never go back. You would be setting your self up for failure. Even if done for the best of reasons (and l am at a loss what those reasons are) quickly a suspicious public would want to know what is going on behind closed doors.


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