“Downtown Danny”–Investor Pizarro’s Real Estate World

Danny Pizarro selfie.

Tatted, rapier-shaped workout enthusiast with an infectious smile, city real estate tycoon and city employee Danny Pizarro puts his life out there for the whole world to see. He has a knack for the camera be in front or back, a running monologue often accompanying each sequence of real-time events.

He’s Bridgeport’s cinéma vérité.

Such was the case Saturday when a festive, mask-less crowd made merry at his birthday party in Trumbull, a no-no in this Covid era. The videos on his Instagram page tell much of the situation: booze, beer, shots, cigars and laughter flowing in close proximity. Pizarro has apologized for the large gathering noting that guests made a choice to party inside his Trumbull home.

Trumbull police issued him a $500 fine on Monday. Pizarro says he’ll pay the infraction.

Pizarro has captured some intriguing moments whether on his own behalf or someone else. It was campaign season 2015 with Joe Ganim seeking an improbable comeback for mayor. The Trumbull Gardens public housing project was intensified by a period of violent crime and Ganim seized upon drawing a contrast with incumbent Bill Finch. There was a hole in the fence leading to housing units.

Ganim, hardware in hands, fixed the fence. It really didn’t matter that vandals cut another hole in it the next day. Residents embraced Ganim as caring. Pizarro was at Ganim’s side as Mr. Handyman Ganim repaired the fence. Ganim blew out Finch among the housing project voters on his was to a primary win. If he wasn’t the man behind the camera, Pizarro was ever present in the background, driving Ganim around, taking pictures, capturing moments and raising campaign cash.

Ganim Trumbull Gardens fence
Ganim patches fence in 2015.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like Pizarro. Oh, maybe they don’t like birthday party headlines, but they enjoy his fetching gift for gab. No one calls him Pizarro. They simply say Danny. Just be sure not to confuse him with the two other Dannys in government: Chief of Staff Dan Shamas and Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach who works in Public Facilities.

Pizarro became indoctrinated to OIB readers about a decade ago after leading a tax protest in front of the Morton Government Center. He was friendly with mayoral candidate John Gomes, now Bridgeport Deputy CAO.

Pizarro Finch tax protest
Danny Pizarro makes point, in more ways than one.

After Ganim returned to office in 2015, campaign-ubiquitous Pizarro received a city position. Back taxes on a number of properties became an issue, and Ganim iced him until payment and a period off the payroll.

In the last five years, while also serving as a housing code inspector, Pizarro has built something of a real estate empire Downtown. He has bought neighboring storefronts–Jimmy’s clothing, An’s fashion, El Pueblito Columbian restaurant, the vacant Subway sandwich shop and Park City wirelessgiving him ownership of much of the block bordered by Main, Wall, Middle and John streets.

It can be tricky for a city employee to navigate properties and zoning requirements while on the public payroll but Pizarro has amassed dozens of properties Downtown and across the city.

Here’s the thing about Pizarro, although he doesn’t wave media pompoms publicly about his business deals, mountain ranges of footage of his properties and renovations had been stored on his Instagram page curated by the entrepreneur showing the hustle in action.

Workers renovating a Pizarro parcel Downtown.

You may ask what gives with this real estate action? Pizarro loves the high of buying, selling, flipping real estate, banking bucks for another deal or two or three or more

With the prospects of Steelpointe Harbor building out blocks away across the harbor, new housing units Downtown and the 6,000-seat concert amphitheater scheduled to open in May, maybe he knows something about commercial real estate that others don’t.

He’s in the risk business.



      1. Ernie, you told everybody who it was yesterday when you said,

        Ernie Newton says:
        January 19, 2021 at 6:44 am
        I didn’t get your point. I said I saw the vido and saw some city employees and the daughter of a council person. Who many of you on OIB Praise as the savior of Bridgeport. Be careful how you judge others. People who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw Stones.

      2. Ernie,

        I mean Atleast we didn’t lose a young man at this party like the one hosted by the one who shall not be named and tried to cover it up like she wasn’t there. Lol see how you pick sides Ernie. You think your playing the house of cards in that Council seat.

        Danny has done more for this city than you and you minions

        1. Wow, that was one hell of a kick en las bolas. Jo Salling. Hey Jo, let’s say I run Club Speedy and one day a customer gets shot. Then I have the guy forced outside and I mop up the blood inside, etc, etc. How harmful to the investigation would my actions been. If the shooter is arrested and charged, would he have a better chance of acquittal thanks to my mop?

          1. Well for certain it’s a felony, but when your a political minion like these clowns Jorge Cruze Eneida and Ernie, well then it’s a verbal warning . Lol

  1. During the great recession, did Downtown Danny ever put a piece of Bridgeport real estate back on the tax rolls? Can he track those Bridgeport tax revenues from 2009 ? Are they measured in millions?
    Has Downtown Danny’s full employment program taken root in Bridgeport? Has Biden noticed it?
    Has Downtown Danny ever taken a welfare recipient from public housing to work-readiness and then a job and new apartment?
    Has Downtown Danny recruited celebrity endorsers to tell his story in Bridgeport?
    Has Downtown Danny ever heard the applause from anyone not attending his birthday party?

    Just because Lennie Grimaldi hasn’t discovered me doesn’t mean I’m not newsworthy.

    1. Bob, good question now maybe Joel will let out the secret but why doesn’t Joe just fire his ass! Could it be that Danny has something on him or Danny is bringing something to the table like money or votes, who knows or Danny has godfather who has his back.

    2. If it’s time to move on, why haven’t started the exodus. You moved on to Branford. Danny held the event at his home in Trumbull. It was his Birthday on a three day holiday. Danny is willing and able to pay the fine… You fool think that by simply viewing a video of still photo, you’re getting the whole story. If you go to any restaurant, it is permissible and obviously neccessary to take off the mask to eat and drink. When I go to a place to eat and drink, I take off the mask and put it in my pocket. Who the fuck are you or anyone to say that this didn’t happen at Danny’s PARTY? I once attended a fundraiser at Danny’s home. You see the picture of the kitchen at his home. Danny has an exhaust blower which if you were to put your head under it and close enough, it would suck the few hair left off your scalp. The bathrooms have exhaust blowers, the doors were open, people going in and out caused a draft. Do y’all get my damn point? You people live with a lot of hate inside to the point it negatively affects your logic, ability to think and understand. I don’t feel sorry as it is obvious to my that it’s by choice and self design.

  2. Wow, that was one hell of a kick en las bolas. Jo Salling. Hey Jo, let’s say I run Club Speedy and one day a customer gets shot. Then I have the guy forced outside and I mop up the blood inside, etc, etc. How harmful to the investigation would my actions been. If the shooter is arrested and charged, would he have a better chance of acquittal thanks to my mop?

    1. Your comments are pathetic. You protect the unborn but have no respect for those who die way too young.
      I am sure most people wish you would move to PR. Out of sight out of mind

      1. Bob, you are being to nice calling Joel pathetic. Danny must have taken something off on Joel rent for trying to clean Danny’s shit up but Joel would do it for nothing.

  3. Well little by little people are admitting they went, but all of them said “ they only stayed a half hour 45 mins”
    Richie Paoletti..
    Chris”king” Rosario
    Maritza Bond( now New Haven’s health director)
    These people didn’t stay, lol, I’m ya, I believe them..

  4. So evidently if you find yourself in a crowded room with hundreds of people not wearing masks, as long as you don’t stay over an hour, it’s safe..This revelation changes everything!

  5. Their excuses…err explanations

    Maritza Bond..“I dropped off a gift to my former colleague’s home before dinner began and left well before many started gathering.”

    King Rosario..not only making an excuse for himself,but for Danny too..evidently,in the king’s eyes,Danny made a “mistake” he apologized,so it’s ok now…….
    ““I was there ever so briefly (and) I wore a mask,” Rosario recalled. “I extended my greetings and birthday wishes to the host and went on my way.”

    He said he doubted Pizarro hosted 300 people even with a tent — “that’s a small house” — but admitted it got “busy” and he grew uncomfortable. Rosario said that Pizarro since the pandemic struck last March has hosted “gatherings that have been reasonable in size but following all the social distance guidelines.”

    “It ballooned into something that was out of Danny’s control,” Rosario said. “It’s unfortunate what happened. We all make mistakes. I understand Mr. Pizarro apologized and lesson learned to everyone involved.”

    Richie Paoletto only stayed a “a short amount of time”..haha,ya ok..
    Paoletto said when he arrived just after 8:30 p.m. Saturday there were only about 30 people in attendance and that he left before 9 p.m. because he was uncomfortable: “I got out of there. I stayed for a very short amount of time.”

    1. Thanks Harvey, I wonder what New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker is going to do about Maritza Bond New Haven’s health director. It’s amazing how many poeople just disregard the executive order, businesses face a $10,000 state fine for violating coronavirus health/safety rules, according to an executive order Lamont issued Sept. 15, private hosts could be charged $500 with guests penalized $250. Maritza Bond New Haven’s health director understands the executive order that she has to enforce and she should have told Pizarro about the executive order.

      1. Ron, My friend’s daughter got engaged last year, wants to have a traditional wedding reception but was waiting till it is safe.. Can’t wait to tell her that as long as the reception is an hour or less, she can can invite hundreds to it!.. also, since this is the reasoning restaurants should be able to go back to normal too. Just as long as from when you are seated, till you’re done with the meal is an hour or less, it’s okay!.. This news is just what the economy needed to hear!!

        1. Harvey, poor Danny Pizarro, everybody picking on him, Danny is the victim, he had no control or say in what happen, people need to get off his back. So Danny violate coronavirus health/safety rules, according to an executive order by Governor Lamont, again Danny had nothing to do with anything, Danny Pizarro is the victim here.


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